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Fanservice, fanservice everywhere.

Scarlett Belle were an Australian pop and R&B Girl Group who, admittedly, weren't that famous, but its members were well-known enough to be considered something of a Super Group at first.

  • Tamara Jaber (the Fiery Redhead) was married to Australian FM radio tycoon Kyle Sandilands and arguably got her big break in the music industry with his help. She originally partook in the Australian version of Popstars (which was a predecessor to Australian Idol and The X Factor) and won a spot in the short-lived pop group Scandal'us. They released a successful top 5 album, but they disbanded after their singles didn't do so well following its release. After releasing two solo singles from a vaporware debut album, she joined Scarlett Belle. Interestingly, the duo only started to break through once she announced her divorce from Sandilands.
  • Reigan Derry (the blonde one) was a contestant on the 2006 season of Australian Idol, famous for causing Mark Holden to make the strange remark of "sending a fire down my wire". She was eliminated fairly early in the competition, but somehow made enough of an impression to join "Scarlett Belle".
  • Hayley Aitken invoked(The Pete Best) was an aspiring solo singer who had her debut album well and truly stuck in Development Hell (not unlike Samantha Jade) when the group was formed. However, she left well before the group released a single.

The group were signed to Island Def Jam in 2007 before releasing their debut single, "Closure", three years later. This song and their follow-up, "Freak Tonight", peaked inside the Top 40 singles chart, but their third single "Lover Boy" tanked, causing them to split a year later.


  • Auto-Tune: It makes up the bulk of "Lover Boy", and "Freak Tonight" also features some vocal processing.
&&* Silly Love Songs: "Lover Boy", "Mellow".