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Alessandro Mahmoud, known professionally as Mahmood (born 12 September 1992), is an Italian singer.

Mahmood came to prominence on the sixth season of Italy's X Factor in 2012, originally not making the cut for Simona Ventura's Boys category, but later earning a spot in the live shows as a wildcard contestant. He ultimately finished sixth.

In 2018, he competed in the inaugural Sanremo Giovani competition, an offshoot of the Sanremo Music Festival formerly known as their Newcomer category, and emerged as one of two winners alongside fellow competitor Einar. His victory guaranteed him a spot in the main show a few months later, which he also went on to win.

Because of his success at Sanremo, Mahmood went on to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, with his winning entry "Soldi".



  • Gioventù bruciata note  (2019)

Selected filmography:

Mahmood's work provides examples of:

  • Money Song: "Soldi" literally translates to "money" in English, and the song is tangentially about being overly concerned with it.
  • Punny Name: His stage name is a combination of his surname and the phrase "My mood".


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