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Víktor Nikoláevich Belán, known professionally as Díma Bilán (born 24 December 1981) is a Russian singer-songwriter and actor.

Bilán is perhaps best known for representing his native Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, finishing as runner-up in 2006 with the song "Never Let You Go", and then winning with "Believe" in 2008.

He collaborated on a third entry for 2012's contest with t.A.T.u.'s Julia Volkova, but their song lost the national selection to the Buranovskiye Babushki's "Party for Everyone".

Bilán has served as a coach on Golos for five seasons to date, alongside fellow Eurovision alumnus Polina Gagarina, who placed as runner-up in 2015.

He's often called "Russia's Iglesias," given his physical similarity to the Spanish singer.



  • Ya Nochnoy Huligan note  (2003)
  • Na Beregu Neba note  (2004)
  • Vremya reka note  (2006)
  • Protiv pravil note  (2008)
  • Believe (2009)
  • Mechtatel note  (2011)
  • Dotyanis note  (2013)
  • Ne molchi note  (2015)


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