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Andreas Bourani (or Andreas Stieglmair) is a German pop singer-songwriter and voice actor.

He was born on 2 November 1983 to North African parents and was adopted a few days after his birth. He grew up in Augsburg and went to a music school after graduation. After participating in a few casting shows and playing on small stages for years, he had his breakthrough in 2011 with "Nur in meinem Kopf". In 2014, his song "Auf Uns" accompanied the German national team during the FIFA World Cup. From 2015 to 2016 he was a coach in the TV show The Voice of Germany.


  • 2011 – Staub und Fantasie
  • 2014 – Hey

Filmography (German dubs):


  • Album Title Drop: "Wir sind aus Staub und Fantasie" is a line from the song "Nur in meinem Kopf" from the album Staub und Fantasie.
  • Break Up Song: "Auf anderen Wegen" is about drifting apart from another person and realizing that you don't have anything in common anymore and are not meant to be together.
  • Live Album: Hey has been also released as a live album.
  • Lyrical Cold Open: "Nimm meine Hand" starts with the lyrics before the instruments start.
  • Pep-Talk Song: "Hey" is a song encouraging to never give up and just keep going because better times are soon to come.
  • Self-Empowerment Anthem: "Wieder am Leben" is an empowering song about someone who has just found a new lease of life.
  • Title Track: "Hey" from the album Hey.
  • Wanting Is Better Than Having: In "Alles beim Alten", the protagonist tried to start his life all over again but it does not live up to his expectations and he ends up feeling just like he felt before. He realizes that he will always want to be where he is not right now.