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Left to right: Dani Fernández, David Lafuente, Carlos Marco, Blas Cantó and Álvaro Gango
Auryn is a Spanish Boy Band established in 2009, comprised of five members: Carlos Marco, Blas Cantó, Dani Fernández, Álvaro Gango and David Lafuente. They started gaining prominence in 2011 after a failed bid to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest that was held that year in Düsseldorf, Germany.Fun fact

In the same year, they released their first album, Endless Road 7058, which was financed by themselves and their manager since, unlike most boybands, they didn't have any record label backing them yet. The album was a surprise hit and helped them land a record deal with Warner in 2012. Since then, other three albums have followed: Anti-Heroes (2013), Circus Avenue (2014) and Ghost Town (2015). On July 2016 the band announced a temporary hiatus after Blas Cantó signed to participate in the fifth season of Tu Cara Me Suena, which would eventually become a permanent breakup as Blas, Dani and David all went solo (the former getting to represent Spain in Eurovision in 2021, after having been initially appointed for the canceled 2020 contest), Carlos worked as musical director in the Spanish version of The Masked Singer and formed another group named Mantra, and Álvaro faded away from the spotlight to focus on his family.

The band provides examples of these tropes:

  • Boy Band: As already mentioned.
  • CAPS LOCK: The band's name is always stylized in capital letters in their music videos and album artworks.
  • Circus Episode: The video for "Puppeteer"; appropiately enough, the first single of the album Circus Avenue. However, given the sad tone of the song, it's much more somber than your usual Circus Episodes.
  • Femme Fatale: The song "Heartbreaker" clearly is about one, who seduced the guys only to leave them high and dry. This is emphasized in the music video, in which we see the 'heartbreaker', played by Úrsula Corberó, seduce the five bandmembers and 'kill' them one by one.
  • Lyrics/Video Mismatch: The lyrics for "Make My Day" seem to be about the guys attempting to tell the girl they like about their feelings. The music video takes place in a dystopian world a la Mad Max, in which the water is so scarce that stealing it has replaced murder as the worst crime (as explained in the intro); and they play five mercenaries chasing a water thief.
  • New Sound Album: Circus Avenue, their third album, steers away from the dance-pop style of their previous albums, Endless Road 7058 and Anti-Heroes, marking the start of a transition into a pop-rock sound that continued in their fourth album, Ghost Town.
  • Shout-Out: The band name comes from the Oroboros amulet in The Never Ending Story.