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Short Stack are an Australian band originating from Budgewoi, New South Wales. Their music is generally classified as pop punk or rock. The band formed in 2005 and consists of Shaun Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb. They have released a demo album, 3 studio albums and a number of EPs. They have also supported numerous bands on tour such as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and The Veronicas and appeared on a wide variety of Australian TV shows.


While most of Short Stack's fanbase is located in Australia, they also have also a large number of fans from other countries, due largely to their heavy use of the Internet to promote themselves, originally through MySpace, as well as their YouTube series Short Stack TV. They are mostly popular with teenage girls, though they do have adult fans (most of the early fans who are still in the fanbase are adults now), and gained more male fans with the release of This Is Bat Country, a relatively rocky album compared to the more pop punky Stack Is The New Black.

In March 2012, the band decided to go their separate ways. Shortly afterwards, Shaun Diviney formed his own band, Diviney. Their third album, Art Vandelay, was released on iTunes in September 2013 by Sunday Morning Records, apparently without the knowledge of the band. In April 2014, Short Stack reunited as an independent band and released "Television", the first single and music video from their upcoming album "Homecoming". In August 2014 they announced their new contract with Universal Music.


The band are:

  • Shaun Diviney (lead vocals, guitar)
  • Andy Clemmensen (backing vocals, bass)
  • Bradie Webb (drums, keyboards)

Their discography goes:


  • Stack is the New Black (2009)
  • This Is Bat Country (2010)
  • Art Vandelay (2013)


  • Shimmy a Go Go (2008)
  • Princess (2009)
  • Sway, Sway Baby! (2009)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen (2010)
  • Sweet December (2010)
  • Planets (2011)
  • We Dance To A Different Disco, Honey (2011)
  • Bang Bang Sexy (2011)
  • Television (2014)


  • Shimmy a Go Go (2008)
  • Sweet December (2009)
  • Planets (2010)


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