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Madame Monsieur is a French musical duo consisting of married creator couple Émilie Satt (vocalist) and Jean-Karl Lucas (producer).

Madame Monsieur is best known for their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song "Mercy," which ultimately finished in thirteenth place, continuing a years-long streak of top 15 finishes for the country. The song itself was notable for being told from the perspective of a (real) Nigerian refugee girl who was born on a boat during the height of the mid-2010s European migrant crisis, whom the duo actually met in the months after their Eurovision participation.

They later co-wrote and co-produced the following year's French entry, 2019's "Roi" by Bilal Hassani.



  • Tandem (2016)
  • Vu d'ici note (2018)


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