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2PM in 2017. (L-R) Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung, Jun. K
"Don't stop, can't stop, 2PM go!"

Split off from the eleven-member group “One Day” and originally a seven-member South Korean boy band under JYP Entertainment, 2PM (Korean: 투피엠) is now composed of six members. They debuted on September 4, 2008 with the song “10 Out of 10” as an idol group which incorporated acrobatics in their dance style, the first of their kind in South Korea.

Their uncontrollable, wild, and free attitude displayed on variety shows and their tough, masculine and strong performances onstage/onscreen led to the birth of the term "Beastly Idols" (Korean: 짐승돌), and most of their performances included tumbling, showing off their toned bodies, and displaying fierce expressions. As of their 2013 comeback, they’ve steered away from the tough and masculine image to become more mature and sexy.

A year after their debut, a controversy with leader Jaebeom's MySpace comments led to his temporary departure from the group (and from Korea) and the other members' withdrawal from their appearances on variety shows to avoid the sensitive topic. Months after the release of 2PM's first studio album "01:59PM", it was announced that Jaebeom's contract with JYPE has ended and that he would not return to 2PM, which led to boycott and backlash from fans. He then came back to Korea, but as a solo artist. The group has not reinstated a new leader after Jaebeom's departure.

After the death of Junsu’s father in 2012, he legally changed his name to Minjun. He also announced that he would be promoting all of his works as an artist under the stage name “Jun. K”, which he previously used for solo projects. In the same year, Nichkhun was involved in a drunk-driving accident after leaving a company dinner. His car collided with a motorcycle, whose driver was also under the influence of alcohol. This caused criticism not just from fans but from other people in Korea as well, wanting to deport him back to Thailand. Nichkhun was suspended for three months and traveled the world to volunteer for UNICEF. Despite being given a choice to continue promoting without Nichkhun, the group decided to wait for him to come back. This whole issue caused a hiatus period of more than one year for the group’s activities in Korea. In 2018, Jun. K was also caught drunk-driving, leading to a hiatus on his solo activities and his withdrawal from a scheduled group performance for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

2PM is JYP's longest running group (the members have been in the company for more than ten years) and the only artists who renewed their contracts with the company more than once (2015 and 2018). As of 2017, JYPE CEO Jung Wook states that they are the artists that make the most profit for JYP Entertainment, even though they have been active for nine years in the music industry. A large factor of their income comes from the money that they earn through their Japanese promotions. In 2018, the members were appointed as directors of external affairs within JYP Entertainment. 5 out of 6 members are currently signed with JYP Entertainment, the exception being Taecyeon, who signed under a different label, 51K.

The group is currently on hiatus due to 2 out of 5 Korean members enlisting in the military. The remaining members are active as solo artists/actors. Eldest member Jun. K was supposed to enlist first, but due to a stage accident during the group's final concert before entering hiatus, the concert was moved and his enlistment was moved to 2018. Despite being in the military service, Taecyeon served as the emcee for some events and live shows for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

Member Junho has his own page.

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  • Jun. K (Kim Minjunnote , born January 15, 1988) – Main Vocalist
  • Nichkhun (Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, born June 24, 1988) – Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Face of the Group
  • Taecyeon (Ok Taecyeon, born December 27, 1988) - Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
  • Wooyoung (Jang Wooyoung, born April 30, 1989) - Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
  • Junhonote  (Lee Junho, born January 25, 1990) - Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  • Chansungnote  (Hwang Chansung, born February 11, 1990) - Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
  • Jaebeomnote  (Park Jaebeomnote , born April 25, 1987) - Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist

     Korean Discography 

Studio Albums:

  • 01:59PM (2009)
  • Hands Up (2011)
  • GROWN (2013)
  • 미친거 아니야? (Go Crazy!) (2014)
  • №5 (2015)

Mini Albums:

  • Hottest Time of the Day (2008)
  • 2:00PM Time for Change (2009)
  • Still 02:00PM (2010)

Compilation Albums:

  • 2PM Member's Selection (2012)


  • Only You (Winter Special) (2008)
  • Don’t Stop Can’t Stop (2010)
  • What’s Your Celebration? (2010)
  • Thank You (2010)
  • This Christmas note  (2010)

Promotional Singles:

  • My Color (2009)
  • Cabi Song note  (2009)
  • Tik Tok note  (2010)
  • Crazy 4 S (2010)
  • 오픈 해피니스 (Open Happiness) (2010)
  • Follow Your Soul (2010)
  • 너만의 짜릿한 세레모니를 보여줘! (What’s Your Celebration?) (2010)
  • Fly to Seoul (Boom Boom Boom) (2010)
  • Nori for U (2010)
  • Share the Beat (2012)
  • Shining in the Night (2013)

     Japanese Discography 

Studio Albums:

  • Republic of 2PM (2011)
  • Legend of 2PM (2013)
  • Genesis of 2PM (2014)
  • 2PM of 2PM (2015)
  • Galaxy of 2PM (2016)

Compilation Album:

  • All About 2PM (2011)
  • 2PM Best (2008-2011 in Korea) (2012)


  • Take Off (2011)
  • I’m Your Man (2011)
  • Ultra Lover (2011)
  • One Day note  (2012)
  • マスカレード ~Masquerade~ (2012)
  • GIVE ME LOVE (2013)
  • Winter Games (2013)
  • ミダレテミナ (Go Crazy!) (2014)
  • Guilty Love (2015)
  • Higher (2015)
  • Promise (I’ll Be) -Japanese ver- (2016)

     Solo Discography 
Jun. K:
  • Alive (2011 Korean single)
  • LOVE & HATE (2014 Japanese mini album)
  • NO LOVE (2014 Korean single)
  • Love Letter (2015 Japanese mini album)
  • Mr. NO♡ (2016 Korean album)
  • NO SHADOW (2016 Japanese mini album)
  • 77-1X3-00 (2017 Korean album)
  • My 2♡'s (2017 Korean mini album)
  • NO TIME (2018 Japanese mini album)


  • Me (2018 Japanese mini album)
  • Me (2019 Korean mini album)


  • Christmas With You (2014 special Korean single)
  • Be My Merry Christmas (2015 special Korean single)
  • Merry Christmas To You (2016 special Korean single)
  • Taecyeon Special: Winter 一人 (Winter Alone) (2017 Japanese album)


  • 23, Male, Single (2011 Korean album)
  • R.O.S.E (2015 Japanese & Korean single)
  • Party Shots (2017 Japanese mini album)
  • まだ僕は・・・ (I'm still...) (2017 Japanese mini album)
  • 똑같지 뭐 (Still here) (2017 Korean single)
  • 헤어질 때 (Bye) (2018 Korean album)

Junho:See Junho


  • Complex (2018 Japanese mini album)

     Music Videos 

  • Romeo in Dream High (2011)
  • Main character in Seven Something (2012)
  • Lawrence in Ouran High School Host Club (2012)
  • Police officer in 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (2014)
  • Zhang Hao in One and a Half Summer (2014)
  • Ma Taichi in The Kindaichi Case Files (2014)
  • Forever Young (2015)
  • Looking for Aurora (2016)
  • Jun in Magic School (2017)
  • Moji in Brother of the Year (2018)
  • Rottip in Arthdal Chronicles (2019)


  • Han Jeongwoo in Cinderella’s Stepsister (2010)
  • Jingook / Hyun Sihyuk in Dream High (2011)
  • Taesung in 99 Days with the Star (2011)
  • Detective Cha Gunwoo in Who Are You? (2013)
  • Chef Woncheol in Marriage Blue (2013)
  • Kang Donghui in Wonderful Days (2014)
  • Kim Gyuhwan in Assembly (2015)
  • Do Jinwoo in Touching You (2016)
  • Park Bongpal in Let's Fight Ghost (2016)
  • Cameo in Home Sweet Home (2016)
  • Priest Choi in House of the Disappeared (2017)
  • Cameo in You Are Closer Than I Think (2017)
  • Han Sanghwan in Save Me (2017)
  • Kim Taepyeong in The Game: Towards Zero (2020)
  • Joon-woo in Vincenzo (2021)


  • Jason in Dream High (2011)
  • Cameo in Human Casino (2011)
  • Joo Jongwon in The Miracle (2013)

Junho:See Junho


  • Chansung in Unstoppable High Kick (2006)
  • Park Yeongsam in Jungle Fish (2008)
  • Cameo in Dream High (2011)
  • Jack in Kaitou Royale (2011)
  • Kong Doha in 7th Grade Civil Servant (2013)
  • Lee Hyeongju in Your Noir (2013)
  • Soogeun in 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (2014)
  • Dae Yoon in Red Carpet (2014)
  • I wanna hold your hand (2014)
  • Tae Oh in Wasureyuki (2015)
  • Romantic Boss (2016)
  • Cameo in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (2017)
  • Jang Heejoon in Suspicious Partner (2017)
  • Seo No in Queen For Seven Days (2017)
  • Go Gwinam in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)
  • JJ in So I Married an Anti-Fan (2019)
  • Jin Il in Rose and Tulip (2019)

2PM provides examples of the following tropes:

     Band & Member Tropes 
  • Aerith and Bob: Just compare “Jay” (Jaebeom’s English name and preferred nickname) to all of the other member’s names.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Some from the fans and some among themselves.
    • Jaebeom is called Jay and Bum, with some of the younger members affectionately calling him “Bummie-hyung”.
    • Jun. K is called Minjun. K.
    • Nichkhun is called Khun, Khunddaeng, and Khunnie. He uses Khunnie in his Twitter username.
    • Taecyeon is called Taec and Okcat. Non 2PM members have even called him “Okcat” by accident.
    • Wooyoung is called Ang Ang, Jjingjjing, Mandu, and Woodong.
    • Chansung is called Channana, Old Maknae, and Italian Maknae.
    • Junho is called It Nuneo or Juneo. There's also Lee Natsu (since he always performs in Japan during the summer) and Lee Fuyu (his first non-summer concert was in the winter).
    • During their 9th anniversary, they were asked to write what name they call another member with. Chansung writes "Juneo" for Junho, Junho writes "Yah" for Wooyoung, Wooyoung writes "Hyung" for Minjun, Minjun writes "Songga-yah" for Chansung, Nichkhun writes "Taec" for Taecyeon, and Taecyeon writes "Khunddaeng".
  • Affectionate Parody: They've parodied some popular dramas such as Cinderella's Sister, You're Beautiful, and Cinderella and Four Knights. During their first concert, they parodied Orange Caramel.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys
  • Amicable Exes: Nichkhun and Tiffany still interact when they see each other at events after their breakup.
    • Compared to the other virtual couples, Chansung and Liu Yan stand out for continuing to have a friendly relationship even after their show ended. She even sent food to the JYP Nation concert in China. They also appeared together in Let’s Go Together, a Chinese variety show where Chansung was a regular member of the cast.
  • Animal Motifs: The members had a hand in designing their own animal characters.
    • Jun. K – Panda (Pan. K)
    • Nichkhun – Koala (Koala Khun)
    • Taecyeon – Cat (Ok Cat)
    • Wooyoung – Chick (Pi Young)
    • Junho –Penguin (Emperor Pen Pen)
    • Chansung – Banana (Channana)
  • Badass Adorable: Everyone, but especially Nichkhun, Wooyoung, and Junho.
    • Nichkhun swam the whole length of the Han River as a punishment in Running Man.
  • Beer Commercials: Chansung and Junho were left out during the Cass Beer promotions because they were still underage during the time of filming.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Nichkhun even calls his angry side "Blackhun". He admits he can be pretty cold when he is really tired or hungry.
    • His youngest sister states that the top three people she is scared of the most is Nichkhun, their dad, and Nichkhun.
    • It was said that Nichkhun made GOT7's JB cry after talking to him privately for about one to two hours at the dinner for JYP Nation. A lot of people speculated that he hit or cursed at JB, but he was actually comforting the younger one because he was having a hard time as leader of GOT7.
    • Nichkhun was interviewed by Jae of DAY6 for his YouTube channel. Jae calls the video "Khun Roasts Jae Show".
  • Big Eater: Everyone is this up to some degree, but especially Chansung. It is said that the total cost of their meals can go up to 1 million won.
    • During Khuntoria’s “We Got Married”, Nichkhun invited Chansung to eat out, saying he could order whatever he wanted. He ordered almost everything in the menu and finished it by himself.
    • Because Chansung eats a lot, he has to diet for their upcoming promotions. Jaebeom says that it is the first time he has seen someone eat so many diet foods.
  • Big Little Brother: Chansung is the second tallest member of the group (1 cm shorter than Taecyeon), but he is the youngest.
    • Nichkhun is around the same height as his older brother. But it’s justifiable since they’re one year apart.
    • Wooyoung and Junho are taller than their older sisters.
  • Bishōnen: The reason they debuted as “beastly idols” was because they wanted to deviate from the pretty boy image.
  • Butt-Monkey: Everyone is this at some point.
  • The Cameo:
    • They cameo as themselves in the Korean drama Style and Japanese drama BOSS 2.
    • Chansung and Nichkhun have cameos in Dream High. Nichkhun appears as Romeo for a commercial shoot, while Chansung had minor role, but it was his first onscreen kissing scene.
    • Nichkhun appears as the main character in Jun. K’s “Your Wedding” music video.
    • Chansung appears in JYP, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Suzy’s “Classic” MV.
  • Camp Straight: Jun. K is a fashionista, loves the color pink, has no issues with crossdressing, and was featured as one of the idols without any dating scandals, but he is straight and has admitted to dating.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Their songs are about love, seduction, and breakups, but if you put them next to women, they become really quiet and behaved.
  • Catchphrase: "Don't! Stop! Can't! Stop! 2PM Go!"
    • When Wooyoung wanted Kim Shinyoung to promote his song on her radio show, Shinyoung didn’t believe him when he sent a message saying that he was Wooyoung of 2PM. She then asks about 2PM’s introduction catchphrase. Wooyoung responds that there isn’t anything special, just “Hello, we’re 2PM”, which made her believe it was really Wooyoung who sent the message.
  • Celebrity Resemblance:
    • Junho and Rain, to the point that people thought he had plastic surgery just to look like Rain.
    • Nichkhun is also compared to Moon Geunyoung.
  • Cheerful Child: Taecyeon in one of his pre-debut videos.
  • Chick Magnet: All of them are, but most of the members think that Nichkhun and Wooyoung are the ones who draw more attention.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience:
    • Jun. K: Pink
    • Nichkhun: Red
    • Taecyeon: Green
    • Wooyoung: Blue/Yellow
    • Junho: Yellow/Blue
    • Chansung: Black/Purple
  • Contagious Laughter: At times, everyone, but especially Chansung. Previously, Jaebeom.
  • Cool Big Bro: Their cool big brothers are Park Jinyoung, Rain, and the members of g.o.d., but to the other groups of JYP Entertainment, they are the cool big brothers along with 2AMnote .
    • JYP refers to them as "the big brothers of our house" and Junho has stated that one of the reasons they work really hard is for the company to do well.
    • Jaebeom was this to the guys as the leader and oldest member.
    • Jun. K is the head of his household, and aims to become a good older brother towards his younger brother.
    • Nichkhun has two younger sisters, who he shares very close bonds with despite him leaving the house early to study and work abroad.
  • Cool Shades: Taecyeon during “I Hate You” and “My Ear’s Candy” performances.
  • Costume Porn: From the concert costumes, to the music video clothes, up to the clothes they use for live performances, music shows, and interviews. Wooyoung is partly responsible for this since he designs the members' clothes for converts.
  • Could Say It, But...: The members of One Day all agree that Jun. K is a funny person when they are all together, but when the cameras are rolling, he doesn't make funny remarks as much.
  • Crossdresser:
    • Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, and Jun. K in their parody of Cinderella’s Sister.
    • Nichkhun and Wooyoung in their parody of “Moon Embracing the Sun”.
    • In their parody of You're Beautiful, the boys believe that Wooyoung is a girl posing as a guy, since that was the plot of the original series. He turns out to be a real guy in the end.
    • There’s also the concert where they did an Orange Caramel parody and were dressed up in sparkly dresses and big ribbons.
    • Wooyoung and Jaebeom had to wear women’s clothes during a punishment game in Wild Bunny.
  • Cute Giant: Despite being the tallest and the most beast-looking, all of the members agree that Taecyeon is the one with the most aegyo. Next to him is Chansung, who is the youngest.
  • The Cutie: Wooyoung.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Junho’s winning story in an episode of Strong Heart was that he wanted his own time to “shine”, because he felt like he was lacking compared to the other members.
  • Determinator: Besides the hard training days, the members had no background whatsoever in acrobatics, so they had to learn from scratch in order for them to be able to debut. Their coach even said it would be impossible for them to learn since their bodies were large and not flexible. They sustained a lot of injuries both before and after debut, with at most 3-4 members going to the hospital in a year.
    • Nichkhun was removed from a variety show a while after debuting because he couldn’t speak Korean that well. After some time, he became one of the guests with the most appearances in Star King and Running Man.
    • Taecyeon was exempt from the mandatory military service in Korea due to being a permanent citizen of the United States, having poor eyesight, and having an injury on his lower back, but he denounced his citizenship in 2010 and took multiple surgeries in order to enlist for the military.
    • Chansung started out as tone-deaf during their trainee days and entered JYP Entertainment with the intention to become an actor. Now, he’s a singer-songwriter.
  • Even the Guys Want Him:
    • Other members of different boy bands have referred to Nichkhun as their ideal type.
    • Most, if not all, of the male fans of 2PM are Wooyoung fans.
    • Even male celebrities find Junho cute, and one of them even kissed him on the cheek. He has also been linked to several male celebrities because he makes public declarations of admiration for them. Most of the male hosts of Running Man refer to Junho as their ideal type within the members of 2PM.
  • Expy: Their junior group GOT7 was constantly compared to them due to having the same style of debut song (stunts, main vocalist singing only the adlibs) and similar member lineup (both had seven members during debut, with an American rapper, a rapper with a bad boy image, a Thai member, and a maknae who is taller than his hyungs).
  • Family Business: Nichkhun's older brother and younger sister are actors in Thailand.
  • Family Theme Naming: With brother group 2AM. They were originally one group called "One Day".
    • Nichkhun's siblings are named Nichan and Nichthima. His youngest sister, despite not having 'Nich' in her name, is named Nachjaree.
    • Most artists from JYP Entertainment have a number-related name: 2AM, 2PM, 15&, Baek Ayeon (baek = 100 in Korean), GOT7, TWICE, and DAY 6.
  • Fanservice: Their performances and music videos showcase the members’ toned bodies and sexy dance moves. The fans are very pleased.
    • At first, Taecyeon was very reluctant to rip his shirt off, but after doing it a lot of times, it became natural to take it off.
    • The other members had no intentions of showing off their bodies, but after Taecyeon got immense popularity after doing so, they decided to do it as well.
    • Since everyone from One Day is known to exercise regularly, they joked saying that only one member a year can show off their bodies. Posters of the members are displayed in Chansung’s gym.
  • The Fashionista:
    • Jun. K and Junho are the members who really pay attention to what they wear. Jun. K has a large interest in fashion while Junho dresses up well even though he doesn't have any major appointment to attend to.
    • Junho’s closet, which was shown in an episode of "I Live Alone", is full of clothes to the point that there is literally no room for walking.
    • In their early debut days, Junho tells Nichkhun that he looks cute, but dresses like a grandfather.
    • Taecyeon's fashion skills were so off-point that it lead to him being called a fashion terrorist. Members of 2PM and 2AM both agree that his clothing choices are a waste of his handsome face and toned body. One of his popular clothing combinations is nicknamed as the “human traffic light”. He claims that he’s gotten better recently, though.
    • Recently, Wooyoung designs the stage costumes for 2PM concerts.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Upon being asked what 2PM means to him, Taecyeon responds with the following:
    Taecyeon: Fire. I always used to say “family” before but what I recently, I realized that 2PM might be “fire” for me, like the torch in the Olympics. I feel like I can work hard using my own abilities while being firewood or gasoline for the members to protect that fire.
  • First Love: Wooyoung says he experienced his first love after debuting as an idol.
    • A guest for "I Can See Your Voice" claims to be Wooyoung's first love, even stating Wooyoung's address and showing an old love letter, but Wooyoung doesn't recognize her. She turns out to be one of his elementary classmates.
  • Former Teen Rebel: Nichkhun has this image since he lived away from his parents during his teenage years, but he claims he didn’t do anything extreme. He even spiky hair in his teenage passport photo and something resembling an afro in one of his high school photos.
  • Friend to All Children:
    • Nichkhun, who is recognized as a “Friend of UNICEF,” travels to different countries to do volunteer work relating to children.
    • In an episode of 2PM show, they had to be good playmates to Moon Mason and his brothers. Nichkhun got the title of “Best Dad”.
  • The Funny Guy: They appear on stage as strong, macho, and sexy men, but offstage they are big dorks who like to play pranks and play around like children.
  • Generation Xerox: Taecyeon was Nichkhun's translator during the times when Nichkhun couldn't speak Korean. They later reveal that Taecyeon's parents are translators for Nichkhun's parents whenever they are in Korea.
  • Gratuitous English: Frequently shows up in their songs, especially the Japanese ones.
    • The behind-the-scenes footage for Dream High shows that Wooyoung had a hard time pronouncing his English lines correctly.
    • The members who aren't very fluent in English try their best during overseas concerts.
    • An example from the Go Crazy Tour in Chicago:
    Nichkhun: This was a song that Junho and I co-composed. Well, it was actually just Junho.
    Junho: No, no, no. Together.
    Nichkhun: It was actually just Junho.
    Junho: Together.
    Nichkhun: Yeah, together, but it was mostly Junho. I just wrote the English lyrics. I just put it in the song.
    Junho: So, together.
    • Also from Junho:
    Junho (introducing himself): Hi, my name is 2PM.
    • He even jokes around with his English ability.
    Taecyeon (reading comments): Junho’s English…
    Junho: What?! What, what, what?! What you say?
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Junho.
  • Hates Being Alone: Other members say that Chansung sends them “I miss you” messages, even though they’ve been apart for just two hours.
  • Height Angst: Junho calls Taecyeon and Chansung "statues". Compare him standing with Taecyeon and Chansung to him standing with his Chief Kim costars.
    • Jaebeom also claims that he looks shorter than how he actually is because he's always with Taecyeon.
  • Hot-Blooded: The point of the survival program “Hot Blood” was for them to show their passion towards debuting.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Did this for their 2013 comeback.
  • House Husband: Wooyoung.
  • Hilarious Outtakes: Real 2PM features behind-the-scenes footage of some of their music videos and other promotions.
  • History Repeats: For Jaebeom and Nichkhun, who were the foreign members of the group (though Jaebeom is actually a Korean who grew up overseas). During Jaebeom's controversy in 2009, a lot of people responded with violence, wanting him to leave Korea and even sending death threats. During Nichkhun's drunk-driving accident in 2012, people responded in the same way. The only difference is that during Jaebeom's time, the group split up as a means of defense from the backlash, while during Nichkhun's time, they chose to stay together despite knowing that they might not be able to promote as artists anymore.
  • I Have Many Names: Jun. K, Minjun, Junsu.
    • Even the members of 2PM always have to correct themselves when they call him “Minjun” onscreen/onstage. They sometimes stick with “Minjun K”.
    • During his appearance in King of Masked Singer, Sungjae of BTOB guesses that the masked singer is “Junsu from 2PM” during the second round.
    Jun. K: I was surprised.
    Host: When Sungjae guessed it was you?
    Jun. K: I was surprised was he said “Junsu from 2PM”. My name has changed to Jun. K. It’s been three years since my name was changed. I was surprised.
  • Improbable Sports Skills: The other members believe the reason Taecyeon may be bad at some sports is because he watches too much sports anime/reads too much sports manga.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: States that his specialty is “quick composition of songs, but the quality is not guaranteed” but at the same time says that his favorite artist is “T.Y.”.
  • Jack of All Trades: All of the members are capable of singing, dancing, doing acrobatics, rapping, composing songs, and writing lyrics.
    • Nichkhun started out as a vocalist, but requested to be a rapper because he wasn’t confident in his singing ability yet. Now, in most 2PM songs, he’s both a singer and a rapper.
    • Taecyeon and Chansung started out mainly as rappers but gradually got vocal parts. Taecyeon got his own singing parts and his own solo album, while Chansung gets assigned to vocal parts with long and high notes.
    • Wooyoung, Junho, and Jun. K do rap parts in their solo songs and in some of 2PM’s songs.
  • Japanese Honorifics: When referring to each other, they use "-san" or "-kun". The young boys sometimes refer to the old boys as "aniki".
  • Japanese Series:
    • Nichkhun played Lawrence in the live-action adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club and Ma Taichi in the movie for The Kindaichi Case Files.
    • Taecyeon played Taesung in My 99 Days With the Star.
    • Chansung played Jack in Kaitou Royale and is the lead role in Wasureyuki.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover:
    • Okcat originated from a cat he draws everywhere, most evident in his signatures. It has gained enough popularity to become its own franchise. But Taecyeon himself is not fond of cats.
    • Junho has a total of five cats, one of which who passed away in 2017, and another that was given to him by Chansung. His Instagram is full of his cats’ pictures. He dedicated his song "Fine" to his cat who passed away.
    • Chansung has his cat Jeonggam, who was featured in a mini-series called “Real Jeonggam” and was voiced by 2AM’s Jinwoon. His cat and Junho’s cat Ggomaengi are siblings. He was the one who gave the latter cat to Junho. He also posts pictures of his cat on Twitter.
  • Korean Drama:
    • Nichkhun appeared in the web drama Magic School.
    • Taecyeon appears in many dramas, the most notable roles being the second lead in Cinderella's Sister and Dream High.
    • Wooyoung also plays one of the main characters in Dream High.
    • Junho appears in Memories of the Sword, Memory, Chief Kim, and Just in Love.
    • Chansung is in High Kick!, Suspicious Partner, and 7th Grade Civil Servant.
  • Large Ham: Everyone.
  • The Leader: 2PM’s leader used to be Jay Park. After his departure, no one takes his place because the other members left it for him if he would come back.
    • Years after Jay's departure, Minjun says that they still have no plans to choose a new leader, partly because everyone is a leader in his own way due to their different skills and specialties.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Their relationships with the girl groups within JYPE, which is especially evident with Wonder Girls and miss A.
  • Lovable Jock: Due to their large, toned bodies and beastly image, people assume that 2PM are good at sports. But as they’ve shown in variety shows, each of them are only good at a specific sport, and most of them aren’t good at sports that involve balls, especially basketball.
    • During Dream Team, the members were playing badly at volleyball, but after some period of time, they became used to it and showed a great performance.
    • Nichkhun was a badminton addict during his school years, saying he focused on practicing more than studying. His level of play is high enough to be recognized by the coach of the South Korean badminton team. Besides badminton, he’s good at golf, boxing, Muay Thai, ping pong, swimming… The only sport he may be bad at is basketball.
    • Taecyeon claims to be good in water sports, but Nichkhun says what he likes and what he does well are two different things.
    • Wooyoung and Junho both participated in soccer during high school. Junho was a member of the celebrity soccer team.
    • Junho learned Chinese martial arts since it was needed in Memories of the Sword.
    • Chansung’s skills in kendo has allowed him to participate in a performance alongside his teacher. He performed kendo during Superstar Survival. Besides kendo, he also has a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo.
  • Lovable Nerd: Taecyeon.
  • Manly Tears: Everyone had their own moments, but Chansung points out that Taecyeon cries easily at emotional times.
  • Meaningful Name: The members thought that their group was named “2PM” because it was the hottest time of day, but someone told them that it is also the time when people tend to turn sluggish.
    • “Min” means “gentle” while “Jun” means “excellent”. Minjun’s father wanted him to be named as such “to be a gentle and outstanding person”. The “Su” in Junsu means “elegant”.
    • Nichkhun himself doesn’t know the meaning of his name, but it was speculated by fans that his name means “the person who has virtue as a living place” in Thai.
    • Taecyeon was born on the Dragon’s Hour in the Year of the Dragon, so his parents named him with a water-related name so that he’ll turn into a dragon, which means he will succeed in life. Taecyeon means “water in the pond that will continue to flow far away”.
    • Wooyoung as a whole conveys the meaning of “to be blessed eternally”, with “Woo” meaning “good fortune” and “Young” meaning “eternal”.
    • Junho’s parents wanted him to grow up as “a great and excellent man that can even reach the sky”, so they combined “Jun” which means “to excel” and “Ho” which means “sky” to form Junho.
    • Chansung means “to shine while achieving success”, but it can also mean “agreement”. He uses it as a pun and notes that his name is always called on television during the election season. His username on Twitter is even “2pmagreement911”.
  • Mood Whiplash: During 2PM’s 9th anniversary, they held a V Live to celebrate it. More than twelve hours later, Taecyeon is revealed to have enlisted in the military.
  • Moonwalk Dance: Wooyoung is a big fan of Michael Jackson, and aspires to become a dancer like him.
  • Mr. Fanservice
  • Multiethnic Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล), as per Thai standards.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits: Nichkhun says he wouldn’t want any of the members to date his younger sisters.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: The members of Running Man are always in panic whenever they have to compete with a member of 2PM.
    • During the episode where all of the 2PM members were guests,
    Sukjin: Jongkook, you might have to use some strength today.
    Jaesuk: We need to use our strength today.
    Nichkhun: It’s going to be six times harder today.
  • Neat Freak:
    • Wooyoung. He himself admits to being one.
    Jun. K: There’s no dust in his room at all!
    Nichkhun: When I look at him from the side, I think he’s always cleaning something.
    • When Haha and Mong visited the 2PM dorm, they note that the cleanest room was Wooyoung and Junho’s room.
  • Noodle Incident: The unforgivable thing that Jaebeom did that led to him leaving 2PM was never said. The only people who know about the real reason behind Jaebeom's departure from 2PM are the members and by people in the company at that time. It's just assumed by the public that he left because of his MySpace incident.
  • Official Couple: Nichkhun and Girls’ Generation Tiffany dated for a year and a half.
  • Otaku: Nichkhun is a Disney otaku, especially when it comes to Mickey Mouse. He even calls Disneyland his home and tries to visit it whenever he’s in a country with a Disney theme park.
  • The Perfectionist:
    • According to the members, Jun. K is the biggest perfectionist among themselves. Junho mentions in an interview that the arrangement of Jun. K’s house is perfect.
    • Junho is also a perfectionist when it comes to work.
  • One-Steve Limit: The Jun Brothers, Junsu and Junho, would be mistaken for the other since they had similar names. Junsu later changed his name to Minjun but promoted as Jun. K, which shares the first syllable with Junho.
  • The Pretty Guys Are Stronger
  • Princely Young Man: The one who best fits the stereotype among the 2PM members. He is even nicknamed the “Thai Prince.” The members and himself sometimes have to remind the audience that he is not related to the Thailand Royal Family.
  • Prone to Tears: Wooyoung’s nickname used to be "Crybaby Wooyoung" because of the face he makes when he whines.
  • Rated M for Manly: As opposed to the usual “pretty boy” image for idols in Korea.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Some of their costumes are in pink. A notable example would be the cherry-blossom themed costume they wore for a concert in Japan.
    • Jun. K’s member color is pink.
    • Nichkhun’s color for the Samsung Corby CF and “My Color” MV is pink.
  • Red Baron:
    • Jun. K has “Daegu Haraboji” (Grandfather Daegu) and “Daegu Wangja” (Daegu Prince).
    • Nichkhun is the “Taeguk Wangja” (Thai Prince), “Muscle Angel”, and “Biceps Angel”.
    • Taecyeon is called “Jjit Taecyeon” (Rip Taecyeon).
    • Wooyoung is known as “Ssanti Wooyoung” (Cheap Dance Wooyoung).
    • Junho is the “Hwangje” (Emperor).
    • Chansung is called “General Hwang” and “Hwang Zeus”.
  • Secret Relationship: Wooyoung admitted to having one while being an idol. He dated one of his elementary classmates.
    • Jun. K was listed as one of the idols who were never in any relationship scandals. He reveals in an interview that he actually had girlfriends for the past years, and thinks that the reason why he wasn't in scandals was because his past girlfriends were considerate of him.
  • Shaking the Rump: Junho is very proud of his butt and considers it as one of his greatest assets. His butt-shaking is one of the highlights of the dance in “A.D.T.O.Y.”.
  • Shrinking Violet: During their trainee days, Nichkhun was naturally shy, but he became quieter since he didn’t know how to speak Korean.
  • Sibling Rivalry:
    • With 2AM, due to debuting at around the same time. However, they treat each other like family and support each other a lot, even crying whenever the other group wins an award.
    • With GOT7. Both are groups that incorporate acrobatics in their dances, and GOT 7 is called the next generation of 2PM.
      • Even so, the interaction between the two groups are like older and younger brothers. The members of 2PM call them their “cute little brothers”.
      • During one IGOT 7 episode, the boys were joking about how 2PM got old. Chansung arrives having heard everything and proceeds to host the episode, where GOT 7 needs to prove that they’re better than 2PM.
  • Singer-Songwriter:
    • Jun. K wrote "HOT", "Game Over", “At Times/Even When We're Apart”, "True Swag", "Go Crazy!", "Goodbye Trip", "My House", "Not the Only One", "Falling in love", "Superman" and "Higher" and has helped with the remixes and arrangements of some 2PM songs. He also wrote songs for other artists, such as Kim Tae Woo's "느낌적인 느낌"note , GOT7's "SO LUCKY", DOUBLE's "Count 3", Yamashita Tomohisa's "ブローディア"note , Baek A Yeon's "ALWAYS", and Kan Miyoun's "Sunshine". "가지마" from Dream High's soundtrack was also written by him. Nichkhun's solo song "SO WONDERFUL" and Jun K's solo songs are all written by him as well.
    • Nichkhun co-wrote "Love is True" and "Let It Rain".
    • Taecyeon, under the alias TY, co-wrote "A.D.T.O.Y.", "Comeback When You Hear This Song", "I’m Sorry", "One More Day", "Coming Down", "Go Back", "Traición", "It's Time", "Call My Name", "Mine", "Awesome!", "Rain Is Falling", "Boyfriend", "Pull&Pull", "Hallucination", "Not The Only One", "About To Go Insane", "Red", "Wanna Love You Again", "Magic", "Jump", "Please Come Back", "The Word, Love", "Promise (I'll be)", "Make Love", "Perfume", "Can't Stop Feeling", "Don't Forget", and "Teaser". He wrote for Kim Tae Woo's "느낌적인 느낌"note , "Marriage Blue" for the movie of the same name, and his duet with Emma Wu titled "I Love You". He was in charge for the rap-making in miss A's song "Madness". His solo songs are all written by him.
    • Wooyoung wrote "This is Love", "Giv u Class.", "Superman", “Humming”, "Merry-go-round", and "Try Your Imagination". He wrote "깍지낀두손"note  with actress Park Seyoung. He also wrote GOT7's title track for their first Japanese album, “Yo モリアガッテ Yo”.
    • Junho co-composed and wrote the lyrics to the songs “Give It To Me”, "Zero Point", "Go Back", “Love Song”, "Nobody Else", "This Is Love", "If You Were Here", "Forever", "I Want You", "I'm In Love", "Just a Feeling", "Love is True", "Set Me Free", and "The Time We Have Spent Together". He also wrote "사랑이서럽다"note  for the "Feast of the Gods" OST.
    • Chansung has the songs "Coming Down", "Perfume", "Mine", "Boyfriend", "Hotter Than July", "Wanna Love You Again", "Good Man", "Uneasy", "Make Love", "Can't Stop Feeling", "The Word, Love", and "Shining Star".
    • The albums No.5 and Galaxy of 2PM are a collection of songs written/co-composed by the members of 2PM.
  • Singing in the Shower: All of them do this, but Nichkhun complains that Junho sings in the shower at 4 in the morning.
  • Sleeping Dummy:
    • According to Jo Kwon of 2AM, Jun. K would leave one of these on his bed whenever he would sneak out at night during their trainee days.
    • Nichkhun left one in the 2PM dorms when the group ran away from their manager during 2PM Wild Bunny and named it "Nichkhun". The manager didn’t get a chance to see it, though.
  • Sleepy Head: According to Nichkhun, Jun. K is the hardest member to wake up in the morning.
    • When Taecyeon was in high school, Nichkhun (who was his roommate) would be the one to wake up to Taecyeon’s alarm, so he would wake Taecyeon up instead. He also woke Minjun up despite being in different rooms.
  • Solo Side Project:
    • Wooyoung, Junho, and Jun. K are solo artists and have released albums and singles in both Japan and Korea. They also hold yearly concert tours in Japan.
      • The three of them performed a joint concert titled "From 2PM to You" in November 2017, which featured their solo songs and duet songs besides their 2PM songs.
    • Taecyeon released a Japanese solo album in 2017 and also held a solo concert.
    • Rather than the music field, Chansung is active in dramas, movies, and musicals in Korea and Japan.
    • Despite being active in Korea and Japan, Nichkhun also comes to Thailand and China to do solo activities.
      • Junho has mentioned in an interview that Nichkhun would turn down solo projects in order to participate in 2PM activities.
  • The Smart Guy: Several members describe Taecyeon as the smart guy in the group, both in appearance and in ability.
    • He aced the TOEIC so that he could skip English classes in college.
    • Wooyoung says that Taecyeon is good in mathematics, because he does the calculations whenever they go out to buy something.
    • Nichkhun’s first impression of him was someone who studies hard. Turns out it was because of his pre-debut nerdy appearance.
  • Spell My Name with an S:
    • Minjun can be romanized as Minjoon; Junsu as Joonsu/Joonsoo/Junsoo; Junho as Joonho.
    • Taecyeon can be spelled as Taecyon, Taekyeon, and Taekyon. Taekyeon is used in 2PM Show while Taek is used in Wild Bunny. He uses Taec Yeon when spelling his name in English, and it's also how it's spelled in one of his yearbooks.
    • Nichkhun’s name is hard to spell, resulting into Nickhun, Nikchun, Nickun, Nichun, and other variants. And his last name Horvejkul…
    • Wooyoung's name can be spelled as Wuyeong/Ooyeong/Uyeong. His name is sometimes misspelled as Wooyong or Wooyung.
    • There’s also Chansung/Chanseong.
    • Jaebeom or Jaebum? He eventually settles with Jaybum.
    • In official material and in shows, the names are spelled as Minjun, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung, and Jaebeom.
  • Stage Names:
    • In 2PM, Jun. K was known as Junsu, but after his name changed to Minjun he decided to use Jun. K for all of his works.
    • Nichkhun is treated as a stage name because his real name is spelled the same but pronounced differently.
    • Taecyeon uses “Taecyeon a.k.a T.Y.” for his composing work.
    • Jaebeom uses “Jay Park”.
    • The members of Dirty Eyed Girls have their own stage names as well, with Taecyeon being “Taecyeon Taegyeon”, Chansung as “Chansung Bandae” (Chansung Reject), and Wooyoung as “Jjingjjing Wooyoung” (Crybaby Wooyoung).
  • The Stoic: Junho, when it comes to work. He is usually the one to remind the others that they have to focus on their schedules and gets annoyed when the other members just play around.
    • Even though he is the most serious when it comes to work, in the end he always gets roped into the other members’ antics. As the years go by, he also starts most of the antics.
  • Sweet Tooth: Nichkhun and Chansung.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Nichkhun admits to sleeptalking. Wooyoung said that when Nichkhun is sleeptalking, he speaks in a mix of Thai, Korean, and English.
  • Team Mom: Most of the members and Wooyoung himself says that he is like a nagging mother due to his tendency to be a neat freak, but calls Nichkhun the team mom.
    Wooyoung: Like a mom, he [Nichkhun] is always by our side, warmly taking care of us.
    Junho: When I am sick, Khun-hyung takes care of me and talks to me the most [out of the members of 2PM].
    • Taecyeon, however, agrees that Wooyoung is the nagging mother and thinks that Nichkhun is more of a grandfather. He says that Wooyoung is the one who nags while Nichkhun is the one who scolds.
  • Team Dad: Jun. K says that Nichkhun is the team dad because he is the member who makes a lot of profit, which is needed in a family.
    • Nichkhun is also one to f(x) during his time in “We Got Married”. The members even call him “dad”.
  • Teen Idol: Wooyoung was 19 (20 in Korea) at the time of debut. Chansung and Junho were 16-17 at the time of Superstar Survival and debuted at 18 years old (19 in Korea).
  • True Companions: After undergoing hellish training, they lived with each other for a few years. After living separately and being busy with other projects, their relationship with each other hasn’t strained a bit.
    • Their answer to the question “What does 2PM mean to you?”:
    Jun. K: 2PM is my family.
    Nichkhun: 2PM is my family. I lived with my real family in Thailand until I was 12 years old and studied in America after that. I came to Korea 10 years ago, so the years I have lived with my real family and the years I have spent with 2PM are almost the same.
    Chansung: 2PM is something who exists naturally for me, but they are also the people who I can’t be without.
    Wooyoung: 2PM is me.
    Junho: If there is no 2PM, there is no me.
    • They are family to the point that the members went to Jun. K’s father’s memorial service, Junho’s sister’s wedding, and Wooyoung’s sister’s wedding. Jun. K calls Nichkhun’s mother “mom”.
    • Junho was a guest during an episode of Happy Together, promoting Chief Kim. He was put to the lie detector test and was asked if he is happier with his success as a solo artist/actor than the success he achieves with the members of 2PM. He chooses the latter, and he didn't receive a shock from the lie detector.
    • Taecyeon did not announce his enlistment date because he wanted to enlist quietly with only his family, 2PM members, and close staff present.
  • Unperson: It's pretty common in Korean pop groups that when a member leaves the group, the remaining members (and the company) don't speak of said person, but the topic of Jaebeom's departure is a very sensitive one, because the way it was handled split the 2PM fandom. Most of the fans, especially the Korean ones, do not make any reference to the fact that Jaebeom used to be in the group (he was even the leader). Even JYP, who is known for having great relationships with his artists even though they already left the company, does not seem to interact with Jaebeom at all after his departure (except for the claims that JYPE blocked Jaebeom's appearances from music shows).
    • For most fans, it's either you are a Hottest (2PM fan) or Jaywalker (Jay Park fan).
    • 2PM released new versions of their songs from 2008-2009 in 2012, with Taecyeon replacing him for the rap parts and Junho replacing him for the singing parts (also with the exception of the song 'Angel', which was sung by the remaining members of One Day for JYP Nation). The Rhythm Game SUPERSTAR JYPNATION includes the song 'Again&Again', using the 2012 cover art and audio and cropped Jaebeom from the 2009 promotional image.
    • Ever since the departure of Jaebeom, the members avoid mentioning his name directly, and it seems like the company makes sure that no one asks 2PM about Jaebeom in interviews. For instance, Taecyeon says "the one who's doing hip hop so hard is not here with us", and during their 9th anniversary, when Taecyeon misunderstood the instruction as writing a letter for their former member, someone can be heard shouting a very loud "Yah!" in the background. However, Junho mentioned Jaebeom while talking about their trainee days in Strong Heart around the year 2010, and Chansung, during his Radio Star guest appearance in 2012, was asked whether they still kept touch with Jaebeom, and he answers no. Jaebeom talks about them and their experiences when asked during interviews. Wooyoung and Jun. K also went to the AOMG launching party, and it was said that Jaebeom was seen attending the same birthday party as with Jun. K, so their relationship towards each other might not be as bad as it seems.
    • In 2012, Jaebeom guested on Weekly Idol. The M Cs mention him being voted as the 3rd sexiest male idol. When Jaebeom asks who's number 1, the M Cs are shown to be hesitating before mentioning that Nichkhun won first place. In 2015, Jaebeom has shown support towards Nichkhun's 'Real Love' campaign.
    • Him being an Unperson doesn't seem to extend to former labelmates 2AM, Wonder Girls, and San E. Jo Kwon and Jaebeom follow each other on social media, while Jinwoon and Jaebeom were in a basketball variety show together. Yubin appeared alongside him in Unpretty Rapstar, and he was seen with Sunmi when Wonder Girls were promoting in the US. San E is a fellow rapper, and they even appeared together in Running Man. However, Jun. K, Chansung, and GOT7 members were harassed online after they followed Jaebeom on social media, leading to mentioned people unfollowing him.
  • Wine Is Classy: Nichkhun is the member who enjoys it the most.
  • Younger Than They Look: Chansung looks like one of the older members of the group due to his mature appearance, large build, and height. People mistake Taecyeon to have an older age as well.
     Music Tropes 
  • All Men Are Perverts: “10 Points Out of 10 Points”.
  • Album Intro Track: Present in 2:00PM Time For Change, 01:59PM, Still 02:00PM, and the Japanese albums except Republic of 2PM. The intro track for Galaxy of 2PM was an instrumental as opposed to the usual rapping/singing.
  • Anime Theme Song: “Take Off” was used as an ending theme for Ao no Exorcist.
  • Audience Participation Song:
    • Fanchants are present in some songs, most notably in “10 Points Out of 10 Points”, “Hands Up”, and “Go Crazy!”.
    • In some live performances, someone will prompt the audience to put their hands in the air/hands up before starting “Hands Up.”
    • The audience also sings the parts of the “robotic voice” in “A.D.T.O.Y.”.
  • Award-Bait Song: “Again & Again” and “Heartbeat”.
  • Break-Up Song: A recurring theme in their songs. Examples include “Again & Again”, “Heartbeat”, “Come Back When You Hear This Song”, “I Can’t”, “I’ll Be Back”, “Like A Movie”, and “Only You”.
  • Boastful Rap: Taecyeon’s song “It’s Time”, which features Yubin and San E, has the three of them rapping about their careers.
    • The song “WOW” can count as well.
  • Call-Back:
    • Taecyeon sings the verse "10점 만점에 10점"note  and talks about their debut in his song "It's Time".
    • Jun. K says "You know what it is, what it is, what we do, what we do" in his duet with Wooyoung titled "Superman", and brings it back later on in his solo song "EVEREST".
    • Jun. K's "I know, you know" adlib part in "I'll Be Back" later comes up as proper lyrics in "My House".
    • Wooyoung sings "맴맴 돌아 맴돌아 니가"note  in his duet with Jun. K titled "Superman" and in a poem during their "GENTLEMEN'S GAME" premiere.
  • Character Signature Song: Okcat has his own song called the "Okcat Song".
  • Christmas Song: They recorded one with JYP Nation, titled “This Christmas”.
    • Taecyeon has his series of Christmas songs which he releases each year (2014-2016).
    • The limited edition of their Japanese single "Higher" features a song titled "The Oath of Christmas", which was written by Junho.
  • Chronological Album Title: “No.5” is the group's fifth Korean album.
  • Concept Album:
    • The album “Grown” shows that the boys have grown up from beasts to more mature and sexier men.
    • The album “No.5” showcases the boys’ talents in songwriting.
    • The album “Gentlemen’s Game” focuses a lot on their manly and mature qualities.
  • Cover Version: They’ve covered a lot of songs in several television shows, such as miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” (changed to “Bad Boy, Good Boy”) and Wonder Girl’s “Nobody.”
    • A lot of other artists have covered their songs as well, especially artists from JYP.
    • They also do dance covers on several shows.
  • Dress Rehearsal Video: The concert making videos feature this.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: "No.5" is their 5th Korean album.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Each ending performance of “Heartbeat” are unique, giving the members equal opportunity to do their own ending.
  • Drunken Song: The boys sing Hands Up and Promise (I'll Be) for Tipsy Live.
  • Fun with Acronyms: "하.니.뿐." ( consists of the first syllables in each part of the sentence "하루종일 니생각 뿐이야". Its English translation "All Day I Think Of You" is the meaning of the song's English title "A.D.T.O.Y."
  • Fun with Foreign Languages: Their songs are in Korean and Japanese, with English lyrics mixed in.
    • Taecyeon’s song “Traición” has a Spanish title and Spanish lyrics.
  • Friendship Song: "The Time We Have Spent Together" was written while thinking of the years that they spent together has a group.
  • Gratuitous English: Frequently shows up in their songs, especially the Japanese ones. The songs’ rap parts usually include English verses.
  • Location Song: “Fly To Seoul – Boom Boom Boom”.
  • Looped Lyrics: Several of their songs.
    • “Again and again and again and again...”
    • Back2u, back2u, back2u, back back back back2u”
    • “Put your hands up! Put your hands up!”
    • “I'm feelin' so alive, alive, alive, alive, alive...”
    • “All day I think of you, all day I think of you...”
    • “Go crazy! Go crazy! Go crazy! Go crazy! Go crazy! Go crazy!”
    • “Give me, give me, give me, give me, give me…”
  • Lyrical Tic:
    • The members seem to be fond of “Hands Up”.
    DJ GOT ME GOIN’ CRAZY (Wooyoung's solo song, composed by Jun. K)
    Put yo hands up in the air 가슴이 터지게 Everybody get high (high)
    Everybody get down (down) Put yo hands up in the air a gentleman and lady
    Turn it up (Junho's solo song and composition)
    熱くさせるプレイ1,2,3期待して Hands up
    Don't tease me (Junho's solo song and composition)
    So put you hands up in the air (Put your hands up in the air)
    Never Give Up (Taecyeon's solo song and composition)
    Never give up and stand up, everybody now put up your hands up
    • The phrase "Again & Again" appears in “Again & Again”, "NEXT Generation", and "Hallucination".
    • Jun. K's recurring theme is based on the image of "NO LOVE".
  • Ode to Intoxication: “Hands Up” and “Go Crazy!”
  • Self-Backing Vocalist: All of the member’s solo songs feature this. Jun. K is fond of this in 2PM songs.
  • Self-Titled Album: “Still 2:00PM”.
    • “01:59PM” is named as such because of the loss of one member.
  • Title Track: For their Korean albums, "Hands Up" and "Go Crazy!", while all of the Japanese singles feature the title track as the single title.
    • Jun. K has the Japanese albums "LOVE & HATE", "Love Letter", and "NO SHADOW". His Korean albums "Mr. NO♡" and "My 2♡'s" both feature a track of the same name, but "My 2♡'s" isn't the title song and "Mr. NO♡" is the album's intro track.
    • Taecyeon has "Winter Alone".
  • Translated Cover Version: Some of their songs, notably the title tracks, are in both Korean and Japanese.
    • Jun. K’s, Junho’s, and Wooyoung’s Japanese songs also have their Korean counterparts.
    • Nichkhun takes it up to eleven with the song "Umbrella": it has Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai versions.
  • Singer Name Drop: In some of their songs, you can hear someone saying “2PM” (and/or “JYP”) in the background.
    • In their debut song “10 Points Out of 10 Points”, it appears at the start and end of the song:
    JYP: Oh yupp JYP break it down uh, haha, it’s time, introducing 2PM
    JYP: You know what it is, it’s JYP and 2PM baby
    • In "Again & Again", the song starts with JYP whispering "JYP" and a woman spelling out "2PM".
    • The members find it annoying that JYP whispers "JYP" in the start of their songs, but when they eventually released their own songs, they do the same. Some of the songs written by Jun. K will have him saying “Jun. K” or “Mr. NO LOVE”. Taecyeon says “T.Y.”, while Junho has “JH” in his solo song.
    • In “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”'s chorus, the members spell out “2PM”.
    • In Taecyeon’s Japanese solo song “Kimi Dake Ni”:
    Taecyeon: When I say T you say Y, T! (Y) T! (Y)
    Taecyeon: When I say 2P you say M, 2! (PM) 2! (PM)
    • Their Japanese albums are all named “<blank> of 2PM”.
      • One of their albums is even called “2PM of 2PM”.
  • Title-Only Chorus: "A.D.T.O.Y.".
     Music Video Tropes 
  • All Men Are Perverts: In the “10 Points Out of 10 Points” music video.
  • Amazing Technicolor Dance-stage: In “Go Crazy!” and “Again and Again”.
  • Concept Video: “Give It To Me”, “Hot”, and “Tired of Waiting” are collections of clips from the movies they were featured in, while “I Hate You” and “Thank You” are collections of videos of the members of 2PM.
  • Childish Pillow Fight: Present in the “Go Crazy!” party version music video.
  • The Charmer: All of the members have played this role in several of their music videos.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: The scenes in the music video and close-up version of “Higher” have the members in their respective colors.
  • Dances and Balls: "My House" is based on a fairytale setting.
  • Darker and Edgier: Compare the M Vs of “10 Points Out Of 10 Points” with “Heartbeat”.
  • Design Student's Orgasm: Jun K's music videos.
  • Fairytale Motifs: "My House" features Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood, and Alice in Wonderland.
  • Hotter and Sexier: “A.D.T.O.Y.” involves a lot of cuddling, heavy breathing, Wooyoung in a bed, Junho in the back of a car, and even implies undressing and a bed scene.
  • In Da Club: “Hands Up” and “Go Crazy!”.
  • In Medias Res: The party version of the “Go Crazy!” music video has the story set up in this manner.
  • Location Song: The music video for “Fly To Seoul – Boom Boom Boom” was shot in various locations in Seoul.
  • Performance Video: The dance version music videos.
  • Product Placement:
    • Crazy 4 S” is a tie-in with the Korean sport gear-retailer "SPRIS".
    • “My Color” and “Nori for U” are tie-ins with Samsung.
    • “Fly to Seoul 'Boom Boom Boom'” is for a Fly 2 Korea campaign.
    • “Follow Your Soul” is a tie-in with Oppo.
    • “Open Happiness” and “Share the Beat” are tie-ins with Coca Cola.
    • “Tik Tok” is for Cass Fresh.
    • Taecyeon and Wooyoung recorded the song “Classic” with JYP and Suzy for Reebok’s “Classic Campaign.”
  • Seven Deadly Sins: The music video for “Come Back When You Hear This Song” depicts these as the reason why the members’ lovers left them:
    • Chansung – Lust: going after the girl for sex and leaving her afterward
    • Nichkhun – Greed: Prioritizing work
    • Junho – Gluttony: Alcohol addiction
    • Wooyoung – Sloth: Uneagerness to try something new
    • Jun. K – Wrath: Anger management issues
    • Taecyeon – Envy: Jealous of other men
  • Shirtless Scene: A LOT.
  • Signature Dance Move: A lot are associated with them.
    • The hand actions from "10 Points Out Of 10 Points".
    • The slow running sequence from "Again & Again", which symbolizes not wanting to move on.
    • Taecyeon's heartbeat in the first verse of "Heartbeat".
      • Also from "Heartbeat", Chansung sweeping Taecyeon's head to the right.
    • "I'll Be Back"'s shuffle step and sliding sequence.
      • To a lesser extent, Chansung’s part in “I’ll Be Back” is another of the song’s recognizable dance moves.
    • "Hands Up".
    Taecyeon: This actually has a choreography!
    • The pumping and necktie dance in "I'm Your Man".
    • The handkerchief movements in the dance steps for “Step by Step”.
    • "A.D.T.O.Y."'s butt-shaking and pelvic-thrusting.
    • "Come Back When You Hear This Song" has what the members call the "Jam Jam" move.
    • The motorcycle dance from "Go Crazy!".
  • Shout-Out: The dance for “I’ll Be Back” includes the Terminator’s thumb-up.