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Thalia is a Mexican singer and actress. A former child star in The '80s singing group Din Din, she rose to fame in The '90s through her roles in telenovelas. Her solo music career began in 1990 and has led her to be dubbed "the Latin Madonna". An attempt to launch her into the English-speaking market in the early 2000s met with limited success and led to something of a Broken Base, though she's still a big star in Latin America and had a following in the Philippines when dubbed versions of the telenovelas she starred in were aired in the 90s and early 2000s.


  • Thalia (1990)
  • Mundo de Cristal (1991)
  • Love (1992)
  • En éxtasis (1995)
  • Amor a la Mexicana (1997)
  • Arrasando (2000)
  • Thalía (2002)
  • Thalía ("The English Album") (2003)
  • El Sexto Sentido / The Sixth Sense (2005)
  • Lunada (2008)
  • Primera Fila (live album mostly of new material) (2009)
  • Habítame Siempre (2012)
  • Viva Kids, Vol. 1 (children's album) (2014)
  • Amore Mío (2014)
  • Latina (2016)
  • Valiente (2018)
  • Viva Kids, Vol.2 (second children's album, 2020)
  • desAMORfosis (2021)

Compilations, remix and remake albums:

  • Bailiando en Extasis (1996) - Dance remixes from En extasis
  • Nandito Ako (1997) - Philippines-only collection of hits remade in English and Tagalog
  • Con Banda: Grandes Exitos (2001) - Banda-style remakes of her hits.
  • Thalia's Hits Remixed (2003) - Selection of mixes from her various singles, mostly but not exclusively dance-oriented.
  • Greatest Hits (2004) - The obligatory retrospective.

Thalia provides examples of:

  • New Sound Album: Thalia ("The English Album") was a deliberate attempt to reposition her as a crossover artist by having her sing in English and teaming her up with hip-hop producers rather than anyone who actually understood where she was coming from. It was met with indifference from the target market and hostility from her existing fans; the next album "El Sexto Sentido" took on a more guitar-based sound before she returned to her familiar latin pop style for Lunada.
  • Rearrange the Song: Con Banda: Grandes Éxitos is as the title suggests, a selection of her greatest hits re-recorded in banda style.
  • Self-Titled Album: Three: her 1990 debut, a 2002 effort largely in Spanish, and the 2003 English album.
  • Theme Naming: Her three biggest telenovela roles were all characters called Maria; after the success of the first one, the other two were created specially for her.
  • What Song Was This Again?: "It's My Party" shares little except an attitude with its Spanish original, "Arrasando."