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Pro Pinball is the name for a series of Digital Pinball Tables originally developed by Cunning Developments (later Silverball Studios, now Barnstorm Games). Each game is a single, highly-detailed pinball table, and the series strives for realistic pinball action and deep rulesets, delivering an experience comparable to those in arcade pinball games of The '90s.

All of the originally Pro Pinball games used pre-rendered playfields, giving the player a choice of several predefined camera positions. This allowed the games to offer both photorealistic graphics and fast action, but at the expense of any sort of dynamic camera. The series has been praised by pinball enthusiasts for its highly realistic physics engine, which remains among the best available even today.

In 2012, Silverball Studios announced plans to revive the series for today's audiences by "remastering" all of the original games with fully modeled three-dimensional tables for all modern gaming platforms. On top of that, a new game is under development for the series; to guarantee an authentic pinball experience, it is being created by pinball designer Pat Lawlor and artist John Youssi.


Compare Microsoft Pinball Arcade and Visual Pinball, which also use pre-rendered tables.

The Pro Pinball series consist of the following games:


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