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"Oh, you can keep those. I've got plenty more than that."note 

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Can we just first point out how much effort went into this production? It was all animated by one person, and she cranked out over an hour of animation in just over a year. AND for getting voice actors and sound effects and custom music! That deserves commending.
  • The first one in the series is Frisk breaking out of their own soul to take a fatal hit for Sans, offering it to him before they die. This act is supposed to be impossible by in-universe logic.
  • The fight in the second episode between Gaster and Sans with his power boost from Frisk's Soul. He didn't get to show it as much in the first video, but Frisk's Soul really made a difference. No matter what was thrown at him, Sans had no trouble handling it.
  • Sans manages to take advantage of the glitched timeline in order to do the impossible: fix the machine and pull Gaster back from the void.
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  • The sheer firepower displayed in "Your Best Friend." Not only do we have Sans, but we also have Gaster back from the void and Omega Flowey on his side. Three of the most powerful forces in the Underground are united against a common foe. And Chara still manages to take them down.
  • Also in "Your Best Friend", anytime the characters use their "Special attacks". These include, but are not limited to:
    • Monotone: Single Colored Wave Motion Gun. Increases the power by 7, which is a LOT.
    • Omega Flowey in General: I mean, DEAR LORD.
    • "My Special Hell": Yeah, this one is pretty obvious, but STILL awesome. Even though it's the Big Bad's weapon.
  • The Final Battle of Season 1: Asriel, in his True Final Boss form vs Chara. The two spend the fight throwing Wave Motion Gun level attacks at one another.
  • Several moments in "Dust", thanks to the Animation Bump, show how very strong Sans is. Him stopping the girders from dropping on civilians leaves an impact crater in the concrete. Him simply turning around quickly while he's in a Tranquil Fury creates small cracks in the floor. You can almost feel it when he pulls Frisk towards him so fast that it shakes the foundations of his house, and that's when he's regaining his strength. Shame he dies at the end of the episode.
    • Word of God has confirmed that after Dust, Gaster has received a 50% POWER BOOST from Sans' death, giving him the ability to use a new special attack known as Duality, where he's able to merge his 7 hands into 2 giant hands.
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    • Special mention goes to Betty as well, if for no other reason than the fact that they managed to arrange events that allow her to take out SANS with almost-minimal effort. Even Chara had a hard time managing that...
  • When Gaster reacted... badly to encountering Jessica in "Do or Die," Papyrus managed to block one of his attacks to defend her.
  • The entire fight scene between Gaster and Betty in "Do or Die." Between the impressive animation and the amount of power the two of them are throwing around, it is stunning.
    • And when things look grim for Gaster, Jessica and Alphys manage to save him from dying.
    • Alphys stands up to a Humanoid Abomination using her technology and inventions. And she would've won, if Betty wasn't an Artificial Human.
  • The kids at Toriel's school might still be learning how to use magic, but they do a fairly good job of protecting themselves and each other. Cam, a boy with a Kindness soul, is especially good using his shields.
  • In Part 1 of Love, Undyne totally crushes Betty. At least the fight against Gaster was close; this was one-sided from the very start, thanks to her Determination, the only force that can stand up to Fear.
    • Special mentions to the part when Betty uses her special attack: she manages to steal all the spears Undyne throws at her, but Undyne just summons way more spears, overpowering her initial attack. And then Undyne uses her special attack, Spear of Justice, and almost destroys her entire body.
      • Let's just pause for a moment and take in how AWESOME Undyne's special attack is! The explosion has enough power to completely destroy the ENTIRE FREAKING ROOF OF THE CORE NULLIFICATION ROOM. And split Betty, a Humanoid Abomination, IN HALF. If Akumu hadn't eaten the Hate vial, she would have died.
      • And remember, this room was chosen as the place to try and kill Betty because it's built to be immune to magic. Obviously, the designers didn't take Determination into account. Sure, destroying the room allows Betty to escape, but still.
      • It gets even better: Akumu devours the entire vial of Hate, bringing Betty back from the brink of death... and it's still not enough. Granted, she retreated before she was killed, and it's more because of the mental effects of the Hate than actual power, but damn.
    • Near the end of the fight, after she is sent flying, Betty is rolling on the floor, she throws a spear, has it stick in the ground, and grabs it to stop rolling. Even though she's evil, you have to admit the girl has some fighting skills.
      • Just to show off the power of Determination, when Undyne is hit with a seemingly fatal blow, Betty attempts to finish her off, only for Undyne to punch Betty into A WALL! And the hit was seemingly NOTHING to Undyne, as she shrugs it off, replying with an epic One-Liner, and then regenerates with her newfound Healing Factor. Take note that said blow cuts Undyne in half and through her into the wall behind her.
    • The sheer amount of POWER Undyne has. She can Flash Step, kick Betty in the face and send her flying, break Betty, and that's in the first few goddamned seconds of their fight.
      • Take a close look at Betty after Undyne wrecks her. She's lying on the floor, unmoving, half-gone, and Akumu looks worried for her. Undyne actually rendered Betty unconscious and would have finished her if it wasn't for Hate. Even after waking up thanks to the Hate vial, Betty feels herself weakening and leaves — meaning she loses the fight. That's right, Undyne was the first to score a win against the Big Bad for the good guys.
      • A villainous example for Hate, which appears to be a sentient being all its own. It's so powerful and evil, that even Betty herself is scared of it. She outright states that she doesn't know how long she can resist it.
  • In Part 2 of Love, we finally get to see the ultimate showdown between Determination and Fear. Betty is in tip top shape this episode after getting thrashed by Undyne, thanks to the power of the souls — even though she may be the villain, she can battle it out with the best of them, in style (as shown by her surfboarding down the mountain with Kumu), and since Frisk is underprepared (only at LV 3), she dances circles around them without them getting in a single point of damage. Thankfully, this changes tremendously for Frisk halfway through the fight, as they don't stay at LV 3 for long.
    • Starting off, Frisk launches the first attack, only for Betty to summon Hate and smash the ground with her scythe, sending Frisk into the wall. They barely dodge as Betty swings for them again. Frisk counters and sends her flying to the mountain; however, she uses Kumu as a surfboard and dodges Frisk's sword beam before using Kumu like a sticky whip and sending Frisk airborne before attaching Kumu to her boot, kicking off from the ground, and roundhouse-kicking Frisk into it with Kumu still on her leg for extra damage. She proceeds to drag her opponent all over the walls and slam them everywhere before Asriel steps in and seems to be equal to her — until she reveals her trick with Kumu and the scythe.
  • After Betty kills Asriel, Frisk is so incensed by this that their LV immediately spikes to 19 (from 3, mind you) and they proceed to hand Betty her behind on a platter in a manner that would make Undyne proud. Had Frisk not been so stunned by seeing Sans Back from the Dead after Papyrus wins an "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight, giving Betty an opportunity to retreat, Frisk probably would have handily won.
    • The entire "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight scene was pretty awesome. Papyrus blocks Sans' Gaster Blasters and bone attacks with his own Gaster Blaster before creating a giant bone to stand on, just like the one he uses near the end of his fight against Frisk in the game. And then when he gets blasted off his perch into a cliff wall, Papyrus still refuses to fight back. He just keeps talking, trying to remind Sans of who he is. And then, just as Sans is about to stab Papyrus, it works. Sans stops as Papyrus states they're brothers. And with a little more coaxing, the Hate wrapped around Sans' Soul is shattered by the force of their familial love.
  • My Promise: Betty manages to corrupt Asriel with HATE and spears Kumu and then herself, causing them to merge and turning her eyeballs pure pink. Let's Get Dangerous!. Even better, she says that she doesn't need HATE to finish the job. She's not about to be overshadowed by some black blob of negativity, she is the Soul of Fear.
  • Jessica and Undyne manage to hold off the attacking pink blobs, Jessica using the Magic Nullifier. When Undyne hesitates at a critical moment where Jessica is pinned by a blob (and Undyne is terrified that she will accidentally kill her like she did Alphys), Asgore launches his trident and disposes of it immediately, though not without Jessica receiving a critical injury (which Toriel is able to heal straight away).
  • Asgore standing up to his angry ex when she tries to stop him from relocating the survivors (out of worry for the children) and telling her that his decision is final and she gave up her authority as Queen when she abandoned him and their kingdom long ago.
  • Toriel and Asgore join Frisk in the fray this time against Betty and her new puppet, Asriel. While the two of them commence an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight against their son, Frisk (still LV 19, mind you) takes on their mortal Arch-Enemy - and all the LV in the world cannot stop Betty now that she has merged with Kumu. Her arms can now morph into any weapon she so desires (thanks to Kumu's power) and her blades are sharper, deadlier and more detailed (although that might just be the Animation Bump). She tells Frisk that she has caught onto all their tricks and activates a surprise of her own - in an explosion of energy, her blades become giant arm-scythes and magical devil wings erupt from her back. She may not have used it for long as Frisk escapes, but undoubtedly she will use it to serious effect in the eventual Final Battle.
  • Although a massive Tear Jerker since it means Frisk is essentially undergoing a Cessation of Existence and being forgotten by doing so, they enter the void of nothingness from where Chara still remains. Frisk convinces them to swap places in order to stop Betty and manages to SAVE one last time, leaving Chara to be the Soul of Determination and sending them back to the material world to put an end to Fear and HATE. Chara is now The Hero.
  • All the fight scenes in Game Over: Part 2, and the awesome music that plays alongside the fights.
    • Mettaton gets to use his spotlight-based blue magic attack from the game to hinder his opponent a few times in order to save people at the last moment - Betty even visibly reacts in pain and kneels when the light hits her (and this is her stronger "true form" that she gained from merging with Kumu), before cleverly using a pink spike to take out the spotlight.
  • When Betty takes Mettaton on directly and proves too tough for his normal form, Mettaton NEO proves to hit a bit harder - for example, he fires a Mega Man-style arm cannon directly into her face, causing her to audibly scream and her face to slowly start falling apart. Not to mention his jets add some good maneuverability to his fight, making it harder for Betty to land a hit.
    • And when she does manage to knock him down, Muffett and Grillby join in to help slow her down, with Muffet managing to web her up and pin her arms while Grillby hits her dead-on with a fire blast. Eventually, she takes down both of them (they survive), but Mettaton has one last trick up his sleeve - using his own body to power a stagelight and fire it full-force at her.
    • Take a look at Mettaton's eyes after he fires the final spotlight. His eyes are growing RED. You know what that means? FREAKING METTATON CAN WIELD DETERMINATION.
    • Betty walks straight through the light this time, her outer body burning off to reveal a hint of what she really looks like underneath before smiling and using a giant arrow to destroy it. She seems to be ready to move on and collect more souls, but Mettaton grabs her leg, saying she'll have to finish him off first, and he's buying time for a certain someone. He then sticks his tongue out and winks at her.
    • Chara pulling a Big Damn Heroes on Mettaton and the people in the "Colosseum" after the aforementioned winking moment, striking Betty at full-force and sending her hurtling into the wall, following up with one of the best one-liners from Glitchtale.
    Chara: (pointing a sword at Betty) Hey! Stay down! (sends a sword beam her way)
    • Betty actually seems concerned when Chara appears, glowering until Asriel (controlled by HATE) appears and blocks the sword beam, after which she regains her smug demeanor. When she isn't being guarded by Asriel, it's a possibility that Betty (in her "true form", no less), is scared of Chara.
    • Papyrus promised to keep himself safe and to keep the house safe. And he does everything in his power to do so. Epically. This includes massive amounts of bone attacks, his Blue Attack, a demonstration of his "Special Attack," and even full-power Gaster Blasters blasting away at the siege. His final last-ditch attack quite literally brings the house down but he managed to keep Sans safe for the time being.
    • And on the villain side, a Kaiju-sized pink blob monster is attacking and absolutely nothing so far has even slowed it down - the combined efforts of Gaster, Jessica, Undyne, and Ronan haven't even managed to tickle it.
    • Jessica's Heroic Sacrifice by giving a trapped Gaster the one-person teleporting device, and while she gets killed by falling debris, she gets to reunite with her family again in the afterlife. Her last words to Gaster make the scene even better.
    Jessica: Give her hell for me.

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