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That's gotta hurt.

Glitchtale, despite being a very serious series, still has its moments of funny.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Who cannot laugh at the fact that Asgore in "Sans Vs. Flowey" Failed a Spot Check with Attacks literally flying through his room.
  • Frisk trying to balance Hot Dogs on their head.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Glitchtale Season 1 Abridged, made by Camila's friend Max, where everyone is voiced with tts.
  • In "My Sunshine" Frisk's stoic face. Especially when they react to Betty for the first time.
    • Doubles in hilarity because, SPARKLES.
  • "Do Or Die": The Return of Asgore's Stupidity
  • In "Love: Part 2" Camila's status as Trolling Creator is taken by tenfold when she Lamp Shades the fact that some of the comments mourned both Sans and Gaster's mug by bringing both back in the same episode.
    • Alongside this, the Comments section BLEW UP because of this. (Mostly with cries of joy for the mug.)
  • In "My Promise," Frisk's stoic face makes a comeback in a serious moment with Gaster.
  • In the same episode, Chara's punch to Frisk's face is both well-deserved and hilarious.
    • And it's now a meme, because of course it is.
  • Camilla uploaded a video in which she goes over some of the...weirder comments on the series. She constantly swaps between being dumbfounded, a Deadpan Snarker, and a Trolling Creator.
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  • Ladies and gentlemen, the Glitchtale Official Denial Ending. It lasts 14 seconds, going back to the scene where Betty has impaled Gaster and is about to kill him until suddenly she gets blasted offscreen, although not by Jessica but Sans. Oh, and it kills her.
    Betty: Hm? OOOOOOOW!!!!..... I'm dead.
    Sans: hey, what's up everybody, it's me, sans, i'm alive and stuff.
  • Jessica Grey's cute little chibi face as she faces quite the "embarrassment" in wearing Toriel's old clothes as she's overlooked by Toriel herself.
    • When she thinks she's in the clear, both Papyrus, and Gaster bump in, and she blushes redder than a rose as the two look at her in the clothing.
    • Not helped in fact by the Music nor the Sound effects.
  • Papyrus' idea of the house being "safe" includes sections of the walls falling apart.
    • His expression being extremely deadpan serious doesn't exactly help it at all.
  • During an extremely intense scene, Mettaton does a "blep" face to Betty of all people.
  • Betty's full name, Bête Noire, may be her own sort of Red Baron title as it means "Black Beast", in conjunction with her nickname, that would in turn make her... Black Betty. And due to the circumstances of her creation, Black Betty technically did have a child that went wild.
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  • Papyrus and Sans, discussing just exactly what has happened, followed by this hilarious exchange when Sans apologizes about destroying Papyrus's Battle Body.
    "Don't worry! I really like this shirt!"
    "I really liked this shirt."
  • Papyrus' "idea" for getting to the Arena quickly. No words can do it justice.
    Sans: we don't have a car, do we?
  • In a spot of Black Comedy: the ongoing Interlopers collaboration, a crossover of Undertale and LISA, has Chara and Buddy encounter Betty. Chara is LV 20 off of the end of a No Mercy route (meaning he's basically a Man of Kryptonite to Betty right now), and Buddy is LV god-knows-what. Betty... just woke up from her sealing and doesn't have a single human or monster soul to her name. She tries her luck anyway. It doesn't end well. Betty only survives because she's not human enough to die from losing her arms and head, and has the sense to run far away.

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