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A battle between Gods
  • Godzilla II grabbing Space Godzilla's Energy Core, absorbing it into his body. Thereby, he blasted Space Godzilla into the Black Hole.
  • Despite this happened shortly after losing his mate, Zilla Jr challenged Godzilla III to a battle to the death. Godzilla maybe bigger and muscle, Zilla has speed and agility on his side.
  • Zilla Jr is the one to defeat Megaguirus who had proven to be a challenge to Godzilla III and Rodan.
  • Ghost Godzilla's Revival. Matt Frank has merged Tokyo SOS with GMK. Not long after saving one of his own from the human forces, Kiryu went into what could be his final rest only to later learn that he was beginning to discarded all the metal parts that covered his body. Slowly, all the metal shells littered on the sea bed and the original Godzilla was reborn.
  • After spending almost a millenia separated and clashed over their ideals, Mothra and Battra dropped all of that to save the Planet Earth from the Gigamass.
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  • Godzilla III's He's Back and begun to mop the floor against Bagorah.
  • Kaiser Ghidorah is going to unleash his final attack to destroy Earth and Godzilla latched onto his tail in an effort to stop him. It didn't work and Godzilla fell through the Stratosphere. This maybe Earth's Darkest Hour until Ozaki took a jet and jumped from it to aid the Kaiju and the two combined their powers to fire the Red Spiral Atomic Blast that evenly matched Ghidorah's Triple Gravity Concussion Burst. Mothra lend the two her antennas where she collected enough energy from the other Kaiju and transferred them to Godzilla who proceeds to unleashed the full power of his own and his allies' that completely annihilates Kaiser Ghidorah.
  • Earth is under another crisis with Mecha King Ghidorah on the rampage and Bagan having bested both Mothra and Battra. The only one who could put a stop to this is Godzilla but he's trapped inside the Mt Fuji now called Fuji Crater. However, the EDF and Shobijin have a plan, they use the Amulet of Orochi and the Shobijin channeled their powers inside it. The Yamato Guardians reappeared and entered inside the Earth. There was silence........until the instruments went berserk. Ozaki ordered everyone to head for cover. When they did, a huge burst of raw energy erupted from the ground and emerging from the ground was as Matt puts it "something new, something awesome, something terrifying and beautiful all at once…" Godzilla he wasn't but SUPER GODZILLA
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  • The appearance of Fire Rodan. Despite his origin a mystery since the last one was killed during Operation: Destroy All Monsters, he's been putting up quite a fight against the Dragmas.
  • It's BACK! [1]

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