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Tear Jerker / Godzilla Neo

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  • Godzilla Junior was a sweet child but after the death of his father, Junior became Godzilla III and was as ruthless as his predecessors. He hasn't forgiven humanity for luring him to fight Destroyah which in turn caused his father to pass, believing he had failed his son.
  • The Shobijin twins honor the death of their sister.
  • Godzuki disappeared with the island after Gezora caught him.
  • While Ghost Godzilla/Godzilla I is one of the first and most darkest incarnations in the series, its implied he's hunting down humanity more than revenge for what happened to him, he wants humanity to pay for the death of his brother, Godzilla II.
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  • Megalon destroying himself and Gigan to free the latter from the Kilaak Mind Control
  • Post Final Wars: Earth was saved but humanity has decided that the Kaiju had to be eradicated for their role in destroying countless lives. They created Mecha King Ghidorah and he was sent to hunt down every single Kaiju. One by one the good Kaiju such as Anguirus or Gorosaurus were gone.
    • What's worse was Caesar sacrificing himself to save Rodan but it was futile as Rodan was gunned down. Caesar accepted defeat and Mecha King Ghidorah crushed him to ashes. The people's reaction were justified.

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