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  • Gabara is only a fictional monster but that didn't stop citizens to believe he's real. EDF and G Force had to repeatedly delete the entry about him from their archives.
  • Bit of Black Comedy, but the Minilla series being canceled In-Universe after Godzilla returned to mass devastation.
  • Of course, within days, it was all too obvious that Godzilla had NOT attacked New York, had NOT dug tunnels throughout the city, laid 100 eggs in Madison Square Garden, or died from 6 Tomahawk missles on the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Zone Fighter TV series has bits of hilarity
    • Zone Fighter lampshading Godzilla's Nigh-Invulnerability.
    • Godzilla putting Zone Fighter in a headlock.
    • Zone Fighter wondering if Jirass was Godzilla's cousin. They're related.
    • Zone Angel wondering if Ganimes was Ebirah which Vorticia politely explained the similarity before allowing Demonicus the honours of ordering their Kaiju to attack.

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