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This story is made of fun. But an attempt to pinpoint good moments can be done...

  • Black Comedy: Theon charges Ramsay with sending incredibly disturbing letters to Joffrey detailing how he is going to kill him. It does not take long for Joffrey to be driven into hysterics.
  • The Northern bannermen's reaction when Theon mentions Ramsay's nickname.
  • Theon discovering the Reeds have built a railroad... which he approved without knowing it.
  • Theon posting a man to ensure Robb will not have sex with anyone before meeting Margaery Tyrell.
    Asher Forrester: You want me to... cockblock the King in the North?
  • Meera Reed's disguises.
  • When he meets Margaery Tyrell, Robb's future wife, Maester Luwin asks Catelyn which part of Robb's most embarrassing moments should they begin with.
  • Theon giving Robb a "discreet" nudge after Robb goes full Distracted by the Sexy when he meets Margaery.
  • Grand Maester Pycelle commenting on women's fashion.
  • Robb and Margaery's first alone encounter. Theon first, and then Catelyn, become Moment Killers supreme.
  • The omake in which a flustered Robb confesses to Tyrion, on the eve of his wedding, that he has never actually... uh, practiced. Ever. So he wants a few... pointers. A curious Tyrion asks if he doesn't have anyone else to ask. It turns out... well, no. When Tyrion tries to get drunk afterwards, he's informed his formed bodyguard Bronn has just been bought by Theon. And Bronn himself gets enormous amounts of cash, lands and everything he could ever want - he just has to offer the Starks and Theon sagely advice to stop doing stupid things. After a while of realizing exactly what the job actually means, he decides he needs a raise.
  • Drunk!Theon writes a book called How to Train Your Dragon Or Dinosaur, which Daenerys buys and uses as a guide to train her three dragons. The book credits both Chris Pratt and Star Lord.
    "Hey! Viserion! Eyes on me!" She barked. Viserion growled at her. "No! Don't you give me that bullshit, Viserion! Eyes on me!"
  • Loras - he of the flower-engraved armour - finds Theon's bowtie quite flamboyant. Theon calls him out on this.
  • Women's reactions when they listen to Roose Bolton when he sings at Robb and Margaery's wedding. Particularly Olenna Tyrell's. He becomes quite the lady's man, literally singing the pants off several women.
  • Robb might be the King, but he is still a teenager. For example, he hates waiting. And taking medicines.
  • One omake has Theon making popcorn for the Starks. Unfortunately, things get a bit out of hand... and the Great Hall becomes swamped with popcorn.
  • Poor Theon has to often remind Ramsay to keep his hands to himself - as Ramsay is quite happy to glomp and fondle him.
  • Ramsay has been injured after a spark of wildfire strikes his arm and is given some sedatives to ride out the pain. When Varys appears having brought Shae and Arya out of the Red Keep before it was destroyed, Ramsay confuses Varys with a fat lady.
  • Jaime (apparently somewhat drunk) tries to kidnap a female coach driver, to force her to take him to King's Landing. The lady proceeds to mace him with pepper spray and kick him in the groin with a steel toed boot. Tyrion barely manages not to laugh at his brother's misfortune.
  • Euron Greyjoy's particular idiosyncracies, as seen from Sansa's point of view.
  • Theon's solution to ensure the Iron Throne loses all of its mystique? Turn it into a tourist trap and allow anyone to sit on it for a few coppers.