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  • This exchange, as the Squad head off for Appleloosa:
    Luna: But now that I've been to Ponyville, I decided that I need to see all of Equestria! I want to see the mountains and the plains and the Changeling hive so I can beat their Queen up and the great cities and the tiny hamlets-
    Shining Armor: Wait... what was that last part?
    Luna: Changeling hive?
    Shining Armor: No, the... (blinks, surprised that Luna didn't play dumb)
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  • 'Cannonball Shark Jumping' sees the cast (Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor and Tydal) caught by a buffalo gang leader. Braeburn responds by getting all of APPPPLELOOOOSA! to come and fight and Tydal (god of the sea and a capricorn) summons his royal guard to brutally murder everypony due to him being dehydrated. Things are dialed Up to Eleven when Twilight Sparkle appears with the Doctor after kidnapping a baby dalek and tricks the 3 armies in joining forces to fight the entire Dalek Empire. Just when things can't get any stranger, Scootaloo appears with a horde of eagles (singing Hotel California) and joins the battle. Considering this story is the sequel to The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo , it is of little surprise things go so crazy so quick.
  • Cadence, when angry, can make stallions pregnant. Funny and Nightmare Fuel at the same time
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  • Tydal, after a fight with Luna, wanders off only to find King Sombra. He takes one look at him and instantly assumes Sombra is a dog, whom he names 'Wiggles' and takes to the park to play.
  • Shining Armor's test to become a god. He has to enduring 'The Night of Thousand Paddles' and strip for the princesses to 'Cherry Pie'. Finally, he is made the God of the Dawn... which is revealed to mean he is the god of breakfast and is only able to summon bacon and pancakes.
  • Sombra's first appearance in the story basically boils down to everyone making fun of him for his design and cliche villain plots, leading to him sitting at a bar trying to come up with something new.
    Sombra: Right...oh! I have it! I'll frame a beloved TV clown! I'll rob a Quik-E-Mart dressed as him-
    Rimmy: Simpsons did it.
    Sombra: AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!
  • During the Equestria Games Twilight mentions everyone from Ponyville is attending. Smash Cut to Sunset Shimmer and Chrysalis watching a bunch of thieves steal everything in Ponyville.
    • The CAKE TWINS break into a bank and steal a bag of bits.

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