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Trivia / Godzilla Neo

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  • Follow the Leader: Numerous artists have taken cues from Matt Frank's redesigns for the kaiju, namely the more dinosaur-like Godzilla. In all fairness, most of these stories eventually strike out on their own in different directions.
    • Most people's understanding of Vagnosaurus, Shiigan, Balkzardan and the other original Godzilla Trading Battle Kaiju comes from Neo and so they take heavy inspiration from Neo when adding them into their own fan-fiction.
    • Monster X is often also emulated, not helped by his movie appearance having low lighting with poor production stills so Frank's rendition is one of the clearest views of the character many get for reference.
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  • Series Hiatus: Godzilla Neo has been put on hold. However, Matt Frank seems to be interested on returning to the series once he gets additional funds.
  • What Could Have Been: Rodan has thinner arms but Matt Frank decided to make the arm wings a little more bulkier
    • Gorosaurus had a more saurian look but Matt Frank decided to change it into another design akin to how his Toho Counterpart was portrayed.
    • Varan originally had a raptor-like talon on his foot that was removed in subsequent redraws.


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