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  • Awesome Music: The ending to ''Godzilla Neo Series 2'' and might act as Super Godzilla's Character Theme Song.
  • Broken Base: Operation: Destroy All Monsters. Some find it an epic, tragic arc, while others dislike it for anti-climatically killing off most of the kaiju cast with little to no fan fair, feeling it's a disrespectful send off to the characters.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Space Godzilla was initially a massive meteorite of crystallized energy capable of emitting psionic energy. After destroying a NASA space shuttle, Space Godzilla crash landed on Infant Island and kidnapped Junior, Godzilla's adopted son. Turning the city of Fukuoka into his new crystal fortress, Space Godzilla used some of Junior's DNA to form a new body for himself and eagerly awaited his upcoming fight against Godzilla and MOGUERA. He nearly killed Godzilla while he was reuniting with his son and once his powers started going out of control, he destroyed MOGUERA and summoned a black hole to destroy the world simply out of spite. After being banished to another realm by Godzilla, Space Godzilla spent the next thirteen years honing his powers and planning his escape. Implied to be responsible for the Crystal Incursion of 2007, Space Godzilla hoped to finally defeat Godzilla and absorb all the Power Crystals on Earth, which would turn him into the most powerful being in the galaxy.
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    • High Inquisitor Axor was an advisor to the Empress of Mu and used his powers of mind control to achieve higher standing in society. Longing for control over the Mu Empire, Axor used his powers to enslave Balkzardan and Jyarumu and threatened to unleash them upon Mu if the people did not accept him as their new emperor. When Manda tried to protect Mu, Axor ordered the many people he had previously used his powers on to take up arms and rise against their protector. After the Empress ordered her loyal advisor Shisa to leave with Manda and find reinforcements, she was taken prisoner and tortured by Axor, who was hoping to break the Empress's spirit and turn her into his new slave. Shisa returned with Mothra and the armies of Infant Island and challenged Axor to a duel, losing due to Axor's cowardly tactics. Axor was stabbed by the Empress and in order to ensure his victory, transferred his soul into a statue of a dark god and used his new powers to enslave Manda. Axor was finally defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Mothra and King Caesar, but he had secretly planted explosives that were set to detonate in the event of his death, ensuring that his homeland would be completely destroyed along with him.
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: For some, Operation: Destroy All Monsters is this, given more or less the entire Kaiju cast gets slaughtered, many in Curbstomp Battles that to them don't feel like good or respectful send offs to the characters.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In The Bridge, there was a another Godzilla based on the one from Godzilla (2014). Word of God states that this Godzilla or Gojira and the main Godzilla have no relation at all. Then came Matt Frank's new art depicting the Legendary Godzilla but this time, he is related to Godzilla as a super ancestor of sorts.
  • Unexpected Character: A shocking revelation it was when Matt Frank announced that he would be redesigning Bagan and Super Godzilla.


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