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Nightmare Fuel / Godzilla Neo

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  • The Yog story. Essentially it combined the most Lovecraftian Toho films and turned it into an actual Lovecraft Horror arc. We had Yog,an Eldritch Abomination who took over a squid to become Gezora. Later the island of Selga became a nesting place of mushroom zombies. Our heroes managed to escape before the island sank into the ocean but they will be scarred for life on what they had just seen.
  • Kumonga's Lair is nightmare to anybody who has fear of Arachnophobia. What's worse if the Kaijuologist was correct, she's already given birth.
  • The world will be overran by Dragmas, the same creatures that killed Zilla Jr and every other mutation in the Bad Future. Thankfully, it isn't bad as implied their is resistance from more powerful Kaiju such as Fire Rodan.
  • The description of Ghost Godzilla's origin. The way he was able to regenerate his cells, muscles and organs is chilling.
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  • Good news: It's back. Bad news: its return involved incorporating the Godzillas of the Monsterverse and Shin Godzilla, the latter looking even worse than he did in his own film, with more tiny, vestigial arms coming out of his main ones; more vestigial toes poking out of its feet; more eyes on its face; and its origin in this universe being a botched attempt by the US government to create monsters of their own to control.
  • And now, the Neo has a possible Bad Future: one ruled by Godzilla Earth, which horrified Salno and Miki.

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