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Nightmare Fuel / The God Squad

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  • In the show we've gotten Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. In the God Squad we get Darkwater Abyss, Tydal's dark self. Trigger by King Sombra impaling him with a shard of glass and threatening to kill Celestia and Luna, Tydal lets go of restraint and allows all his anger to take control. The result is a cold hearted monster that resembles an Elder God, made of water, stone, and lightning that tours over the villains and heroes. He is able to summon the sea and a monsoon. In response to Sombra's comment asking what soldier would ever follow him Darkwater summons forth a ghost army made up of soldiers from every army and every war ever fought and replies "ALL of them". Discord makes it clear that if it weren't for Sunset stepping in and talking him down Darkwater would have destroyed the planet.

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