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  • Tydal laying out to the pegasi army what will happen to them if they dare try and take Celestia and Luna from him:
    "It seems you have forgotten who I am; allow me to introduce myself: I am Tydal. I am the king of the Mareatine. I am the lord of the capricorn race. I am the god of the sea and one of the eldest of the immortals. I call your creator Mother and hold council with those whose power dwarfs all in your silly little Equestria. But more importantly… I am a father, a husband and a brother. Celestia and Luna are my sisters and under my protection. Three times Equestria has come to my door… the next time I see a flick of a pony’s tail my army will march upon your pathetic little country and I will raze it to the ground. Your stallions will be slaughtered, your mares used for our pleasure and your foals sold as slaves. I will burn your forests and salt the earth so nothing will grow again. I will burn the skies and cover the lands in darkness. I will personally come to your little Cloudsdale and I will rip it down from its high perch and crush it under my hooves. And only when this is all done will I finally come for you and your fellow rulers… and then your agony will begin. I will visit death upon you a thousand times and still not let my brother the Reaper claim your souls. That is only a taste of what I will do if you EVER THREATEN MY LITTLE SISTERS AGAIN! So… in a word Commander… run.
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  • Celetia being able to outtroll Ponyville to get the Squad out of a jam.
  • From a writing standpoint, the One Day More song during the Prance Arc. The author manages to take that entire song, make it fit each character, and have it completely fit the plot
  • Cadance's reputation is so great that SHE is the dreaded of the Squad. Not the war god, not the rulers of Equestria... the love goddess is the most feared.
  • Faith shattering the seal of magic in the Equestria Girls universe.
  • EG!Sombra taunting Tydal over what soldier would follow an old, worn out war god like him. Cue Tydal going into his Nightmare Moon/Darkwater Abyss for and calling for an army of ghosts representing every war EVER fought on the Equstria Girl's planet.
    Darkwater: What soldier would follow me? ALL of them.
  • While Tydal's battle with Tirek is pretty much amazing from start to finish, it is Tydal's Planet Buster finishing move that might be the coolest thing ever. Thinking of every child in Equestria (and going into bullet time so he can count each one) he channels his rage of Tirek into his ultimate attack: Dark Maelstrom-Celestial Lightning. It's as badass as it sounds.
    • To elaborate: The attack sees Tydal channel every bit of his godly power into his horns and fire off twin lightning bolts that take the forms of Celestia and Luna while also creating giant water clones of Shining, Discord, and Cadence to hold Tirek in place. All while Tydal is hanging in the air in the middle of a friggin' hurricane.
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  • How does Tydal manage to defeat Tirek? He reveals that, thanks to him having to learn how to teach Celestia and Luna magic, he can quickly learn spells just by looking at them. Thus, when Tirek tries his magic-stealing spell on him, Tydal not only learns it but turns it right back on Tirek, stealing his own natural magic and ensuring that he can never steal another being's magic again. All in the span of a few seconds.
  • In Old Equestria Tydal comes upon a pack of timberwolves threatening an orphanage. Spike, having looked up the event, reveals to Sunset that this is her childhood orphanage... and that after that battle NOTHING from the Everfree ever attacked it again. "They were protected" indeed.
    • Tydal gets hit by the biggest timberwolf and it begins to eat him as he is alive. He considers giving up, as he has no magic left, only to turn and see a filly watching him utterly scared. He then hears Sunsets words to him, that he never stands by when the little fillies cry, and he uses the last of his strength to rekindle his magic and utterly destroy the timberwolf.
    • Sunset casting a healing spell just as Tydal's heart stopped, saving his life. Doubles as heartwarming.

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