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Heartwarming / The God Squad

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  • The reveal that the reason Celestia and Luna are so goofy in this series is because with Tydal finally back they have someone they can rely upon and thus don't always have to be on their guard
  • During the Prance Arc Cadence and Tydal both bond with Sweetie Belle. The former loves watching cartoons with her and later has her as part of big musical number. The latter enjoys spending time with her so much he wants to buy her and make her his daughter.
    • Tydal playing with the foals, colts, and fillies at the hotel during breakfast.
  • During the Equestria Boys Arc, Tydal runs into an upset Sunset Shimmer and instantly takes a shine to her. These leads to several heartwarming moments throughout the series:
    • Tydal leaves a note for the him in the Equestria Girls Reality to find Sunset and be a grandfather to her, ensuring she is loved
    • When he returns the second time he reveals he made up a bedroom in his Keep just for her. She gets to use it too when she returns to Equestria!
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    • When he goes into full on Dark God Sunset knows he will stand down when she asks. Why? Because he can't stand to see his girls cry. It snaps him out of it.
    • Sunset being inducted into the Squad as their 7th member and her song in the rain to celebrate finally finding her place in the world.
    • Even if it was caused by yet another Mr and Mrs. Cake Insane Theory, Tydal and Sunset wholeheartedly accept that he is her grandfather and she is his granddaughter now.
  • Celestia instantly pardons Chrysalis and she is now able to come and go as she pleases. Celestia sees that she has truly changed. The author has already stated he has plans to explain just what the season finale with her being evil was about
    • Why does Chrysalis kidnap Shining again in the Changling Hive arc? Because she wants to go on a nice date with him.
  • The Squad INSTANTLY coming to the defense of Giggles the baby Zebra when the rest of the herd shun her. This is followed by the Squad all having each other's backs and ready to fight to protect the others.
    • Tydal later adopts Giggles and buries the hatchet with Discord when the Chaos God agrees to turn Giggles into a zebra/capricorn hybrid
    • The factual blog post to this story, Concerning Capricrons has Twilight reveal that protecting young ones is a cultural trait of the Capricorn Nation
      • This also leads to a bit of Fridge Logic. Celestia and Luna introduced many concepts into Equestrian society. Their fillyhood was spent around capricorns. The warrior culture is the reason why Equestrians protect their children so much!
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  • Tydal declaring that Shining is his best friend in the Zebrica arc.
  • Mixed with Tearjerker. Tydal could have easily defeated Tirek by tapping into his full power. But don't so would have destroyed Equestria. Tydal chooses to die rather than risk the little ponies.
  • What form does Tydal's Ultimate Attack take? The ethereal forms of Celestia, Luna, Discord, Cadence, and Shining Armor; all the members of his family that were hurt by Tirek.
  • After Tydal's death it is revealed that other divine beings must take up the godly positions he held. Sunset declares that Tydal would have wanted Shining to take his place as the God of War, Discord quickly echoing the sentiment
    • Even though the Squad feuded with them in the Zebrica Arc when they sense Tydal's death the entire herd lift their heads and whiny in grief.
  • When it is revealed Tydal is alive but trapped in Old Equestria, the Mane 6 and the rest of the God Squad drop everything and go to the Doctor to get the TARDIS so they can get him back. It doesn't matter that Twilight only 4 hours ago defeated Tirek, they are tired, and are emotionally worn out from thinking the old goat dead: it is time to save Celestia and Luna's father.
  • Sunset Shimmer and Spike are the ones to find Tydal and save his life. Their reunion, with Sunset breaking down crying because she finally found him being the highlight of the chapter
    • Tydal could have healed during his time in Old Equestria had he just rested. Instead he nearly killed himself protecting the ponies.
    • Sunset finally being able to deal with her guilt of leaving him behind to face Tirek alone saving his life seconds before he died and breaking down sobbing as she hugs him, knowing she saved him
  • Meta example. When defender2222 returned from a hiatus from the fandom he asked fans what they wanted him to write, giving several new story ideas as well as continuing older tales. Over 90% of fans begged for him to return to The God Squad. He announced the next day that he would honor their wishes.

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