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  • Actor Existence Limbo: After an incident regarding Mettaton's voice actor UltimaAlmighty in December 2016, Mettaton did not show up for the majority of Season 2 until "Game Over: Part 2", which saw his voice actor changed over to Asgore's VA, Rev987.
  • Approval of God: Camila is aware of this page and has linked to it a few times to be used for plot references.
  • Creator Backlash: Camila has criticized her handling of Betty's character, noting that at times Betty lacks a set personality (alternating between a genuine sadist who loves doing what she does and a Reluctant Psycho who feels she can't ever be anything other than what she is) and wishes in hindsight that she did much more in the animated series to make Betty a proper Tragic Villain as a contrast to the sentient force of pure evil that is HATE, or even simply a character of questionable morality, rather than one who came off as "evil for the sake of evil".
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  • Creator's Favorite: Camila has said that her favorite characters from vanilla Undertale are Asgore, Sans, Flowey and Gaster.
  • Dear Negative Reader: Camila deals with the more annoying people who rush her or complain about the story in this way.
  • I Knew It!:
    • It had previously been noted that, in every episode past Megalomaniac, Frisk's name was on the save file, and that naming yourself Frisk in the game proper initiates Hard Mode, explaining why things have gotten so much worse for everyone since then. Sure enough, in "Love (Part 1)", it's revealed that the current timeline is a glitched Hard Mode that Frisk started in an attempt to get a different good ending than the usual True Pacifist one by exploiting the already-glitched timeline.
    • There was also the theory going around that Betty was acting as the checksum (which basically checks if everything is normal and fixes it if it's not) of the Undertale universe, due to the game never being meant to go beyond the monsters leaving the Underground, as well as the fact that the game could come up with whatever backstory it needed to justify Betty's existence. Basically, Betty was the game's attempt to fix itself without the characters asking questions. They were super close, the only anomalies being that Betty is trying to fix conflicting-yet-coexisting values rather than try and stop the game from continuing too far past the True Pacifist ending, and Betty not being a pre-existing checksum but instead being a unique spawn due to the game being in Hard Mode (which is known for abnormal spawns compared to the main game).
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    • Jessica Grey dying was called as far back as "Dust" due to the magic nullifier cracking her soul and her condition getting worse in subsequent episodes, leaving it a matter of when it would happen. "Game Over: Part 2" has it finally come to fruition.
  • Milestone Celebration: Do Or Die was uploaded on the first episode's one-year anniversary.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Nevan Dove. Camila liked his music themes for the series and used some of them in My Promise. After that, he started making music specifically for Game Over.
    • Music Composer Amella also received this treatment when Camilla took a liking to Amella's fan theme for Gaster so much, that she asked for Amella to extend the song and make it the official fight theme for Gaster vs Betty round 2.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: In late March 2017, someone filed a false copyright claim on Do Or Die, getting it taken down until April 19.
  • Sequel Gap: Considering these are animated by one person, this was going to happen. It's worth noting that even though the gaps between the episodes are getting longer, so are the episodes. Megalomaniac started out at under 5 minutes while Love (Part 2) clocks in at a whopping 42 minutes. For further perspective, the Season 1 compilation video is just a bit over that, at 43 minutes.
    • Megalomaniac (February 2016) to Yet Darker (March 2016): 21 days
    • Yet Darker (March 2016) to *Determination (April 2016): 15 days
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    • *Determination (April 2016) to Your Best Friend (May 2016): 1 month
    • Your Best Friend (May 2016) to Continue (June 2016): 1 month
    • Continue (June 2016) to My Sunshine (October 2016): 4 months
    • My Sunshine (October 2016) to Dust (November 2016): 1 month
    • Dust (November 2016) to Do Or Die (February 2017): 2 months
    • Do or Die (February 2017) to Love (Part 1) (May 2017): 3 months
    • Love (Part 1) (May 2017) to Love (Part 2) (October 2017): 5 months
    • Love (Part 2) (October 2017) to My Promise (April 2018): 6 months
    • My Promise (April 2018) to Game Over (Part 1) (August 2018): 4 months
    • Game Over (Part 1) (August 2018) to Game Over (Part 2) (January 2019): 5 months
    • Game Over (Part 2) (January 2019) to HATE (December 2019): 11 months
    • HATE (December 2019) to Animosity (July 2020): 7 monthsnote 
  • Talking to Himself: In the Season 1 compilation, all characters except for Chara and Young Asriel are voiced by the sound director, Strelok. Mostly averted in Season 2 - though there are several characters voiced by the same voice actors, they rarely talk to each other.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Starting with Season 2, Zedrin took over the roles of Sans and Gaster from Strelok.
    • Rev987 took over as Mettaton's VA after an incident involving the former VA, UltimaAlmighty.
  • Trolling Creator:
    • Camila has a tendency to troll fans about the gaps in between episodes and isn't afraid to laugh at/call out the people who claim she "Takes too long". Case in point
    • This may be disputed, but there was a vocal subset of people who wanted to see Chara revived after the end of Season 1. Camilla delivered in the most gut-wrenching way possible, by bringing them back at the cost of Frisk being Ret-Gone. Be Careful What You Wish For fanbase.
    • In a short collab with Jakei, she lampshades the fact that so many of her fans were upset by her making Frisk and Chara both male.
    • She REALLY threw a curveball into people's desire to see Betty become good / have the heroes revive Amber by making art of Amber as an adult, and saying that it would never be used.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Bete's special attack, Rhabdophobia, was originally supposed to be named Magicophobia.
    • There was originally going to be a part in the animation where Betty would've recognized the house she was hiding in from seeing the ripped part of Amber's skirt, leading to her traveling back to where she awakened to find Agate's corpse. It ended up being cut since Camila thought it wouldn't have made sense at the time.
    • "Love Part 1" was originally going to have HATE show up and talk to Betty about how they finally found a physical form to reside with, with it resembling a black Kumu, but it didn't make it past the storyboards.
    • "Animosity" was originally going to be the episode after "Game Over: Part 2", but the episode ended up being much longer than Cami originally thought, so it was split into "Hate" and "Animosity".
  • The Wiki Rule: Found here
  • Word of God: There are some facts that haven' been mentioned in the series proper, but have been revealed by Camila somewhere else:

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