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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Frisk sacrificing themselves so that Sans can undo the Genocide Route in "Megalomaniac" is both a Tearjerker and Heartwarming moment.
  • In the next episode, "Yet Darker", Frisk and Sans are shown to be on much friendlier terms than before. Even to the point that Sans is much more actively protective of them than in a normal Pacifist Route.
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  • Sans promising to bring Gaster back by any nonlethal means necessary.
  • It's kinda sweet to see how much Sans and Flowey care for and watch each other's backs in "* Determination", despite their past relations. Sure, it's because they're fighting a common enemy, but still...
    • Sans even makes sure Flowey is safe by teleporting him behind Sans' shield to protect Flowey from Chara's "special hell".
  • Sans and Gaster finally reuniting under positive conditions in "Your Best Friend". Sans had admittedly tried and failed hundreds of times to repair the machine and bring Gaster back, and the same glitches that brought Chara back finally gave him the means to succeed. As soon as they're back together, the two fondly regard each other and immediately begin exchanging puns.
  • Sans trusting the souls to Flowey for the rematch with Chara. While he tries to hide it, it's clear he's actually kind of touched by the display of trust.
  • Sans and Flowey, once again, watching each other's backs in the rematch battle.
  • The moment in the 3-on-1 battle against Chara where Gaster realizes he made an error that almost costs Frisk their life — he watches as Sans teleports in front of Chara's attack, preparing to make a Heroic Sacrifice with his puny 1 Defense...until Gaster throws himself into the way of the attack, Taking the Bullet so that his son and his son's friend would not be killed. Fortunately, Gaster's HP is high enough to take the hit and survive, if just barely.
    • Some of the small details in expression for that scene really sell it. Gaster's initial look of surprise and realization, Sans' expression of resigned acceptance followed by surprise, Frisk reaching out to Sans in anguish only to also be surprised by Gaster's save, as well as a small, pained, remorseful smile from Gaster when he takes the hit. They all really do care about each other.
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  • "Hey, Chara. It's me. Your Best Friend."
  • When Sans comes to at the beginning of "Continue", the first thing he sees is a worried Papyrus checking to make sure he's OK. Skelebros watch out for each other. On a minor note, it's shown that Papyrus had wrapped his brother in his scarf while he was out.
  • Despite hearing everything Frisk had done from Chara, Asriel refuses to play the latter's game and forgives the former. Because he assumes correctly that they had done the same for him in past timelines.
    "Erase was never an option, Chara. So no, I WON'T accept your offer, Chara. I forgive them."
  • It's apparent to both Asriel and the viewers that Chara's love still thrives buried under all the hate. From recognizing Asriel's Chaos Sabers from a childhood drawing to flashbacks of their happy times together to keeping the locket. And Asriel is able to break through that hate, with the support of Frisk and the other six souls, to remind Chara who they're meant to be.
  • Thanks to Chara's sacrifice, not only does the Barrier get broken like in a normal Pacifist ending, but Asgore and Toriel get their son back. They are moved to tears as they hug their long lost son.
    • The mere fact that Chara gets a (relatively) happy ending in this story, and it doesn't require killing everyone, is heartwarming in of itself.
  • Frisk destroys the Reset Button at the end of "Continue", promising Sans to never do it again and meaning it, much to his relief.
  • According to Frisk, at the start of "My Sunshine", monsters have by and large been accepted on the surface.
  • After everything they've been through, Sans can find it in himself to forgive Asriel's multiple previous genocide runs. He doesn't stop there... He has a few moments in Dust when he goes out of his way to try to cheer Asriel up, and after he's been de-powered, what's his first response to seeing Asriel about to be killed by Betty's spear? Teleport in front of him.
  • In Do or Die, Papyrus find it in him to forgive Mrs. Grey, giving her back her born trait of Integrity. It's so sweet! Especially after Sans dies and he's clearly still grieving.
    • It goes a bit farther than just "forgiving". Papyrus doesn't just forgive her for her involvement in Sans' death, he actively shields her from Gaster when he... doesn't. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for Papyrus.
  • Undyne's little blushy face when she interacted with Alphys is simply adorable.
  • After Asgore is reunited with his son, he takes the time to ask Asriel if he would like to play a game of catch once the current crisis had passed. His timing wasn't perfect, but the sentiment was sweet.
  • For all their evil, Betty and Kumu truly care about each other, and the first thing Betty does after she and Kumu are hit by an enormous Wave Motion Gun from a massive Gaster Blaster is to make sure that Kumu is alright.
  • Asgore showing off his fire skills to his son in part 1 of "Love".
  • Papyrus defending Jessica from an angry Gaster (although he certainly has a right to be angry with her).
  • Frisk gives Jessica her daughter's ballet outfit, complete with tap shoes. She tearfully thanks Frisk and says they're a nice and kind child. Frisk sadly replies that they can't afford to be anymore.
  • Believe it or not, the villains get more humanization in "Love".
    • Undyne manages to knock Betty unconscious and nearly kill her. Kumu crawls up to his mistress with an adorably terrified look on his normally-scary face. He even goes as far as consuming the vial of Hate to revive her.
    • Betty yells at Kumu for consuming the entire vial, then immediately feels guilt and remorse and genuinely apologizes for yelling. It goes to show that even Betty isn't completely evil and can be capable of kindness, even if only to her monster pet (who's technically part of her, although she still treats him like a separate entity). One will also notice that her outburst was caused by Hate's corruption - her text is half-pink, half-black.
    • The villains share a moment of concern for each other once Betty brings up the fact that Hate doesn't make her feel herself. She may be an Asshole Victim to Hate considering she still has an Evil Plan waiting to be carried out, but the scene still paints her in a far more sympathetic light than before, where she just seemed like a demon.
  • Toriel trying to comfort her children with a sandwich in Love: Part 2.
    • Similarly, Asgore giving Asriel a pep talk.
  • Papyrus managing to talk down Hate-fueled zombie Sans and get his brother back near the end of Love: Part 2.
    • The entire "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight sequence was pretty awesome and heartwarming. Papyrus blocks Sans' Gaster Blasters and bone attacks with his own Gaster Blaster before creating a giant bone to stand on, just like the one he uses near the end of his fight against Frisk in the game. And then when he get blasted off his perch into a cliff wall, Papyrus still refuses to fight back. He just keeps talking, trying to remind Sans of who he is. And then, just as Sans is about to stab Papyrus, it works. Sans stops as Papyrus states they're brothers. And with a little more coaxing, the Hate wrapped around Sans' Soul is shattered by the force of their familial love.
    • Before that, he manages to talk Gaster into trying to forgive Jessica after they learn it was her Hate vial that gave Betty the advantage she needed to survive Undyne the Undying.
      • Really, every conversation between Gaster and Papyrus is incredibly heartwarming. In Game Over, Part 1, the two of them argue over Papyrus going to help Jessica, but it quickly becomes apparent that Gaster's insecure about his ability as a scientist and his ability as a parent. Although it gets a bit violent, it eventually ends in the two of them hugging it out and Gaster letting Papyrus stay on his own proves how much he's developed in the past few days.
  • In "The Black Beast", Copper and Agate decide to raise Baby Amber after her mother dies giving birth to her and her father is absent. However, this sadly takes a turn for the worse several years later, starting with Agate's fall to darkness, killing her siblings before reviving Amber's body by giving away her own empty soul and filling it with Fear.
  • While it is minor, Jessica's talk with Undyne, and the two bonding over lost loved ones is very heartwarming.
  • After their ambush by Betty, Asgore apologizes to Toriel on what happened, but Toriel doesn't take it, instead telling him that she should be the one apologizing. It just comes to show that even though Toriel and Asgore are against each other, they still have some rare bonding moments.
  • Crosses over into Tearjerker territory, but Chara reminisces on their time in the Underground, and wants Frisk to join them as a ghost, "just like old times". Too bad this isn't what happens....
  • On a Meta level, Jakei and Super Youmna, two creators and friends of Camila, created a reanimation of Glitchtale's first episode for Glitchtale's 2nd anniversary. Camila was so happy.
  • Muffet and Grillby jumping into the fray against Betty to protect an injured Mettaton.

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