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J-Team Assemble Saga

  • The battle against Missingno just kept getting better and more high-stakes as it went on. The final battle against it somehow reached Scott Pilgrim levels of awesome.
  • The fight against David is awesome, and very therapeutic if you read the fic where he came from, the infamous Pokémon Story.
  • Slouch the Ursaring knocking out Gallade in the PMD universe with one blow.
  • Wings the Crobat proving his claim of having Super Strength by picking up KYOGRE and casually tossing it aside!
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  • Chase the Pidove rescuing Artemis from a raging Scolipede, earning Artemis' respect and evolving into Tranquill shortly afterwards.
  • DS' gym match against both of the Opelucid Gym leaders, particularly the part where Goggles evolves into Krookodile during the fight and helps Chase take out Drayden's Haxorus.
  • In a flashback to when DS fought Team Galactic, a Galactic grunt won't let DS into the Veilstone Galactic Building so she can rescue Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. When the guard refuses to battle her, DS tries threatening him with a hair dryer, which he just laughs off. What does DS do? She hits the Galactic grunt over the head with the hair dryer, knocking him out.
  • During the final battle against 'M, after Anom tricks 'M into absorbing him, 'M's anti-legendary shield is destroyed. This is followed by almost every single legendary Pokémon (including Arceus himself) showing up to take down 'M once and for all.
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  • Ghetsis has brainwashed Kyurem, and DS and Wolf attempt to use the Grey orb to bring Kyurem to its senses. Ghetsis orders Kyurem to freeze everyone to death, and DS proceeds to move even closer to Kyurem, despite the fact that it is already charging up the attack and she could possibly freeze to death by standing so close to it if Kyurem didn't return to its senses. With Wolf's help, DS manages to bring Kyurem to its senses and save everyone.
  • Destroying the Pokémon Pinchers' Sky Fortress with the help of the legendaries.
  • The final battle between the Trainers and the Go-Rock Squad.
  • Jane's Curb-Stomp Battle against Einroth
  • Luke defeating Red at the Gold Conference.

Upheaval Saga

Aftershock Saga

Paths Saga

Cipher Saga

  • Sabaku's Warrior transformation A king's love is for his people indeed.
  • Ivy reunites with her son, Eskay, by saving his life. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Ammy's beatdown of Ransei!Umbra.
  • Pi duels Shadow Crewe into unconsciousness in a suit of Rotom powered Power Armor. Starts here.
  • Paula, Diane's evil anti-counterpart, battles and captures none other than the Heatran residing in Mt. Battle.
  • After nearly five years of parental neglect, Herbert decides to Call The Old Man Out and tears into Titan, following a series of chess metaphors and a Shadow Aura illusion on Psyche's part.
  • Ren's escape from being kidnapped and held hostage by Cipher. After be tortured by Aelia and Odin and having Kitsune threatened by Mammor: Mammor's Evil Gloating finally causes Ren to snap. In a state of Tranquil Fury, Ren busts out Cipher Operations HQ on Citadark Isle. Highlights include rendering a Peon unconscious with The Blade Of Kusanagi, using Trick Room abuse to stave off a squad of armed Peons, and ruining Mammor's left leg as payback for being responsible for Ren's left leg being ruined.
  • Vierr defeating Verax all by himself.
  • Paula's Humiliation Conga during the Special Acquisitions raid, culminating in her getting marooned in a PMD-A desert as a Corphish by Grace.
  • Every, along with the members of his team which can fly, battle and very nearly defeats a Latios. Starts here.
  • During Cipher's invasion of Gateon Port, Crewe holds off a large group of Peons on the main road with the help of her slingshot, Clockwise, Beedrill, and later Trixie and Lockspur (Hunter's Golduck and Roserade). This culminates in the four Pokemon (and Crewe, who occasionally attacks with her slingshot) facing down a Shadow Garchomp, Shadow Hydreigon, and Shadow Metagross all at once, and Clockwise facing off against a Shadow Goodra on his own, before the peons all eventually flee. The final battle with the pseudos is here.
  • Tangent and Xatu summoning a whole bunch of the J-Team's old friends and allies in order to help fight Cipher at Gateon Port during the Orre arc climax.
  • Jacob gets two after Cipher's collapse. The first is after Zeal's RedEyes Aspect takes control and goes to try taking control of time with Jirachi, the battle moving into his Mindscape part way through. The second is two days after, Jacob challenging Titan to a battle tipped horribly in Titan's favor, where he manages to make a major turnabout of the battle, successfully snag Regina, and proceeds to finish it off by defeating Titan's Infernape, Omega, with Sylva.

Recovery Saga


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