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Nightmare Fuel / We Are All Pokémon Trainers

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We Are All Pokémon Trainers is an RP that is generally lighthearted if at times slightly darker than the source material. However, due to the freedom afforded to it by virtue of it being a fanwork, it can be horrifying in far more explicit ways than the source material.

Unmarked spoilers below.

  • The fact that 'M managed to have Steven Stone under his mind control for at least six years before the start of the RP's story, replicating his mannerisms completely, and no one knew.
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  • The way the Mummy ability of Yamask and Cofagrigus is shown to work in the RP: Covering the victim in ghostly bandages, preventing them from moving around too much and which can spread to other Pokémon that make physical contact with them. The Cofagrigus is also shown to be able to use the ghostly wrappings to manipulate the bodies of their victims, and can use them against their own team mates against their will that way.
  • NPCs in the earliest arcs, being stuck in the same place, unable to move and only being able to say the same thing over and over. And that they are apparently also aware of this, but unable to do anything. Such was the fate of Slouch before joining the J-Team.
  • The fate of the children 'M abducted from the daycare, being forcibly transformed into Shiny Charizard 'M who live to serve 'M. The Glitch even mentions that he removed the vocal chords of the kids because he found their crying annoying. Luckily they managed to be reverted to normal.
  • Some of Fool's descriptions of her life in Pinwheel Forest before leaving are not for the fainthearted. They include:
    • Explicit violent descriptions of interspecies warfare between the Panpour and Pansear populations much like the warfare you see between chimpanzees.
    • Being forced to kill troop members so that they didn't starve during times of famine.
    • The reason Fool left in the first place, murdering the higher ranked Simipour troop members she and Michelle were supposed to "consummate" with, and being forced to flee or face mauling by the rest of the troop.
  • Linux's evolution: He got glitched by the Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur, and got twisted, split, and warped painfully, turning him into an even-more-corrupted-than-usual Porygon-Z. In-universe, it was Nightmare Fuel for Alli.
  • Shadow Pokémon, living beings that may have been perfectly decent or even outright good mons being tortured to become living weapons that only live to hurt and kill others without feeling any sort of guilt or remorse for their actions.
    • Shadow!Duke is notable for being extremely sadistic while being in a perpetual case of Dissonant Serenity, he utterly curb-stomps Herbert's team while gleefully talking about torturing them himself, not only that, but he comes dangerously close to killing Herbert himself, the only thing stopping him from doing so being Alexia deciding to recall him before he could finish him off. Considering how he is normally, it's quite the terrifying change.
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    • Perhaps the scariest thing about Shadow Pokemon is that they're immune to a conventional "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight, since their memories are locked away and getting through to them is impossible. Meaning that they'll quite happily beat former friends to death without hesitation.
    • Shadow Heatran, which got to reappear in the Re:Glitch finale, and the scenario was even more terrifying than its original appearance: the J-Team was sent to the Cipher Resources HQ just before it gets demolished, and unlike the first time when Ellen was the only one at risk and was capable of using Phantom Force to get away, the J-Team had to find their way out the hard way, being stalked by the Heatran that was systematically Disintegrating each room they went into, right behind them.
    • No one knows exactly what goes into the Shadowfication process, mainly because every Pokémon refuses to talk about what that entails. It's simply that utterly horrifying.
      • Diane's was shown in a post specifically marked due to how horrifying it was. It involved various forms of pain and torture that all are purely mental; although she received no actual injuries, she felt every ounce of suffering.
  • Kyrie is terrifyingly mentally unstable, and any time that this is demonstrated, like her dream or her attempted murder of Joseph [for breaking her violin is a scary thing to behold.
  • The first fully-fledged battle between Tagg and Constantin (which starts here) has, among other things, Constantin using his own blood as a whip.
  • Alys telling Joseph the true story of her past, while also showing off her ability to mimic people is extremely unsettling, which can be seen halfway through here.
  • The end of Santiago's walkabout, where he gets kidnapped by Groudon cultists to be forcibly transformed into one while his starter is presumably murdered.
  • Marianne Heiden:
    • The way she sees her children not as people with minds of their own, but as merely extensions of herself that need to fall in line with her wishes, or else.
    • Maria wanted to get away from her so badly that she ran away from Castelia in Unova to Fiore thousands of miles away on a flimsy raft (not just any flimsy raft, a ramshackle washtub), with absolutely no guarantee that she would've even survived the trip. Only the hands of fate led her to Fiore and the J-Team rather than a watery grave.

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