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Tear Jerker / We Are All Pokémon Trainers

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Unmarked spoilers below.


  • A lot of the J-Team are either orphans or have bad home lives, forcing them to only have solace in each-other.

J-Team Assemble Saga

  • Giratina being forced to watch Cynthia, the one who hatched its egg, die in a fire.
  • What Missingno turns out to truly be.
  • Rebecca abandoning the group and the consequences that follow.
  • Anom's Yanmega getting eviscerated and hung in a tree by the same pack of Zoroark that nearly killed her trainer.
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  • Daisy's Audino Pink getting blackmailed by M into splitting the group up or he would harm her family and get turned into a glitch. The sad part is, she does get turned into a Glitch Pokemon
  • Portales' entire backstory.
  • The apparent deaths of Jane and Wolf prior to their revival, and the others' reactions to it.
  • Anom's Heroic Sacrifice and how it affects the other trainers.
  • Jane's breakdown in the aftermath.

Upheaval Saga

  • Various young Pokémon in Pinwheel Forest in the alternate timeline arc being orphaned as a result of the battles against Scolipede and Artemis' minions.
  • Unite's Despair Event Horizon upon thinking that Woolly was killed by Barb the Beedrill.
  • DS' Sinnoh team believing that DS is dead, with the exception of Briar Rose, who is upset by the fact that she is the only one who believes DS is still alive.
    • The entire flashback sequence showing what had happened to DS in the beginning of the AU arc, starting with DS' reactions to everything that had happened, and ending with her seemingly being killed by Primal Dialga.
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  • Mira getting in the way when Napoleon tries to stab Artemis, being fatally wounded in the process. Mira manages to live long enough to give Artemis a Dying Declaration of Love before dying.

Aftershock Saga

  • Sol's death in the AU. She tells her parents that she'll be careful when she goes into Route 123. She gets captured, tried, and executed.
  • People saying their goodbyes during the climax of the Hoenn arc, in which Mt. Pyre's eruption threatens to not only destroy Hoenn, but the whole of Pokepan. Highlights include:

Paths Saga

Cipher Saga

Recovery Saga

  • We find out that Duolis was eventually killed protecting her son from people seeking revenge on the Ghost Lord a few years after the Conquest Arc ended, and while she was brought back to the world via Sprit Game, it took 601 years for her to be reunited with Umbra.
    • Being the son of the Ghost Lord would obviously not have been a easy cross to bear either.
  • Locke getting brutally curbstomped by Wesker the Whisperer. For one thing, this man instigated the murder of Locke's parents. Locke had been training and making himself stronger and did his best to get into the International Police because he wanted to hunt down Wesker and beat him, and Wesker renders all of those years' hard work for naught in a matter of minutes,(nothing Locke does even fazes him) and then separates Locke from Geo and Denise, his Lucario and Arcanine respectively, who are two of his closest friends, by having his Gallade teleport the two away, and Locke has no idea where. By the end, Locke has possibly lost two of his best friends, had his leg broken, and his dreams crushed.
  • Crewe telling the story of how she got her scars during Orre to Sarah and mentioning it's why she prefers to wear long sleeves.
    Crewe: I feel... damaged. And ugly.
  • Ray and Marie's breakup, after Ray drunkenly kissed Jason. Seeing this originally happy and cheery couple slowly begin to show their problems and then boil over at each other like that was pretty feelsy.
  • PEFE!Every's breakdown following getting rescued from being Revy the 17th's hostage for several months.

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