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Lynne from Ghost Trick is the daughter of RP!Crewe and RP!Straw.
Considering certain aspects of Lynne's personality and tendency to take matters into own hands when it comes to investigating cases, combined with her dying more than once throughout the course of one night, it sort of makes a strange amount of sense, doesn't it?
Genesect is/are avoiding the J-Team for fear of what they might think of him/her/them.
Maybe they're afraid of the shenanigans that always follow the group, or they realize that, as creations of Team Plasma, they might be viewed as a threat right off the bat.
The unnamed trainer in this post is Pianis.
He is a trainer who's lived in Sinnoh and has a Vanilluxe as his signature mon, after all.
Papillon is Anom's Beautifly.
After Anom gave up on being a Bug trainer, he released her back into the wild, and she somehow found her way to the National Park in Johto, where she was caught again by Fortis.

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