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Lyuri: "Alyssa... Are you on the sofa from heaven or something? You seemed way too comfortable here."
Alyssa: "It... it was soft...
Lyuri and Alyssa, after the latter's first time sleeping in an actual house in over 13 years


"Could a Victini cook with its own flames and a frying pan? Or would the pan melt?"
Anom in Wolf's body, after commenting on how Pentigan had threatened to attack him with Victini, and that Fool had earlier threatened him with her frying pan.

"Blue? I thought my hair was brown... Or is it? It's like it keeps changing..."
Anom after Darkrai refers to him as "the boy with blue hair".

Anom: "What are you doing? Please don't tell me you intend to steal something of mine... I can't live without most of my internal organs."
Swindle: "Nah, I'm not here to steal your belongings. Although I might consider doing so in the future."
An exchange between Anom and Swindle.



This strange, fluorescent man is going down. HARD.
Carol, just prior to battling Burgh


"To business, money, killing people and getting drunk for the hell of it. Huzza and all that crap."
Celzvet, during a toast


"Arceus' unholy flank..."
Colton, many instances
"Pray to whichever omnipotent legendary is listening that this isn't the plot of some bearded hobo trying to sacrifice people to his spaghetti god? Seriously, I'm as stumped as you all are. And I live and breathe Unovan media!"
Colton, upon Etran question how they will escape Pokeworld Studios''
"Normalcy left me with my lineage."
Roy, upon being asked if he wants to return to his normal life



To a J-Team fangirl who is squeeing over another possible pairing for Mezzo.

"No, Vierr. You're a terrible wizard and don't get to hurt the triple evil scientists."
Crewe, making perfect sense in context.

"Is it really terrible that I have an ex-Cipher commander that I worked for as a Shadow as a father figure?"
Crewe has a complicated extended family.


Pentigan: ...
It is more important.
If it can't be found... I'm stuck like this, permanently...

Daisy: Daisy: Well I still have the case stuck to my head so I cant see what happened to you.

Pentigan: ...
-Facepalms, then removes the badge case-
Pentigan tries to tell Daisy about his Genderbending

Darker Shining

"Hey ladies! My name is Goggles, but you may call me Goggles. It's short for Goggles."
Goggles, shortly after evolving from Sandile to Krokorok.

"Oh, I remember Rebecca! How is she? Living happily with prince Antoine in a sandcastle somewhere in the desert I presume?"
The first thing Goggles says after regaining his memories in the AU arc.

"Wow, seems I'm going to make an epic entrance riding a legendary Pokémon accompanied by three other legendary Pokémon two story arcs in a row! What are the odds?"
DS' thoughts while she is riding Latias, followed by the legendary birds, on their way to deal with Ferno and an angry Lugia.

"DS, hasn't the fourth wall suffered enough?"
Velvet, after DS makes a slight fourth wall breaking comment.


"Hm. He's taking a Vision Quest. My guess is that he's going to walk the world, likely alone, maybe with two or three emotionally relevant companions, and visit some places that are especially important to him, either emotionally, mentally, or physically. He's then going to do something or see something while away that will return his resolve and come back to either a tear-filled reunion or a crisis that his immediate arrival will help resolve."
Cun Annwn, after Tagg's message that he's leaving the group for a while.

"i never thought i'd ever punch out a god."
Big Dom, about to fight Shadow!Heatran.

"I wonder what kind of things people do when they're in a relationship. All I know is that eventually, babies happen, but getting from point A to point B is a mystery to me."
Galvani/Deziree, having been born a robot, has not received The Talk.


"...Ladies and gentlemen, I am merely resistant to insanity."
Eskay, after Hebert declares he want to take the PEFE initiation tests and loads of ship teasing of Crewe x Herbert.

"Okay, I may not know much about you, but this is definitely different from normal... Does anyone have a spare Umbreon?"
Eskay to a mind-controlled Trish

Bubblegum: <Pan-Auric? ...Oh! That must mean you're really good at making pans out of your Aura!>
Vierr: ...Yes. I am pan-Auric. I have an Auric affinity for pans. Call me Master Chef Vierr.
Vierr being the Deadpan Snarker he is.


Eva: It would be cool if we could control the mech so it could run around and cause havoc and or justice!
Eva fangirling over mechas.
Borealis: <Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down! Never gonna->
Gears: <How many times do I have to tell you? That's not how rickrolling works!>
Borealis trying to understand memes.
Borealis: <I've been dead before. Wouldn't recommend it. About 100 million years of being dead, actually.>
Borealis is a revived fossil pokemon.
Borealis: <I've been dead for 100 million years, but this is worse.>
Borealis commenting on some cupcakes.
Eva: <At long last... I HAVE ARMS!>
Eva having just evolved from Beldum to Metang.


"....This one is appalled at the astonishing disregard for the proper creation of the words formed by the master at the dawn of time."
The T (Unown-T) when examining a fanfic site in-universe.

Mezzopiano: "Again? Okay, when is he going to wake up?"
Diesel: <2 to 5 turns, I guess.>
A conversation between Mezzopiano and Diesel when they notice Every is asleep.

Blaziken Ghost: <Staaaaand asiiiide, humaaaan! My business is with your Kricketooooot!>
Every: Er...first of all, he's a Kricketune now. Second, you were already dead. Wouldn't your grudge be with the food manufacturers?
Blaziken Ghost: <....SHUT UP! Send out your Kricketune that we may do battle!>
Logic doesn't work on vengeful spirits, it seems.

Sidney: -ominous pre-battle speech-
Jab: <...Cool story bro.>
Silly Jab being silly~


Gwen: <I didn't mean it was a bad room, just the whole trapped aspect. Often it was my mom wanting me to be safe when I was younger, but, after the incident with Danny, I locked myself in there for days and wouldn't come out. When I was little I could get quite explosive, so my mom would lock me in my room until I calmed down, but when I was older I just ended up building my own cage. Strange how you end up making odd philosophical analogys when you're locked in a cage.>
Gwen musing about her past while locked in a cage.


"It's time for me to live up to my family name and face FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES!"
Hatbox reciting a line from his most notorious fanfic.


Gamer's Catchphrase while cooking, due to childhood trauma with The Star Wars Holiday Special

"No, I'm taken. I'm married to my job as a Trainer."
Gamer, in response to being asked out on a date.


...I'm sorry, I must've gotten the wrong address. I was told there was a trial being held here, but instead this appears to be a therapy session for the denizens of the local nuthouse.
Herbert upon arriving at Blackquill's trial.


Jacob: Wait where are you? Where is he now?
Arika: Gateon, and he's on a boat.
Jacob: "He's on a boat?!"

Lucius: Uh, Jacob, random change of subject, but I think there might be something wrong with Crewe. She keeps threatening to murder me every time I send her a text.
Jacob: Yes, that is generally indicative of something being wrong.
Jacob being the Comically Serious



Lampent: <Daddy probably isn't gonna live past 30. ^^>
Jeremy's Lampent, after having nommed enough of his soul to evolve from a Litwick.


Ren: Understood. I'll lead the assault *heh heh* by performing an elaborate musical number!
Ren describing his plan to bust into a Cipher base through the front door.

Keys: <I'm a key. I used the back door.>
Keys the Klefki's standard Non-Answer to when someone questions his Fourth Wall Breaking powers.

Ren lamenting how a dungeon's mechanics work.


Rex: Wow, this is one weird Halloween show.
Kim: Rex, I don't think this is a show...
Rex: Oh come on, what else could it be? It's not like there's some kind of a Charizard Virus trying to assimilate everyone.
Kim: Rex, in the last week we turned into Pokemon, saw giant Pokemon, met Deltas, and the moon almost fell out of the sky and destroyed the Earth!
Rex: ... ... ... ... ...Maybe we should get the hell out of here.
Kim being the voice of reason

Rex: Wait...entering dreams? Like that movie Incep- *brick'd* Ow!
Kim: I thought I heard someone using tired memes...
Kim does not like memes

Kim: Pokemon can't talk...can they? Am I hallucinating? Am I...dead? I'm too young to die. I haven't even kissed a boy yet... @_@
Kim upon hearing Pokespeak for the first time



Lila: Probably partly due to growing up surrounded by hypocritical pokemon conservationists, but I just feel kind of guilty about it.
Lila explaining why she is vegetarian, mentioning the aether foundation.


Unite: <Woolly. I'm not sure about this, it seems silly talking to a stone like this...>
Kazoo: <So talking to a Plushie is fine, but talking to a Stone that's actually a sleeping legend isn't?>
Unite: <You're not helping, Kazoo.>
Luke's Pokémon while trying to awaken the Tao Dragons in the alternate timeline.



Felis Plushie: Go away, I don't like you.
Felis: <That is the worst imitation of my voice I have ever heard.>
Felis about his line of toys

Umbra: "Do all you in modern society contradict yourselves when talking?"
Every: "...."
Felis: <Can we keep him?>
Felis appreciates the snark, even from the new members of the group.

"I can't live without candy."
Mezzo demonstrating her Sweet Tooth

"Honestly, candy is what all of the good holidays are about."
Mezzo demonstrating her Sweet Tooth again

"Silly peoplemons, menial tasks like that are what humans are for! You should just get yourself a human to pet and serve you."
Stella offers her advice to a mon looking for a job


Onion: Hmm. At least they're not spewing acid and parasites, I suppose.
Pariah: I saved a few of those, by the way. That's okay, right?
Every:: I...see.
Mezzopiano: Wait, what? How?
Pariah: I have lots of jars.
Every: ...You scare me. Onion, your Pawniard scares me.
Pariah on jars.

Breeze: Yeah, a three-headed doom machine would be nice about now~
Onion: Yeah.
Mezzopiano: Dragons don't like the cold, though.
Breeze: That's okay. Xakk doesn't like anything.
Onion: He likes some things. Like...
Every: Yeah...that.
The group on things that Xakk likes.



Pi Warden

Pi: "ALRIGHT YOU SONS OF BITCHES! LISTEN UP! THE NAME'S PI! PI WARDEN! From the fiery heat of the desert lands of the Eclo Wastes, I came screaming into this world! I have fought since before I could walk! I have stolen from master thieves, I have defeated masters of martial arts, I have fought terrors of the deep darkness, and won! I am the Hero of the Sands, and a nightmare to all who may stand in my way! My spirit is unbroken! My heart is ever-burning! Know my name, for it is fear! I. AM. PI!"
Pi in Pokeform, facing down a group of hungry Beartic.

<Kaminari: "The name's Kaminari! It starts with GOD! I AM CHAOS ITSELF!">
Kaminari, giving a self-introduction.

Pi: "I always carry a bit of C4 with me."
Pi on explosives and their availability.

Vierr: "You scare me, pastry person. You terrify me."
Vierr on Pi.

Pi: "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints."
Pi on his philosophy



"Tinny Tim, Karma, you have ten minutes. Teach me how to internet."
Psyche, ten minutes before realizing that Real Life hacking is hard.

Never hurt Marcie in front of her Dad.


Spathi: <I'm going to join Copahue's union if you keep using me as a taxi...>
Rex's Salamence, about being used to Fly more often than battling.

Rex: What? Lian, there are no missiles in Rock, Paper, Scissors!
Lian: <You're just mad because I'm winning.>
A typical scene of Rex and his Pokemon.

Aqua: <Grandpa, why don't we have a pose?>
Spinda!Rex: <Because we aren't that desperate for jokes yet.>
A typical fourth-wall shattering comment from Rex.

Sewaddle: <...why would you eat another Pokemon, anyway?>
Aqua: <Uncivilized.>
Sewaddle: <Highly.>
Aqua: <Hey, wanna go play in some mud?>
Sewaddle: <Sure!>
Aqua and Minty about Algira

Aqua: <This is grandpa!>
Sewaddle: <...He looks weird. Why doesn't he have any fur or leaves?>
Aqua: <Papa says that he's a hoo-man...whatever that is. I think it means that they trade their fur for yummy snacks, because he always has some.>
Aqua and Minty about Rex

Spathi: <...I thought you guys only said "mine".>
Wingull: <That's a gross stereotype perpetrated by a close-minded and unrealistic media. I'll have you know for a fact that we occasionally say "Yours". :|>
Spathi and a Wingull about Finding Nemo

Delta!Skitty: <I don't work for anyone, mya. People work for me, mya.> *pats Rex's head* <Isn't that right, human?>
Jemma about...pretty much everything pertaining to her character

(After a careful analysis of signature move trends for Rock-type Gym Leaders)
Rex: (So, following that logic, Roark should have something like-)
Roark: "Larvitar, use Stealth Rock!"
Rex: (...Oh, son of a bitch!)

Canon!Rex: This girl has been reading too many romance novels and thought the best way to win your son's heart was to destroy your home with wanton violence.
The canon version of Rex on Lily's method of trying to find Every


Sam: (After finding a slash fic starring him and Herbert) Am I at least the Seme? If I'm the Uke, I might have to find this person and slap them.
Sam has...skewed priorities.

Sam: Jacob, I've been turned into an Aipom twice, know a guy that's been a girl for at least two weeks, stopped a hostile takeover of an island via Combees and we're trying to stop a ton of pokemon crossing over from another dimension. A dead person texting actually sounds sane.
Sam commenting on the group's status as a Weirdness Magnet.


"...eeeep~!" "O hai!" ":3"
Usual phrases used by Silent or his Pokemon

"My finest salutations. *press* I can has li'l stars? *press* But of course, fine Sir. "
The Dintel Action Figure, voiced by Christopher Robin Miller

Pokéteco when using Uproar

"Silly Pidgey!"
Shahinne's uncannily popular catchphrase

"Pokémon are not data; don't be a smogonfag, or any other kind of Stop Having Fun Guy."
Silent addressing the Fourth Wall


"Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"
Slouch's NPC script


" .... "
Star in so many situations it may as well be her Catchphrase

September: -Uses Hyper Beam- <Sorry for the property damage!>
September, after blowing a hole in the ceiling of Nimbasa Gym

March: <....No.>
October and March when asked about hunting

-erases the space equipment-
-goes back inside-
.....I have no idea what just happened.
Just a normal day for Star

A (rather large) group of Pokémon Trainers travel together. Wackiness, Badassery, and Friendship ensues.
Star's Player summing up the RP


Naida:<What's your name? It can't be that similar...>
Nadia:<It's Nadia.>
Naida:<Wow, I was wrong. We do have similar names. And only by the switching of just two letters too. I wonder if anyone's gotten us mixed up?>
Nadia and Naida commenting on how similar their names are.


"Get off me! Do I look like a dark blonde, glasses-wearing, purple-clad Sinn woman to you?"
Tagg's reaction to Wolf hugging his arm, after the latter had fallen asleep during the flight to Fiore.

"Wait a second, you actually ate in front of me. I've never seen you do that."
Tagg remarking on DS actually eating in front of him.

"Is everyone just handing out those armbands like candy these days?"
Tagg reacting to Vyvyan's story of how he got the ability to speak to Pokemon.

<If it's bad, can I eat it? Or her, I'm not very partial.>
Tagg's Hydreigon, about the egg Courtney is hatching...

<I'm stuck on a boat to some post-apocalyptic [Shikoku analogue] in Johto run by fossil mons while stuck with a former pirate Hitmonlee, a chicken whose first thoughts tend to be on whose butt needs kicking, and a bug and rabbit who've yet to admit their feelings for one another. Oh, and we ran into Lake and some of his friends once.>
Thresher the Ferrothorn to Abigail the Vanillish in the Dream World regarding his fellow mons.

<I have sent...a the future. May they succeed where we failed, and let me see my friends again.>
AU!Tagg in the PMD-B timeline saying his Famous Last Words as he died entombed in his own vault of old age.

<Some would call us wanderers, others harbingers of trouble. What we are is a group of mons and a human that serve as "problem solvers".>
Muddy the Swampert telling Sunburst the Larvesta about what he and his teammates do.

"Yeah? I've heard that one before, and here's my rebuttal, mudak. Teams will curse our group, and Bosses and Admins will fear it. As long as people like you prey upon the weak, people like us will be there. "TO BLEED. YOU. DRY."
Tagg to Tokarev after the latter tries to invoke As Long as There is Evil in the form of a modification of Edward Kenway's quote.


Reed Snorkel: <I'm punching fear in the face and stealing its lunch money!>
Wishbone: <...I don't get that metaphor...>
Reed Snorkel: -confused- <...huh. I don't either.>
A conversation among Cubones.

Alph Man: Nooooooo! Your sick beats have bested me yet again!
Alph Man after losing a rap battle to Lyra and the Cubones


"Fortunately for you, I believe in second chances... You will live... As everything that you despise..."
Shortly before paralyzing Lanius below the neck

While mindscaping to face Tagg's Superpowered Evil Side.

Teala: <Then why do I feel like I'm [ useless / not helping / not good enough ]?>
Tracer's Druddigon during her recurrent Self-Deprecation phases.


Lumos: "Out, you gluttons! I know he has infinite life force, but you can't just use him as a buffet!"
Lumos the Chandelure getting rid of the Ghosts feeding on Umbra.

Lumos: Wait. You’re telling me you’re Marie?
Styx: Yeah.
Lumos: So was your whole mischievous, snarky personality… fake?
Styx: Hell no! I am that way!
Lumos and Styx the Sableye talking about her past life.

Abel: Wow, we're surrounded by gods today.
Mata Nui: If only Giratina showed up...
Bahamut: I count, right?
Abel the Raichu, Mata Nui the Golurk, and Bahamut the Giratina-O Plushie on the sudden appearance of Legendaries.

Axel: ...You're emulating that game our old trainer loved so much, aren't you?!
Xemnas: Indeed.
Axel upon finding out that everything in his life was based on Empire Soul.

Gino: <Wait... The Shelgon... I can tell he's not one of them, nyan.>
Jackie: <Wait, how? Aside from the fact the other three are beating him up.>
Gino: <I read the thread, nyan.>
Gino's Fourth Wall Awareness knows no bounds


"We thought we'd take the long way around... but of course, we were sucked into a conspiracy to take over the world. Just a typical week, really."
Wolf, summarising the RP.


Jacob: No. You don't. This leads AWAY from Kanto. Here, let me show you. -Draws this in the dirt with a stick in twelve seconds- You see, this path, in the green, represents the most logical path. The path you want to take, is represented by the red. Now tell me. What do you think?
Zeal: ...How did you get COLOR with a STICK?!
Zeal on Jacob's insane drawing skills.

Zeal: At this point, it would not make sense for me to do things that make sense. Since me doing things that don't make sense is something that just makes sense, if that makes sense.
Zeal summarizes himself

Zeal: ˙ʇsǝuoɥ ʎlǝʇǝldɯoɔ ǝq oʇ 'sıɥʇ ƃuıʎɐs ɯ, I ʍoɥ ǝɹns uǝʌǝ ʇou ɯ, I ¿ɹǝʇʇǝq ʎuɐ sıɥʇ sI ˙ouunp I

NPC Quotes

Love that Passes in the Night by MidnightSun197
On a moonlit walk on the beaches of Hamlin Island, two Pokémon learn the true meaning of love. Sunny/Kensei
A description of one of Sunny's shipping fics in a popular in-universe website.

Huh. Your group certainly is unique. -smiles- But dating a Legendary... that's a new one.
Steven to Crewe.

"What's the matter, Anom? Do you want a hug too? (grins) I could hug you, and I wouldn't make any attempts to braid your hair while doing so!"
DS' Latias to Female!Anom.

"A team of highly trained Chansey will be dispatched to take care of that."
A Nurse Joy about cleaning up a mess Rex made.

Giant Magikarp about love, life, and what it means to be mortal.

I used to be a J-Team fan... Before it got popular, that is. It's just too mainstream now.
Random Hipster

"Our Leader Saturn would like me to take this time to remind you that Team Galactic is a public organization that encourages peace and in no way advocates the inane ramblings of its eccentric grunt workers."
"Our Leader Saturn would like me to take this time to remind you that we of Team Galactic are a group that supports healthy relationships between people and Pokemon and in no way support spatial terrorism...or any other kind of terrorism."
Rex's portrayal of Neo Team Galactic.

"Sierra... You're the only person who I want to spend every waking hour with... I've been wanting to tell you that for a while, but I was always too nervous to..." (sighs) "And it took being turned into a primordial sky deity to muster up the courage to say that to you..."
Vyvyan confessing his feelings to Sierra.

"I was one of the few who signed up for insurance. Uniforms, bodily harm and baleful polymorphing was all covered if I read the fine print correctly."
Rayquaza!Vyvyan to Team Magma's former leader Maxie.

Oblivia!Entei in a bouncy bubble fort.

Bozaka: "Did you keep him in line, Pudge?"
Pudge: "Rrr..."
Bozaka: "That's my baby!"
Bozaka congratulates her baby Deathleon on guarding Overlord Archeops in Tracer's body.

Ral: <Please stop trying to crush me.>
Guard!Golurk: <I'll stop trying to crush you when you start being crushed!>
Arcus's Absol against a Golurk guarding a ghostly Radio Tower takeover

Omega: <I can't speak for the others, but the idea of an emotionless world... doesn't sound all that appealing to me, really. I'd never get to experience the thrill that comes from doing battle with a challenging opponent or setting an entire forest ablaze. But it's not about the destination for me. I prefer to savour the journey. Live in the moment for all it's worth. Our time together will come to an end eventually, one way or the other... it's in my name, in fact. Omega. The end of all things. Until that point, however, I plan on making the most of the time we have. I don't care when or how it finally runs out. I've got no regrets... save for the fact that I won't die fighting.>
Omega stating her feelings on Titan's plans

WAAPT Chatrooms

memyselfand I 2: Ferno certainly failed to kidnap royalty...
Basket: He failed royally?
memyselfand I 2 (Every) and Basket (Tangent's Tropius) on how Ferno the Delta Charizard's failed attempt to kidnap Pleo the Lugia.

***noidea.avi just noticed the title of the video said 'Nintendo NES'
noidea.avi: I bet they got the money to buy that from an Automatic Teller Machine Machine.
sixthhokage1: On which they had to input a Personal Identification Number Number.
Some of the players commenting on a HDMI NES mod (noidea.avi = Slouch, sixthhokage1 = ...sixthhokage1).

Spinda!Rex: Oh no...mommy and daddy are fighting!
Silentran♂: ....!
Spinda!Rex: Now Purrloinsparce will never be born. D:
Spinda!Rex: Truly this was a sad day for Purrloinsparce...
Silentran♂: Rex: don't worry
Spinda!Rex: Oh?
Spinda!Rex: Maybe if Ohm played some romantic music. Like Barry White. :O
Tangent: Purrloinsparce: *shows up in the Entralink*
Spinda!Rex: :D
Silentran♂: nah, let them fight. Good breakup fights end up in even better makeup sex
Spinda!Rex: o3o
Tangent: Every: "Oh, that's an odd kitty-"
Spinda!Rex: Tyler: I'm standing right here, you know. >_>
Tangent: Purrloinsparce: <DADDY!>
Tangent: Every: "WHAT?!"
Some players talking about the Purrloinsparce from Mezzo's Dream (a combination of Mezzo and Every's Pokéforms, the result of a previous dream…)

* Spinda!Rex summons a Dunsparce.
* everydunsparce has joined the room.
everydunsparce: ....
everydunsparce: .........
everydunsparce: .............................................................................................
Silentran♂: ......
Luke 924: THAT
Spinda!Rex: ^_^
Silentran♂: .·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·.·
Umbra: WHAT
Umbra: THE
Umbra: MUK
everydunsparce: ......................................................................................................................................................................................
Pika: Pizzas!
everydunsparce: ._.
Freaky login coincidence is freaky.

(07:50:41 PM) Sixth: I summon Giratina in attack mode!
(07:50:41 PM) ***SupremeKnowledge!Rex summons Giratina in Attack Mode.
(07:50:44 PM) Luke 924: Peeko: "I summon my Giratina in Attack Mode!"
(07:50:50 PM) everydunsparce: .....
(07:50:50 PM) SupremeKnowledge!Rex: o_o
(07:50:52 PM) everydunsparce: Lol. ._.
(07:50:55 PM) Sixth: XD
Apparently Giratina is a popular monster :P

(7:54:10 PM) everydunsparce: Skye is rather picky...Balmung only blew up one restaurant.
Every's thoughts on the sequence of posts starting here.

Dopants: BERI NO
Dopants: you BASTARD
Dopants's response to this post.

Pleased!Beri: Shipping is to WAAPT as hats are to TF2.
Beri commenting on the heavy trend towards shipping.

Roseradogs: Sakura is a bit like Eskay, except moe as hell.
Dogs making a statement.

Umbra: Tagg, are you gonna post or do I go on ahead?
Tagg: Umbra, are you waiting for me to post? Because I'm a little confuse-Oh.

***Psyche 2.0 liked Ditto!Straw~ So cute~
***Wild_Ditto_(lv80) has joined the room
Psyche 2.0: ... Wow.
Wooper!Beri: post
Omnipotent?_Ledian!Keys_(lv∞): ... WITCH! WITCH!
'''Psyche 2.0 liked a Million Bucks~ So cute~
Psyche 2.0: Damn...
***Philemon!Dune summons a Dunsparce.
Philemon!Dune: ...
***Psyche 2.0 is heading to bed, probably won't be back until late.
Wooper!Beri: ...
Psyche 2.0: ...
***Omnipotent?_Ledian!Keys_(lv∞) gets the reference.
Philemon!Dune: It never works for me. Also, that deserves Quoting.
Omnipotent?_Ledian!Keys_(lv∞): Yes. Yes it does.
Wild_Ditto_(lv80): ...Wow
***Ditto!Straw has joined the room
Ditto!Straw: Hai~
Philemon!Dune: ... WIIIIITCH.
***Psyche 2.0 has left the room
Philemon!Dune: Its like the stars aligned for that joke.
everydunsparce: Excuse me, you have most certainly successfully summoned a Dunsparce.
Freaky login coincidences are freaky.

(6:04:43 PM) Verax: Someone RNG three random numbers from one to six?
(6:05:05 PM) Herbert: 2, 3, and 5.
(6:05:07 PM) Eskay: 235
(6:05:19 PM) ***Verax blinks
(6:05:25 PM) ***Umbra blinks.
(6:05:43 PM) Eskay: ...Great minds think alike?
(6:05:45 PM) Herbert: ...Great minds think alike, it seems. :P
(6:05:52 PM) Verax: XD
(6:05:58 PM) Eskay: XD
(6:06:14 PM) Beri: OH GOD
(6:06:18 PM) Umbra: ._.
The greatest minds of all, it would seem.

02:14:42 Crewe: I just got into a long conversation with a live streamer about hidden bagel shops.
02:19:02 Crewe: It started because I said the inn in the game was actually a weapons shop, and the weapons shop sold bagels, and snowballed to the point where I kept insisting the bagel shop was there and he just refused to see it.
02:19:17 everydunsparce: All shops sell bagels.
02:19:35 Eskay: All shops are bagel shops in disguise.
02:19:35 Dune: Crewe: Wait, /what?/
02:19:41 Verax: I don't like bagels. :P
02:19:42 Eskay: Bagel speakeasies.
02:19:43 Crewe: And then the door was actually a window that doesn't lead to Narnia but may lead to the bagel shop.
02:20:11 Crewe: Or Kingdom Hearts.
02:20:12 Quarter: Bagels are delicious.
02:20:15 Crewe: One of the two.
02:20:21 Quarter: I run the bagel stores all across Orre.
02:20:36 Quarter: "Our hearts are open and so are our bagels!"
02:20:37 ***Eskay gives Crewe a bagel... secretly.
02:20:55 Quarter: As opposed to Shadow Bagels. Which are just circular bread.
02:21:30 Crewe: Quarter: Those are the worst.
02:21:33 Dune: "Cipher Bagels: Totally Not A Front For An Evil Organization"
02:22:07 Quarter: WMG: Secret bagel stores are where peons go on breaks.
02:22:09 Crewe: ... I just accidentally flung a pillow.
02:22:14 Quarter: Delicious Shadow bagels.
02:22:20 Zeal: This should really be a thing.
Late night discussions involving this post.

00:42:56 Renko!Fskay: Zeal: Fun fact, 1/100 of a second is called a "jiffy".
00:43:47 Zeal: I thought a jiffy was originally used for the amount of time it takes light to travel a centimeter.
00:43:56 Zeal: Maybe I heard a different origin story for that word.
00:43:58 Renko!Fskay: This is incorrect.
00:44:45 Renko!Fskay: In fact, I have no idea who in their right mind would turn that into a unit of time.
00:44:53 Renko!Fskay: Or even anyone in their wrong mind.
00:45:20 Zeal: Yeah, here's where I saw that.
00:47:47 Renko!Fskay: Seriously. Why would Gilbert Newton Lewis even *consider* that sort of time unit.
Seriously. Why?

04:49:09 The Marin: I don't understand. Why are there two PMD verses?
04:49:21 Tagg: Though of course they'll probably mention if we're getting them this year by the time Kalos is ov-I read that as being another option for Hoenn-2's plot.
04:49:24*** Dune isn't sure who Dune would HS with, but imagines it would not be Deziree.
04:49:25 The Marin: Like... What's the difference?
04:49:41 Psyghost: One is specifically PMD.
04:49:44 Tagg: PMD-A is based on the GBA and DS games.
04:49:48 Psyghost: The Other is the future of the AU.
04:49:50 Dune: Marin: One's in the future, one's an alternate dimansion.
04:49:56 Mezzopiano: Marin: It has to do with an idea we had for the PMD-verse that some people weren't okay with, so it was split into two verses. PMD-A is specifically from the PMD games, PMD-B is a post-apocalyptic future.
04:49:57 Tagg: *One* future.
04:50:09 The Marin: What...
04:50:15 Tagg: It's more post-post-apocalyptic.
04:50:33 Psyghost: We're a very weird Pokemon RP.
04:50:41 Eskay [DEAD]: Tagg: This apocalypse doubleposted? :P
04:50:50 ***Beri bricks Eskay.
04:50:52 Beri: >:{
04:50:56 ***Eskay [DEAD] is brick'd

(11:43:44 PM) Dogs has set the topic to: We Are All Cute :3
(11:45:18 PM) ***Verax looks at the topic
(11:45:23 PM) Verax: I am not cute.
(11:45:35 PM) Zeal: I am not, either, as I have established!
(11:45:38 PM) Luke 924: What,
(11:45:41 PM) everydunsparce has set the topic to: We Are All Sandwiches
(11:45:43 PM) Dogs has set the topic to: We Are All Cute (Except for Verax and Zeal)
(11:46:09 PM) Murcorvus has set the topic to: Verax and Zeal are Sandwiches
(11:46:10 PM) Bittersweet has set the topic to: Every knew the truth. We're sandwiches.
(11:46:43 PM) Scholar!Keys has set the topic to: We Are All Cute Insane
(11:46:58 PM) Bittersweet has set the topic to: The Topic Wars Have Begun!
(11:47:01 PM) Zeal has set the topic to: Hey, I can change the topic, too! Muahahahahahaha!
(11:47:11 PM) Morpheus has set the topic to: Stop this silliness
(11:47:12 PM) Murcorvus has set the topic to: Striketext doesn't work on topics, unfortunately
(11:47:13 PM) Sky has set the topic to: As can I!
(11:47:17 PM) Sixth has set the topic to: I like trains
(11:47:21 PM) Morpheus has set the topic to: No
(11:47:32 PM) Sky has set the topic to: But...but trains!
(11:47:38 PM) Murcorvus has set the topic to: No but yes
(11:47:42 PM) Zeal has set the topic to: Also note that food is edible

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