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  • The Final Battle against Incarnate Yukari Yakumo, spanning across three different forms and utilizing half a dozen pieces of Awesome Music.
  • Hearts Boxcars taking down three of the four Gijinka Generals with the Dice strife specibus.
  • The whole finale of the Evil vs. Evil Arc. The TRUE EVIL OVERLORDS led an assault on the main base of the MAD SCIENTISTS SOCIETY. The TEO were clearly winning, until some of them, namely, the Makuta, turned against their allies. Then everything went to hell. Most of the leaders revealed their actual goals and simply started fighting for themselves. It was glorious, and the MSS still got crushed in the end.
    • Special mention of awesomeness, though, has to go to Gunthir. For the duration of the arc, he played two different villains, with no real connection to each other. During the finale, he revealed those two villains to be actually Alter Egos of a third, already established character of his, who used his influence to control the ENTIRE ARC. Wow.
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  • The final battle in the quest to save Pride, where the group went up against Him and his three forms. Begins around here.
  • While it doubles in the Funny part, it's just too awesome to be ignored. Leave it to HilarityEnsues.
  • Raidouthe21st assesses why several players play their characters. Continues up to page 4808.
  • You cannot hide from Statler and Waldorf. Or do anything, really. Starts there.
  • On the Skyship, Xene and Cirno are bored, so they have a sparring session. It is flat out epic, with Xene pulling off some of the craziest improvised special moves ever known, and Cirno countering them at every turn.
  • The Jhen Mohran festival rolls around, and the hunt begins. But things don't go exactly as expected...
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  • The Port Tanzia Hunters' Guild has pinpointed the location of the serial killer, the Deviljho gijinka named Gou . Jhoanna, a fellow Deviljho gijinka, and Ken the Gyarados gijinka– both belonging to extremely rage-prone species– come along on the investigation into the toxic Forbidden Forest. They find Gou, but Alatreon's curse, causes him to go Savage, and they are forced to knock some sense into him. The finale of the Bounty Hunt portion of the Monster Hunter arc, and it is an incredibly awesome hunt and battle that goes on for nearly 20 pages.
  • Nearly the entire group blows up the Marathon.
  • The entire battle against Yukari's Incarnate. (starts here).
    • Apos' fight was just as good, several characters returned to beat the everloving crap out of him.

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