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  • Creator Breakdown:
    • The 'Great Schism': wherein Gloom Rage Quit, Lemurian threatened to, and Katsuun went off the deep end.note 
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    • Later, there was the Midna problem, where the titular Troper was called out for being so obsessive towards Mana, leading up to the in-game ending of Osaka and Hilarity's marriage, everybody snapping at everybody about a plan that was initially proposed to make Midna leave, and finally Midna's banning. Needless to say, no one was happy with the outcome.
    • For an individual example, arcadiarika is rather... an interesting case. She started off fine, but after approximately the Father arc, she would turn negative. Her characters became affected because of her attitude, and to keep it short and simple, Wangst occurred to the point where, at one point, one player was fed up with her attitude and quit—granted, she admitted that she hated him, but that was not a good excuse.

      But then came her "break" starting in December, and while she hasn't officially rejoined the game yet, she seemed to have gotten better, as she acknowledged her mistakes in the past and took great lengths to fix them by using different "What If?" scenarios, ideas for potential arcs/mini-arcs, and new character ideas. She also had greatly mellowed out for the most part and gained a more positive self-esteem overall. Due to her short sessions, it showed that she kept up her streak.

      It was not to last, and on June 2012, she decided to leave WAOA after she would do one final arc, citing the difficulties of roleplaying in a Slice of Life roleplay and overall bad blood between most of the roleplayers and herself as reasons. She initially left the game a month later after the arc was done, as promised; she returned to the roleplay a few years later, having greatly improved on both her skills as a roleplayer and her behavior overall.
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    • Hydronix is a bit of a different case. A huge amount of factors led to it, most notably his mediocre (or so he says) roleplaying skills, the game feeling stale, and nearly all the jokes coming from a series he didn't enjoy, leaving the whole RP boring overall. Multiple other factors were apparent, like the lack of really good newbies who actually showed promise (three in total at the time, the rest... not so much). None of these factors have changed, making his at-first temporary leave a more permanent one.
  • Development Hell: The "War Against Terumi" Arc, repeatedly touted as the first "serious" / "dark"/"over-arching" arc since the Incarnates Arc, is mired in this due to real-life business with its creator. Eventually became Vapor Ware.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Raven" refers to Yuki as Mini-Metis because of her costume.
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    • The Multiverse has several, one of which is "Whateververse" for players who don't care about what it's called.
    • Doomtrain is referred to often as Doomy, Diabolos(female) is sometimes called Dee, and Hydronix calls Shao Kahn Kahnny out-of-game.
    • After his revelation/return as a cyborg ninja, Michael Grayson was bestowed the nickname "Die Graysonator" by Etheru. Later became an ascended nickname.
    • Andros' rant about the Touhoumons has affectionately been nicknamed "The Rant" by Arcadiarika.
    • The Ninja characters and Evil Counterparts are often referred to as the "Ninjavatars" and the "Dark Avatars"/ "Evil Avatars" by several people, particularly Icarael.
    • "Lemplots" are by the player Lemurian, which are self-explanatory. Similarly, "Ajbplots" are named after the player, but it's synonymous with "Generic Whateververse Plot" in that he barely comes up with anything else.
    • Levin is used as a nickname for Gilgamesh, as they both have very arrogant personalities.
    • Andreus has "Alakandreus", in relation to his then-new Alakazam form.
    • Joker has Crazy (perhaps due to his Cloudcuckoolander quallity) Bold-text (Due to how he speaks) and Lady (due to his androgyny).
  • Name's the Same: As a result of Loads and Loads of Characters, sometimes this happens.
    • "Elly" has been used for both the Touhou character of the same name and a Pokemon Gijinka played by Suke Sho
    • "Rika" has been used for another Touhou character, an Author Avatar version of Arcadiarika, a Higurashi character, and Etheru's OC. Not to mention Rikka, one of Caped Luigis Yoshi's characters.
    • Rouge the Bat, Rouge the Red Rose Knight, Steel Rouge, and Future!Steel Rouge.
    • "Josh" is both a character and a player.
    • Jade Harley appeared, as did an original character named Jade.
    • There's Silver the Hedgehog and Silver from Pokémon.
    • Fred and Fred.
    • Brian and BRIAN BLESSED!
    • Raven and "Raven".
    • Jasmine (original character) and Jasmine.
    • Michael (Grayson) and the Archangel Michael. In an arc, the latter destroyed the former simply because of the name-sharing.
    • Michelle (Grayson), Michael's female form, and Michelle, The Real Wren's OC.
    • Jacky, Ozbourne's OC, and Jacqueline, the rename of Arcadiarika's mare form.note 
    • Hakurei Miko and Toyosatomimi no Miko from the Touhou series.
    • Captain (William) Mitchell and Captain (Scott) Mitchell.
    • Elizabeth "Liz" Scarlet, and Lizzie, Aquatica 1000's character.
    • This would have been a problem in the Pokémon arc if Etrian Odyssey Agatha had met Elite Four Agatha. Also, her last name is Christie.
  • Old Shame:
    • Etheru admits that he hates every single incident where Bass broke the fourth wall, even the more tamer moments, because of this, he retconned it away, and hasn't looked back. Eventually developed into a disliking of the fourth wall in general.
    • For arcadiarika, do not mention Carter's first appearance to her, the one where he came off as a poor man's Deadpool. She also deeply regrettted what she did to her characters, which are too many to name. About the only things she doesn't consider as a complete Old Shame were her treatment of Matt, a few moments in arcs (such as the battle between Catherine/Lunara Knight and Protoman in the "Revenge of the Spark" arc and the entire "Curse of the Sea" mini-arc in which Michael does three tasks in order to resurrect Catherine), the relationships between the Graysons (Michael and Melody, Victoria and Lrith, and Catherine and Kotohime), and co-creating the "Alyx's Origins" arc.
    • Take a guess what Hydronix's is? It starts with a C, and end with a y, and has an yber Am in the middle. Ironically, Hydronix is more dissapointed with what she did with Bassy, despite her not doing nearly as horrible things.
    • Dreigonix's Old Shame is, of course, how he let Xene decay from a likeable ninja into overly perfect and didn't notice until it was nearly too late.
    • Ever since his return to the game, Midna has been deeply ashamed about letting almost every single one of his characters derail over his obsession with Mana, to the point that one of the first things he did upon his return was to promise, multiple times, that it wouldn't happen again.
  • What Could Have Been: The discussion thread is where arc concepts are plotted out; some of them eventually come to fruition, others... don't.
    • At some point, it was decided Andros and Enker would be in the Revenge of the Spark arc; however, they ultimately didn't end up becoming part of Lucrezia's army. Probably wasn't bad due to the fact that Enker got some Character Development; and with the exclusion of Andros, Arcadiarika decided to show off more of her knowledge of Power Rangers and Super Sentai by introducing the Lunara Knight, whom she stated to be the game's counterpart to Rescue Sentai GoGoFive's Beast Demon-Hunter Sieg.
    • The Incarnates Arc:
      • Silver was planned to appear as a personification of Lust, possibly going to levels of heinousness that would almost rival Apos. Daionus decided he did not want to play as that sort of character, and declined.
      • Catherine was planned to appear as a personification of Gluttony, and the present Catherine had to be killed in order to defeat her (it was another plan to get out of playing Catherine due to certain circumstances). It didn't happen, ultimately proving that Tropes Are Not Bad.
    • Etheru states that he planned on Joey and Catherine acting as foils for one another, but arcadiarika's then-decision to refuse developing the character any longer shot this possibility down.
    • At one point, unhappy with the fact that nothing was happening, Lemurian thought up the "Ghost Town arc", where the characters would be dropped in a desolate town without food, water, or their powers for a week. The arc was discarded when a player pointed out that the arc wasn't proving anything, because it was almost exactly like what Lemurian was complaining about: Nothing happening.
    • Midna, at one point, took a break, to try and get his mind off the game for a while, but was banned during the break. It makes one wonder if he really would have improved or would have just kept his bad habits. He recently has returned to the role play (for real).
    • And yet another arcadiarika one: in both the Him and Terumi arcs, Catherine would have been the peacemaker of the group, trying to keep them from killing themselves. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. It gets worse—it would have been one of the moments where her character would be positively developed.
    • Meta Application: Sometimes people tend to bring concepts that weren't used in the source in the game.
    • "The New Homunculi arc", in which a Composite Character version of Father and Hohenheim creates Homunculi, but forcibly puts Homunculi into members of the group. They would be representing a particular sin (Mega Man, in particular, was planned to be Pride, due to the fact that he's very proud of his achievements). Etheru discarded it, due to having no idea what to do with the arc in question, but he gave it to someone else.
    • A Rescue Arc where the group had to rescue Catherine from Golomois was planned at one point, but Arcadiarika discarded it, due to a lack of interest on her part. A few ideas from that planned arc did survive and made their way in her finale arc, "Sins of the Past".
    • In "Sins of the Past", there was originally a subplot with Michael, Rika, and Ryan searching for a way to cure Michael's curse. It was cut out entirely due to pacing problems and the arc-maker not really sure what to do with it.
    • Yasmin originally would have been an Anti-Villainous Counterpart for Ajb's Yuri.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • The Impel Down Rescue Arc. Egregiously so.
    • Happens a lot in general with arcs, either because a troper is going through real-life issues, or they're too lazy to finish their own ideas.
  • Throw It In!: Yasmin's concept was more or less complete, except for her backstory. Certain concepts suggested by other players may make it into her.

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