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This is a recap of the forum roleplay We Are Our Avatars. Here there be spoilers.

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     B.P (Before Plot) 

Page Count: 1 - 503

Description: Period of largely irrelevant activities. Players and characters introduced in this time period are not being tracked.


     Spirit Tracks Arc 

Page Count: 503 -


Players Active:

Players Entered: Note, due to the nature of this particular potion of the recap, this section may be inaccurate.

Time Flow:

    Are machines sentient? 

    Beako and Kuromaru 

    The Seven Deadly Sins/Father Arc 
  • The plot had something to do with 8 alchemical circles placed over various worlds and if they were activated, Father would break the 4th wall.

    Pikadevil's Hell 


    Morning Star vs. the Darkness 

    The Bad Future Arc 

    The Pokemon Arc 

    What Do They Fear Episode 

    The Author Avatar Arc 


    The Writer Arc 

    The First Ozzy Arc 

    The Tale of Two Yukaris 

    Curse of the Sea 

Page Count:

Description: After the death of Catherine Grayson and the events of "The Writer Arc", Sedna punishes her by making her a ghost of the ocean. A grown-up Michael, her son, must rescue her by accomplishing three tasks, being led by a mysterious birdman along the way...

    The Dragonball Tournament Arc 

    Revenge of the Spark Arc 

    The Search for Lip's Friends 

    And Now For Someone Completely Different—Part One 

    The Impel Down Arc 

    The Second Ozzy Arc 

    The Naruto Arc 

    The Legion Of Doom Arc 

    The Incarnates Arc 

    Chaos Emerald Mini-Quest Arc 

    And Now For Someone Completely Different—Part Two 

    The Brought Down to Normal Arc 

    The True Evil Overlords Vs the Mad Scientist Society 
  • The plot involved Evil Overlords teaming up against a group of mad scientists. The evil overlords win.

    The Empress Who Loved Gensokyo 

    Saturn's Him Arc 

    A Xavier B's Him Arc 

    The "What If" Arc 

    The Third Ozzy Arc 

    The Ninja Arc 
  • The plot involved Ninja rescuing Ninja from the clutches of US President Mike Haggar. Turns out the Shredder was behind the plot.

    The Dark Avatars Arc 
  • It revolved around certain members if they were more dark in nature.

  • The plot revolved around a group of people entering a Contest to earn a wish. The winner was Quincy Jack the Prinny and he used it to let everyone who participated get their own wishes.


    The Vault Tour 

    The Hoenn Pokeprophet Arc 
Description: The plot revolved around Pokemon gijinka and their fight to gain their rights. It also had the humans developing Pokeballs to enslave said Gijinka.
(Chuck eventually returns, wearing some kind of really colorful wizard hat.)
Chuck: Sooo... slightly over a year ago, we decided to go to Hoenn, because... why the hell not, I think. We didn't really have a reason.
(Chuck shrugs.)
Chuck: ever heard of that place before? Or do I need to explain first?
Asagi: Nice hat.
Kris: I've heard of it ...And like Asagi said, "nice hat". Needs to be poofier, though.
Chuck: Alright, good. So, after we've been staying there for a couple of weeks, we heard about a large number of Gijinkas immigrating to Hoenn recently, but because that Hoenn didn't have any native gijinka up until then, they were, um... having problems with getting integrated properly, to say the least...
Kris: ...Hmm?
Asagi:...It's like if a bunch of aliens showed up on a planet where only humans have been living for the past millennia and decided, "Let's start colonizing".
Chuck: Yeah, what Asagi said, basically? And, um, some of the natives of Hoenn weren't very friendly or welcoming at all.
Kris: ...Oh...
Chuck: You see. There was a lot of gijinka-based hatred going on in Hoenn at that time. Garcie and Luca and Imca didn't have it very easy because of that either, despite not really being part of the group of immigrants.
Asagi: And the racism swung on both sides of the door.
Chuck: Eeyup. That definitely didn't help things either.
(Chuck looks upset.)
Kris: ...Why did they hate gijinkas...?
Asagi: @Kris: Pokemon world. Pokemon Gijinkas. Irrational fear of the unknown. You do the math.
Chuck: And what's worse, upon seeing those pokemon people, many decided to focus more on the "pokemon" part than on the "people" part. They managed to get their hands on pokeballs specifically designed to catch gijinkas...
(Chuck looks peeved.)
Kris: (@Asagi) ...I see... I guess that would-
(Kris stops, and his expression goes blank when he hears what Chuck said. After a small chat with Drakina, Chuck resumes his story while everyone listens.)
Chuck: While we were staying in a small mountain village for some days, we heard that a few of those assholes happened to be planning a raid on the pokecenter from a camp in a nearby forest, so me and a couple other guys set out to stop them ...long story short, we found them and after overhearing them discussing their plans, I fought them off by warping reality in such a way that they were all suddenly wearing tutus. And then I summoned a batallion of fluffy dragonbird-pokemon. Who proceeded to... rain death from above in a way only birds can. ...yeah...
Mitch: I think I remember that... hilarious, that was.
Chuck: Yeah, I even think I remember that I was on the news next day. Or at least the "aftermath" was. That was a pretty big blow to those assholes, I can tell ya.
(Chuck laughs.)
Chuck: Sadly, um... I kinda forgot what happened next... Asagi? Mitch? Can you help me out here?
Asagi: ...Kinda blurred on the exact thing that happened afterwards, too...
Chuck: Damn... Eh, I know there was something in-between, but we eventually found out somehow where exactly these douchebags were getting their Gijinka-Pokeballs from. Apparently, there was a guy who distributed those, so we found out where he had his headquarters, snuck in there and proceeded to bring him to justice. Credit for the majority of that goes to Vivian; by the way, because I think she was the one who did most of the planning there. But, bottom line is, they all went to Pokemon Jail and the gijinkas were able to live in Hoenn somewhat peacefully from that point onward.

    And Now For Someone Completely Different Arc—Part Three 
  • The plot took place in a digital realm. It involved pirates pilaging the place and ended with a climactic battle with the pirates controlling Gregar.

    The GG Arc 

    Alyx's Origins 

Page Count: 20394 - 20400, 20487 - 20498, 20538 - 20547, 21247 - 21257, 21764 - 21768, 21810 - 21819, and 21895 - 21903

Description: Alyx Grayson tries to figure out who she is, where she came from, and how she ended up being with the group. With the help of Catherine Grayson, her family, and an alternate Tommy Oliver, she finds out more than she bargained for, including a conflict in her own Mariner Bay...

    The Genre Shift Arc 


Description: The group is taking a vacation in Skyrim. They encounter Alduin the World Eater and beat him somehow. However, they couldn't kill him completely and thus find a way to kill him for real. They journey across Skyrim to accomplish this task because of Shegorath's suggestions. Shegorath had it the whole time. Near the endgame, they dicked around the timeline to find Alduin's weakness and messed up Skyrim really badly in the process. Alduin tried to finish them off, but Mitch and Imca sacrificed their lives to prevent this. The Group went into the afterlife to finish Alduin and rescue Mitch and Imca.

  • josh6243 introduced Toriko and Komatsu from Toriko
  • Raidou introduced Omega 10.
  • Ozbourne introduced Juliette
  • Canidaemon introduced Caleb/Kemet.
  • Lechuck 4 introduced Will aka Broseidon, God of the Brocean, Shegorath, the Greybeards, and Sam Gwynn/Sanguine
  • MPaBkaTa introduced Kaien Shiba/Aaroniero
  • inhumanundead introduced Derek

     New Nethervegas Arc 

Description: The group was invited back to Nethervegas by Alexander the God of Destruction. At the time, Nethervegas was holding an election on who would get to rule over Nethervegas. The Courier told everyone that Caesar has reincarnated. The Felt, led by Snowman (GG's archrival), decides to become a power player in the Nethervegas election. Aurora Van'el negotiates with the leader of the NDR and manages to get them to drop out of the race on the condition that Caesar is bumped off.

Aurora gathers a group of assassins which include Sniper Wolf, Big Boss, Caroline, Drakina, Toriko, Asagi, Mitch and the Courier. Snowman heard about Ceasar's assisination. After a negotiation with Aurora, Snowman decides to drop out of the race and destroy the photographs of Aurora's family if the other minor party candidates are bumped off too. Kris tried to find out where Axel's groupies were hiding their map pieces and stole the case he thought contained the pieces. They started a riot until they got what was inside the case: a lock of Axel's hair. Turns out the locks were polymorphed map pieces. However, Luca had to break up with Kris because he couldn't stop being a kleptomaniac.

Vriska, Vivian, Jack, Makou, Aurora and Gain decide to go on a treasure hunt with the map they obtained. They head through a forest after negotiating with a eco-friendly robot. They encounter a ton of mutated animals, a gigantic robotic scorpion and the bodies affiliated with the election candidates while they were in the Big Mountain Vault. Aurora loses her divinity at this point. Mokou's Spell Card is activated and burns down the greenhouse inside the Fallout Shelter. They salvage what they could before it burned down completely. Afterwards, they head up to a radio station and find a paper that told them to go to the FORBIDDEN ZONE. They realized the FORBIDDEN ZONE contained the robo-scorpion and tried to explore it in a stealthy manner. They found out that the workers are lobotomized Pirates who trying to unlock the Vault using a gigantic drill. Aurora and Mokou successfully distract a few of them, but the other Pirates catch on and send the robo-scorpion at them. Vriska does a dice roll which summons a meteor to eventually make an impact with Nethervegas. Vriska runs away with the others, thinking the dice roll botched itself. They encountered the Brain Guy, who warned them about the dangerous Pirates and Robo-Scorpion. After a chat, he helps them out by reprogramming the spider, thus giving them an easy way out. The treasure hunters also found a Panic Button, used when something dire happens.

They continue to explore and come across a guard wearing a suit of NDR armor. Jack knocks him out with a dart. There's a barcode on the back of his head. Aurora takes a few pictures for the leader of the NDR for proof that there are people after guessing that it was "somebody who wants to make the NDR gain a less good reputation". Jareth appears from out of nowhere, claiming he had followed them. They sneak past the guards, but they fail and thus had to fight them off. Vriska rolls her dice and summons an exploding sheep in the process. Jareth offers to cover their escape by shooting lightning spells at the guards and causes the sheep to explode, causing a partial cave-in that defeats the rest and thus everyone's back near the factory, in fairly safe ground.

Vivian asks Vriska to use her VISION 8-FOLD to find a way out. Vriska notices that some sort of drilling vehicle is nearby, as in something that could likely get them out via mining...the only catch being it's buried under their own feet. Vriska says, " Well, there seems to 8e some kind of a vehicle underneath us, 8ut that's really the only thing I can see that'd 8e useful at all. And we'd have to get down there, which sounds like a real pain". Vivian asks what looks like and Vriska says it looks like a drill. The group is stumped on how to reach the vehicle, so they look around for a solution. Jareth finds a warehouse filled with robots and talks with one of them. He gets no info on how to get out of the Big Mountain Vault. Vivian has an idea and enters the warehouse. After about ten minutes, the sound of a very loud explosion goes off, and then is followed up by the sound of extreme suffering interspersed with gunfire...then completely silence Two minutes after that, Vivian casually exits the warehouse. Vivian told the group that there's another way to get to the drill.

Vivian starts breaking into the hanger by taking apart the electrical security pad to get to the hotwiring thing while listening to Jareth talk about his backstory. Jareth was captured by the Thalmor and was tortured by shoving hot irons into his eyes. He learned sight-magic to compensate, "but people are more clear to [him] than most other things." Vivian eventually gets the wires put together. A beeping occurs, and the hanger doors slowly start to automatically open to reveal a nearly empty hangar, save for a few junked vehicles from around the WWII era. And deep inside in the the drill tank that they're looking for. Jack volunteers to drive. Vivian asks if she can ride shotgun and Jack complies. They get into the drill tank, which proceeds to dig its way out up to riiiiiiiiiight outside Big MT...and then it stalls because the "gas is nearly empty". Vivian suggests, "Might need to find some more, or just go on foot." They proceed to head back to Nethervegas on foot.

The forest near Big Mt. seems to be somewhat noisy, with the sound of the NDR(?) fakes trekking through it. Airships hover overhead...but so far, no gunfire, so things are looking up. Especially for Aurora, since after she got out of that mountain, she feels a little bit stronger then before. Aurora spots them first and tells the group about it. They decide to quietly stealthily follow them like a BOSS. They get to the side of the mountain, where it seems someone's blown a hole in it and are currently in the process of shipping off what looks like pieces of a massive radio tower...among other things. Aurora finds out that there are two hundred mooks visible and there are more of them entering too.

Aurora slowly tries to sneak away because she can't handle the mooks if she doesn't have her divinity. A laser sight starts crawling its way towards Aurora and Jareth throws an ice spear at the source of the beam. The group fights off the scout group. However, there more troops coming their way. The group decides to retreat. and Vivian congratulates them and says, "Let's take some of this armor and scram. Aurora might want to have a look at the guys who're besmirching her good name." After 16 HOURS OF WALKING THROUGH FOREST LATER, they're about 3/4's of the way there. Aurora calls a cab and Vivian collapses because she's thirsty. In response, Aurora points her index finger at Vivian's mouth, causing a stream of weak wine (5% percent alcohol) to shoot into it. Vivian thanks her and the group boards the taxi.

After the taxi arrives at the hotel, Aurora visits Snowman. Aurora doesn't say a word and just places the panic button on the convenient table between them. Snowman asks where Aurora got this and Aurora dryly replies that she got it from where the treasure map led them. They also talk about the notes Mokou found and wonder if Alexander planned this from the start. Aurora also has a meeting with the leader of the NDR. They talk about the elections and the NDR impersonators. Aurora mentions that the impersonators all have barcodes on the back of their necks. The NDR leader speculates that the NDR impersonators are clones because of this specific detail. The two investigate. It turns out the United Assassins' Association were the ones who made the clones.

Vivian, Aurora, Sniper Wolf, the NDR leader and Yumiko heads over to the UAA headquarters and investigate. They learn that the Deathwatch Organization ordered the clones from the UAA. Death Metal attacked the group by activating a deity-disabling box and splitting into three. Also, He asked them what they fought for. Fortunately, Aurora and Yumiko came prepared. Yumiko claims that she fights for her God, but Death Metal questions that. Yumiko fully explains her reasoning and cuts the Death Metal clone in half. Aurora is beaten down by a Death Metal Clone, but she beats him by breaking her wand and turning into the Ice Queen. She impales the Death Metal clone through the heart with a giant icicle. The last Death Metal clone was beaten with a face-stomp from the NDR leader and a shot to the head by Sniper Wolf.

Suddenly, fights have broken out all over the city, the meteor approaching the world is getting more and more visible, a group of people headed to the HQ of one of the last remaining factions in order to retrieve a Plot Coupon, they find out they'd been lead into a trap by the Black Baron and had to deal with Nathan Copeland. The aftermath is that they escaped with pretty batteries, information on where the new Deathwatch HQ is and a good chunk of their plans, and there's now a momentary calm in the fighting, even if there's a massive ass mess to clean up.

Aurora and the others used this as an opportunity to head to the new Deathwatch HQ. Along the way, they were attacked by the New Destroymen. Jack discovered a secret hatch and explored it. He had to escape when a Securitron bot attacked him. The group heads back when the coast is clear. The group ends up in a shoddily-made Coliseum. The Black Baron told them that they had to fight him in order to get his piece. Garcie and Imca strike a deal with the Black Baron. He accepts and holds off the riotting audience with his lovely assistant. The group escapes in a limo driven by Clover. The limo was attacked by Bad Girl, but Garcie manages to knock her off with one blow. The group has a meeting with Snowman and the leader of the NDR about the completed device.

They used the device and some ICBMs to stop the meteor. The Handmaid was inside the meteor. She attacked the group with her deadly magic. At one point, she provoked the wrath of the forest drones. Kris sealed off the Handmaid's magic and Toriko paralyzed her with a Knocking Gun. Aurora swiped the Handmaid's wands. Metis gave Yumiko some advice and helped her perform a ritual that defeated the Handmaid. The Handmaid became a Wriggler and Snowman decided to raise her properly.

A signal was sent out to the Couriers by Yes Man. He revealed that he was the man who planned many aspects of what just happened in this entire fiasco of a "competition". The Meteor. The device to stop it. The things found in Big Mt. The state of the wasteland itself. The hiring of individuals from other worlds to eliminate political enemies on this one. All cobbled together from sections of a very ancient and much bigger plan by a "Courier Six" eliminate anyone who would oppose his rule of New Vegas. Rick asked Yes Man to shut down after retrieving a backup of the plan. He gives it to Vivian.

  • Quarterman introduced Kenji, Samuel Oak and Jareth.
  • Sapphire Flame introduced Carren.
  • josh6243 introduced Nicholas Angel.

    The Dragom Storyline 

    Arcadiarika's Finale Arc ~ Sins of the Past! 

Page Count: 26697 - 26704, 26834 - 26839, 26955 - 26960, 27029 - 27036, and 27054 - 27066

Description: What started off as the happiest day in Catherine Grayson's life promptly went wrong when Golomois crashed her wedding. Stating that he wanted revenge for her ancestors killing his people, he went on a rampage, killing Rika and cursing Michael in the process. Catherine is now driven to find out what caused the family feud and if there's any way to stop it without killing anyone else in the process...

     Hot Springs/Ski Resort arc 

  • Chuck found a hammer in a volcano, which belonged to Thor. He continued making expeditions to said volcano with some of his friends. He found a pair of gloves, a coffin containing Thor. Raidou says that Thor needs his equipment. Chuck complies with Raidou's request and continued to explore the volcano to find the other pieces of Thor's equipment. He found a belt, which was was in a chest with an eye that can petrified anyone who looked at it. Chuck took the belt and kept the chest as a present for Ozbourne, who enjoys being petrified. Chuck brought the belt to Thor's corpse and Thor was restored. Thor granted Chuck one wish: a very delicious strawberry shake.
  • Ice Man entered the building and tried to kill Jack because of his programming placed on him by Major Zero. The group beat Ice Man. Bones reprogrammed him. The group formulates a plan to stop Major Zero. Jack asks Erik to negotiate with Jack's friends. After a few weeks, Erik arrives with the good news.
  • Asagi and Astrid were exploring the mountains. They found a cave. Somewhere in it, was a latrum with the ring and a book with instructions. Then further in was a hostile spike ball pirate. Asagi and Astrid easily beat him.
  • Jack, Mitch, the Spy and Leandros head off to another world to stealthily off a man who was planning on infecting that world with a nanoplague. They succeeded. Since Mitch owed the spy a favor, The Spy asked Mitch to off the man who was behind his adopted daughter's misery. Mitch also invites some of the group to help a Rebel force in a far, far galaxy. Shepard Reaper shows up and saves the group's bacon.
  • Misty gets kidnapped by Pirates. Vyse, George and Mitch head off to rescue her. Turns out a year has passed within the pirates' dimension and Misty became a pirate. Vyse convinced her to rejoin with a ship from Asagi's collection.
  • Imca and Chuck cook a burning, electric cake. It is painful, but it is quite tasty. Asagi tried it and her bodily fluids get turned into currency as soon as they are expelled. According to Caroline, Asagi is suffering from the disease known as Reverse Midas syndrome. Astrid gets Psychic Powers as a result of eating the cake.
  • Asagi and Link explore the dream side and fight the Shadows.
  • Leia became Nevra's apprentice to learn the ways of the Force. Nevra taught her how to make a lightsaber. To make a lightsaber, Leia needed to get a bunch of rare materials. She got some help from her friends and explored a cave to retrieve a crystal.
  • Drakina and Chuck played fetch with each other. Drakina became feral at the worst possible moment. Chuck went off to find her with Vivian and Jack. They went inside the hotel to get Drakina treated for hypothermia.
  • The group use the Dream Side to get to Jack's home world and reclaim Mother Base. They stealthily got into the base. Jack fought Major Zero offscreen. Jack was about to lose until Mitch sniped Major Zero from a distance. The guards noticed and the group got involved in a major brawl. Liquid Snake appeared and took Kaz hostage. Vivian encountered Ocelot. Ocelot talked about how Jack managed to fall in love with Vivian. Vivian fired a few shots at Ocelot with her concealed arms, but Ocelot used his skills to dodge it. Liquid was killed by Mitch. After fighting the troops and the prisoners, the group went home. Nevra acidentally reveals she is Darth Revan.
  • The group packs up and heads for Unova. They also meet an apologetic Gyarados gijinka with a temper.

  • The ship arrives in Unova. The group encounters Silver, who happens to be poisoned with Seviper poison. Nozomi used some of her blood to mostly treat the poison. Silver heads to the hospital with George's help and gets some shots to treat the rest of the poison.
  • The group also got their starting Pokemon. Miles decided to adopt his Riolu and raise it with the money he gets off the patents. According to Miles, "the Riolu's one of the most cheerful kids [he has] ever seen. To think that no one adopted him before [him] is astonishing."
  • The group heads to an announcement regarding the start of a new tournament.
  • Sonia revealed that she was the one who exiled Miles. When Sonic told Miles, He didn't take it well. Vivian tried to cheer Miles up.
  • Kris caught a Zorua.
  • Asagi, Chuck and Imca have their first gym battles against Burgh. Arcie pays a visit.
  • Kris catches a Frillish, but he became exhausted in the process. Asagi's Petilil gives Kris a leaf and rejuvenates his stamina.
  • The Petitlil and Ken meet the Petitlil's family. The family wants the Petitlil to become a star, so Asagi becomes the Petitlil's agent and the Petitlil called Chiruppu.
  • The group heads over to Nimbasa City. Chiruppu sneaks into the musical theater and watches a wonderful show. Caroline made a complaint about the lack of wheelchair access in the upper floors. She was met with a rather condescending response from the manager; Caroline decided to "repay in kind" by displaying her higher metaphysical standing as a goddess and pointing out that she is quite able (and also willing) to smite him should he continue to fail to treat her with the necessary minimum amount of respect. Furthermore, she has arranged for Drakina's stay in the Nimbasa City hotel to be "on the house", so to speak."
  • Vivi heads over to the stadium for her battle with Gerome the Onix gijinka after Nozumi made some ice-cream sandwiches for anyone who wants to watch.
  • Rockman Chrome arrives at the hotel, but his mind is fractured. Minerva peeked into his mind to determine the cause. Minerva also managed to put Silver's mind in some semblance of order. At least enough that he's not completely nuts.
  • Sonia announced that she is looking for someone to inherit her job.
  • There are dangerous substances in circulation in Unova these days. The Unova Police are working together with the Global Police as well as getting support from the Pokeprophet's Followers in tracking these substances down and taking into custody those involved. The substance is a very dangerous variation of what is usually a normal training aid is being sold on the black market.
  • The group watches an over-the-top rendition of Swan Lake featuring burly guys in tutus
  • David and Drakina explore Nimbasa City and enjoy the Ferris wheel.
  • The group has prepared for their yearly Halloween Party. Igno shapeshifted into a T-Rex, Caroline dressed up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Vriska dressed up as Marquis Spinneret Mindfang, Risky, Daiyousei and Nozumi dressed up as Pokemon gijinka. Chuck and George dressed up as Big Boss and Jack dressed up as Chuck, but with an eyepatch. Yanmie dressed up as a catgirl. At one point, they went trick-or-treating, and Leia used the Jedi Mind Trick on a guy to give them candy.
  • Grey and Purple caught a Sandshrew. Shephard also brought Igno a Sandshrew
  • Igno, Vivian and Mitch talk about giving codenames to the zombies Mitch encountered on one mission.
  • Caroline does some studies on Igno. Turns out he's just a humanoid shapeshifter.
  • The group explored the desert and fell into some underground ruins after some crocodile Pokemon stole their stuff. Pauline Volcarona congratulated them for finding the hideout and told them where they can find the thieves's stash. Asagi also found a Larvesta egg and picked it up after reading the inscription with Komatsu.
  • The group heads over to Driftveil City and explores Elise's Imported Deliciousness. They encounter a Pokemon gijinka (Aggron/Vanelite) couple and buy some stuff. Miles meets Blaze and Miles seems familiar with her. They had a friendly chat about current events. Also, Miles told Blaze that Silver is in a coma. Blaze got worried and tried to check up on Silver.
  • A bunch of guys found some illegal items while sneaking through a warehouse and turned 'em over to the police. Layla went home... And Juliette's Russian vampire friend is now hanging with the group.
  • The group went through that mountain pass and stuff, just in time for a rockslide to happen right in front of them. And part of that rockslide actually was a bunch of Rock-type Pokemon... Who weren't really pleased to see them. Risky got hit during the fight and Igno can't tell if it's a big injury.
  • The group went to Chargestone cave to find Rift. Some huge Pokemon blocked the way out and attacked them ... Igno tried to get his attention to buy time for the others to leave. Igno and Risky got injured. Rift revealed his real name: Quote.
  • Risky revealed her backstory after Imca and Mitch talked about clones. Risky's dad was working on...well, technology like that. To help cure the "uncurable". Yannow. Neurological diseases and such. The people co-opted the technology to attempt to turn children nobody would miss into reusable soldiers as prototypes for their own future super-soldiers, and blackmail Risky's father into working for them exclusively so his own sick child wouldn't be cut off of life support. Quote heard the whole thing, but Risky comforted him.
  • The group participated in some hilarious auditions. Vriska got to act with Nicolas Cage and Kris got to act with Brycen in a movie about thievery.
  • The group went through Twist Mountain Tunnel and head for Icirrus. They accidentally wake up a bunch of Woobats. Asagi caught one with her coat. Kenshin rescued Natascha, who fell in love with him because Natascha thought Kenshin was a girl. Kenshin revealed that he's a guy and Natascha was disappointed as a result.
  • The group explored Dragonspiral Tower and fought Megagolurkvania the guardian of the tower.
  • Yumiko fought Brycen in an epic battle. Brycen used Articuno at one point.
  • Chuck discovered the 5-Star Dragon Ball when he bought it from the store, sparking a journey to find the 7 Dragon Balls.
  • Odin and Eos had a child, causing Chuck and Imca to get worried over their new responsibility. They plan a Shotgun Wedding in response.
  • Chuck and the others went fishing. Chuck caught a Basculin and Risky encountered Senri.
  • Shane arrived in Unova. After recovering from the initial shock, he got a Charmander.
  • Mitch's Stachecat evolved into a Herdier after spar with Minerva.
  • Chuck got kidnapped during a investigation of an abandoned ice cream factory, causing the group to search through the rest of Unova. They found the base hidden under a lake hologram and had to fight Kyurem and the gang's leader. After the battle, they freed Kyurem and Chuck. They entered a tournament and Vriska won. First place got a bike voucher, since bikes are very expensive in the Pokemon world. Igno got friend zoned by Anzu because of Anzu's personal problems. As a result, Igno tried to help Anzu out.
  • The group packed up and headed for New New York. Some of the group explored the dreamside and Kris is revealed to be possibly created in a painting. They had to fight off the inhabitants and left, but Kris was left behind.
  • The Sandshrew was left behind and had an adventure to get a transport to New New York City. He got Kyurem on his side and hijacked the Planet Express ship. The ship got hijacked by Space Pirates, but the Sandshrew killed their leader, Ridley, with the powers of the Dragonborn. After a while, the Planet Express ship crashed into the group's hotel building.

     New New York 
  • The group arrived in New New York. Arino tried out the technology. Omega Ten and Caroline went on a date. They saw Monument Beach; Caroline was livid at the sight of the Parthenon at Monument Beach. They also saw a musical based on the Final Fantasy series.
  • The group saw the Head Museum twice. The second time, a pair of Headless Horsemen showed up.
  • Caroline created an Air Purifier and sent the concept to scientists over the planet to clean up the pollution on this world.
  • Morpheus helped Drakina confront Drakina's fears and anxieties. During a chat with Chuck, turns out the real version of Drakina's parents were much worse on their stance regarding their daughter's MTF behavior and homosexuality. They sent her off to a "camp" for "rehabilitation".
  • Spike Spiegel led a bounty hunt on King Radical, the Most Radical Man in the Radical Land. They successfully capture him, but the remaining minions went after Igno. Igno got scared and killed them out of self-defense. Afterwards, Igno got a pep talk from his friends.
  • While looking for the Oval Stone, the Sandshrew has traveled through New New York's Sewers to get to Arkham City, battling the abominations he found there, and assumed the identity of THE BATSHREW. He fought Mr. Freeze, who revealed that the stone was in the jungle. The Sandshrew, with his new gang, used a plane to head for a jungle, so he canfight Ra's Al Ghul, the true thief of the Oval Stone.
  • Caroline visited Omega Ten's parents.
  • Chuck and Shane visited a bar and met Sherlock Holmes. Afterwards, they made a pact of abstinence.
  • Leandros and Asagi grabbed the parts Leandros needs to live, and Caroline fangirled over Sherlock Holmes himself.
  • Scraps got the money to free the rest of his family from the "organ farm" industry on his planet.
  • The group explored Luna Park.
  • Nozomi, Kris, Kimba, Chris and Ken played a hilarious game of hide-and-seek.
  • Yuzuki and Mana broke up with Martin.
  • Falken's may-or-may-not-be daughter shows up.
  • Some of the group volunteered for a DOOP suicide mission to an Earth-like planet. After an investigation into various parts of said planet, the DOOP suicide mission group found out the Phrexians were gathering resources to create more of them.
  • Kris had this sword, and used it on Mary. Her shadow's arm got cut off. Giga got traumatized, so Caroline had to give Giga therapy.
  • Some of the group explored Old New York. As expected, it was in a state of ruin. Reapy got a broken TV and the others helped him bring it up.
  • Falken and Asagi gave Luna a sugary sandwich and caused a mass-Metronome frenzy, which caused the roof to fly off. Fortunately, they placed it back on later.
  • Caroline and Omega Ten celebrate their first anniversary. Omega Ten gave Caroline a CD containing a song sung by the Final Fantasy protagonists.
  • A crack appeared after a test run of a space-time bomb. Booker and Elizabeth appeared injured, so the group helped them recuperate.
  • The Trinity crashes into the Planetary Express and lands in the New New York City bay. The WAOA and WAOAA groups have met and are trying to get along.
  • There was a daring raid on Wraith's spaceship, which lead to a conversation between an german ex-military ghostbuster and a cancerous mutant having a conversation that only they could understand, and that lead to a misunderstanding over kittens, that results in Deadpool getting brutal maimed, turned into a mummy by a Chansey, and robbed by Zero, While Twilight Sparkle has a conversation with a Goddess...
  • Morpheus helped Jack out with Jack's PTSD. He faced Big Boss, the representation of his inner demons, with Vivian.
  • The group saw the Jurassic Kiddy Park. It's like a petting zoo, but with friendly dinosaurs.
  • Jess joined FOXHOUND and Dave gave her his iconic bandanna as protection.

     One Piece World 
  • Our cast just beat up a bunch of pirates that were landing in Windmill Village in the One Piece world after a day of relaxation.
  • Zar'tel the fairy dragon was found in a box and had a flashback upon seeing Six because a group of people in powered armor stole his family.
  • Some of the characters started gathering information on a group of smugglers in Shells Island for a bounty. Krissy used his illusions to overhear this information from conversations. Mana found this information shreds of information found in the forest.
  • The group went to spy on the smugglers, but it turns out Captain Morgan has placed an embargo on Shells Island.
  • Devise grew plenty of vegetables for the smugglers and Chuck came up with a plan to stop Captain Morgan. They followed this plan and Morgan was arrested as a result. Also, the others came up with diversion which used a cybernetic T-Rex.
  • The ship crashlanded on the Island of Rare Animals, so the group had to survive until the ship is fixed. The group encounters Gaimon and survive his deterrent tactics. After he realizes that they aren't there to steal from him, they become friends. However, when Mana uses her height to grab the treasures off the top of the cliff, Gaimon realized that the treasure chests were empty too and he had been protecting a nonexistent "treasure" for twenty years. Then, he considers the animals as his treasures, and vows to protect them. Gaimon also talked about Gold Roger and his treasure, One Piece, in a infodump.
  • Some of the group received their bounties for the Captain Morgan incident:
    • "Silvertongue" Evelyn D. Wolf: 18.000.000
    • Imca "Fire Fox" Shine-Beat: 20.000.000
    • David "Gargantuan Tamer" Shine Beat: 5.000.000
    • Caroline "Doctor Chaos" Parton: 7.000.000
    • Risky "Child Prodigy" Cehack: 3.000.000
    • "Shadowblade" Kris: 2.000.000
    • "Hellhound" Fido: 8.000.000
    • "Ironfist" Raging Raven: 5.000.000
    • "Juggernaut" Noble Six: 9.000.000
    • Ozoi the Abomination: 25.000.000
    • "Metal Man" Zero: 4.000.000
  • Omega Ten bought Caroline a cursed dagger and the Rosethorn from Ippon-Matsu's Fine Blades
  • David went off to rescue his daughter in his homeworld.
  • Kirito landed in Loguetown, trapped in his Sword Art Online avatar. Asagi tried to help him out with a Warp Wing, but that failed.
  • Dick Grayson also landed in Loguetown. Later on, he disappeared and the group encountered the mysterious Nightwing.
  • Chuck, Zuri (a shape shifting Absol gijinka) and Rio encountered a group of pyromaniac pirates, but they left for the Grand Line before they could arrest them.
  • Jack encountered a version of himself from the past.
  • The group challenged a cow Sea King and won.
  • The group traveled through Reverse Mountain and went for the Grand Line.
  • Sagi asked Luna to fix up Guillo since Guillo sacrificed their life for Sagi and Milly after their final battle with Verus.
  • The group gets devoured by Laboon the wahale. Inside of the whale, the group come upon a peculiar sight; a blue sky and an island with a summer home before them. A giant squid appearing before them is suddenly killed by harpoons, shot out by an old man making his residence in the small village home. He introduces himself as Crocus, the lighthouse keeper of Reverse Mountain, and points out that the pirates were indeed swallowed by the whale. Suddenly, their surroundings start shaking violently, as Crocus laments that the whale is ramming into the Red Line. In the past, Crocus thought that that the Rumbar Pirates fled the Grand Line via the Calm Belt after losing hope. He explains that while he did try to tell this truth to Laboon, Laboon refused to listen, and began bellowing towards the mountain and slamming himself against the Red Line as a result. Due to this, Crocus remains adamant in remaining by Laboon's side, to ensure that the whale doesn't end up killing himself. Nozumi placates Laboon with a painting of the Rumba Pirates. Crocus gives the group a Log Pose as a way to navigate the Grand Line.
  • The group arrives at Little Garden, a jungle island where dinosaurs still roam the lands. A few members explored a cave on the island and found a dead pirate and read his note talking about how he got trapped on this island. They also discovered a pair of Devil Fruits.
  • Big ol' confrontation in Sword Art Online verse between BBEG wannabe Heathecliff and Kirito & friends. Big dramatic fight/death scene for Kirito. Big super dramatic Heroic Sacrifice scene for Kristopher Bluesomething. Subsequent supradramatic sobsobsob reactions for everyone around him and a couple of people who later learned of his death...except from Rio and Ozoi, two of the people that were there when it all went down, because they were so confused about what was even going on.
  • Jack and Vivian finally had their wedding, but Ocelot delayed it by kidnapping Jack.
  • The group left Little Island and discovered a group of stranded slaves who belonged to a Noble heading to Jaya. The Noble, St. Juarez, was holding a hunting competition and the prize was a lavish dinner with him. The group discovered that was the way to get back at him, so they entered it and won. To add more incentive for the group, Misty got captured. At Jaya, Oryx the ex-Mad God joined the group, having entered this world in his hunt for Archdemon Malphas.
  • They went into the Noble's ship as guests and rescued the rest of the slaves and Misty. They promptly split into two groups: one to confront the noble and one to rob the place blind.
  • They escaped from Jaya and the Knocking Stream sent their ship into the clouds.
  • They reached Skypeia via Heaven's Gate. Oryx had a murderous freakout due to Power Incontinence, and after he realized the full details of Malphas' betrayal, almost left the group to avoid putting them in danger. It was decided Oryx could stay if he made sure not to exceed the limits of what power he could control.
  • Xene, a Deoxys gijinka with a dark past, joined the group. The group decided to leave Skypeia, so Starchild lifted up the skyship and sped off into space.

     And Now For Someone Completely Different– Part Four 

     Ski Resort Planet Mk. II 
  • The avatars landed at a ski resort on the ice planet EDN IV to have a vacation.
  • Captain Blue, Nox, Wrath, and others from the ANFSCD arc arrived and joined the main group.
  • Some mutagenic mix-ups caused Xene to transform into his other Deoxys forms.
  • Sora and Leon arrived through a portal. Asagi, Jack, and Imca returned.
  • While out mountain climbing, Laura, Xene, and Wrath discovered ancient ruins, containing a Mysterious Sword and a dimensional rift. After fighting off an ambush by Yuki and Mr. Frosty, the three returned to the lodge to try to solve the mystery.
  • A spaceship crashed outside the lodge. Fusion Suit Samus was found and taken to safety. Risky and Laura, being big fans, were quite excited to meet her in person.
  • Xene and Sliith returned to the ruins to figure out how to close the rift. Stabbing the rift with the Mysterious Sword caused an unknown girl to fall out of the rift, which closed behind her. Xene and Sliith brought the unconscious girl back to the lodge. Since she couldn't remember her name, and neither Xene nor Asagi could obtain any data by scanning her, she came up with a new name: Rikka.
  • Ellen arrived and set up a magic item shop. Hakurei Miko returned.
  • A mysterious man known as Blank with no knowledge of anything arrived. The group decided to leave the ski resort and travel to the Hunterverse.

     Video Game/Monster Hunter arc 
  • The avatars traveled through a portal to Loc Lac City. Several characters registered with the Hunters' Guild, including Caroline, Xene, Ken, and Rikka. Rikka was doubtful of her combat ability, so Xene promised to teach her how to fight. Later that day, an experienced hunter named Levin showed up at the hotel the group was staying at, and said he was there to help the new hunters.
  • The avatars had a Halloween party. Krissy somehow got turned into a girl.
  • Some spacetime shenanigans prompted the return of Luna. Caroline and Imca caused massive environmental damage in the course of their mass hunting expeditions.
  • Krissy turned Xene into a girl, Xena (or so Xena thought). During a game of Truth or Dare that night, Xena confessed s/he had a crush on Rikka. Xena was evidently the only one who thought anything was weird about it. Too embarassed to continue, Xena left and went to bed, leaving Ray, Wrath, Luna, Asagi, Crino, Rikka, and Laura to their own shenanigans.
  • The next day, Xene was back to normal, and Krissy explained that it was just an illusion. Suddenly, a fly-by strike by Zekra the trigger-happy Zekrom gijinka caused the transformation of several characters, resulting in Male!Asagi, Female!Joseph, Meganium!Rikka, Dark!Xene, and Fire!Cirno.
  • Asagi (now back to normal) tested out a time machine prototype, which exploded and opened up another rift, out of which appeared a combat robot named Titan.
  • Giga, Fido, Ken, Kimba, and Titan successfully hunted a Qurupeco. Dark!Xene, Igno, Josuke, and Asagi took down an Arzuros.
  • The next day, Meganium!Rikka, Dark!Xene, and Fire!Cirno hunted a Royal Ludroth. Newr crash-landed his shopping mall into the city, and Krissy and Rio ate dinner there. Back at the hotel, Meganium!Rikka expressed her doubts about hunting. Dark!Xene reassured her that there was nothing wrong with following her own path... and also finally confessed his love for her. Rikka was quite surprised, but before she could answer, Sylv reappeared out of nowhere, which pretty much killed the moment and led to Dark!Xene and Meganium!Rikka feeling awkward for the rest of the night.
  • A Robot Girl named Miria arrived. Igno and Ram went to the weapon shop, where they found Ken completely high on Potions, and brought him back to the hotel for his own safety. Anzu and Lamashtu returned. Anzu told Aurora about her reluctance to return to Nethervegas with Lamashtu. Aurora informed Anzu that Nethervegas is now not nearly the Crapsack World it used to be, and asked Anzu to consider returning so Lamashtu could go to school there, to which Anzu agreed.
  • Word spread around of the upcoming Hunting Festival and the accompanying arrival of the Jhen Mohran. Dark!Xene decided he needed some heavy armor for the battle, so he gathered some backup and set off with Nitori, Seth, Zero, and Josuke to hunt a Duramboros.
  • The Duramboros hunt was a success, although Zero took heavy damage from the beast's tail, and despite being mostly repaired by Josuke, still ended up glitchy until more thorough repairs could be made. Dark!Xene forged the Duramboros armor set. Imca finished building her nuclear bomb. Dark!Xene was pretty freaked out when she told him she was planning to give the Spartans nuclear weapons, but calmed down when she explained that she wasn't going to go back in time.
  • Dark!Xene told Asagi all about the Duramboros hunt. Mokou inquired about Dark!Xene's Spell Card-like attacks, theorizing that he might in fact be from Gensokyo. Zero got his necessary repairs from Asagi.
  • Igno talked to Shane about his conversation with Aurora regarding eating humans. He told Shane about his traumatic memories of his first killing rampage, and the nightmares he had been having since. Dark!Xene began documenting his "Spell Card" attacks.
  • Dark!Xene, Krissy, and Fido went off to hunt an Uragaan. A foul-mouthed and disagreeable Master Chief action figure showed up at the hotel looking for Arbiter. During the battle against the Uragaan, Dark!Xene discovered a terrible power and went into a morality crisis. He eventually resolved it with Asagi. Later that night, Asagi and Imca planned to call up Zetta in order to give Dark!Xene a robot hand and the voice of Anakin Skywalker, unknowing that Dark!Xene hadn't gone to bed yet and had overheard everything.
  • Ken went off to solo a Gobul. Dark!Xene told Kimba about his plan to create a device to let him change Form at will. Asagi and Imca executed their plot with Dark!Xene's eventual approval, but after the robot hand got transmuted from gold to Xenium upon attachment, they deemed him too powerful and planned to launch him into space. Upon hearing this, Dark!Xene ran away, saying something about taming a Deviljho.
  • Dark!Xene returned, severely injured, Dragonblighted, dismembered, and almost dead. A medicine concocted from Dragonfell Berries negated the Dragonblight and enabled him to begin regenerating, but he was unconscious for multiple days, and regeneration was taking far longer than normal. Levin and Mokou hunted a Gigginox.
  • Ram found out his people have finally been accepted as a Citadel race, and told Captain Blue the news, at which point she summoned an illusory Quarian rave party to celebrate.
  • A clone of Sylv appeared, and revealed him/herself to be Falken in disguise, thus kicking off one of the craziest days Loc Lac had ever seen. Arcie the Arceus gijinka came by, turned Falken into a girl as a joke, and at Dark!Xene's request, turned Dark!Xene back into standard Xene. Falkina was found by Asagi, who told her about the Jhen Mohran festival rapidly approaching. Xene confronted Asagi and Imca about the incident that led to him losing his right arm. Looker arrived, rather confused by the night's events. Impa introduced Krissy to her trainer, the Hero's Shade, in the Spirit Realm. Imca brought in one of her tankbots.
  • Ken, Gluttony, Capt. Blue, and Igno went to hunt a Nibelsnarf.
  • The Jhen Mohran festival rolled around. Greywind, Joseph, Xene, and Ram went off in the Dragonship, commanded by Azure, to repel the Jhen Mohran, while Igno, Ken, Shepard, and Titan went ahead to clear the way for the Dragonships and their target. The ground squad encountered a pack of Jaggis who were somehow using armor and weapons, and narrowly managed to eliminate them in time. The Dragonship forces successfully diverted the Jhen Mohran away from the city, and mined impressive amounts of Jhen Mohran crystals to boot. It turned out that this Jhen Mohran was actually a giant transforming Jhen Mohran gijinka, and the only one of her species who could do so. Jhenny was reunited with her family, and the city was safe again.
  • Flandre showed up again, as did a Deviljho gijinka named Jhoanna. Jhoanna and Shepard hunted a Plesioth. During the hunt, a stray laser from the Plesioth blew up Imca's rocket-battleship, and so Imca came and finished off the beast herself. Coincidentally, a Green Plesioth gijinka named Muirgenn showed up afterwards.
  • Several more characters (Francis, Daniel and Pinkie, among others) show up. Xene and Francis both go violently insane, one after the other, and had to be removed.
  • Natascha discovered a way to move between buildings during the daytime by using the Twilight Realm as a form of travel. She also went on a hunt to retrieve a runaway child.

  • The group arrived in Clock Town, and joined the festival with the townsfolk.
  • Francis returns to the group, seemingly saner. However, due to a scary story told around the time of his arrival, some think he is a Thunder Wolf...
  • Some of the group head to Impa's home town. While fighting off a horde of Blins, Impa comes across a treasure box with her name on it.
  • Krissy starts up a prank war. Hilarity Ensues...
  • Impa opened the treasure box she got from the mission. Inside is a map and a letter to Impa from her dead mentor.
  • Imca and Yumiko gave up their positions as God of War.
  • Asagi and Aurora went off to kill Ganondorf, but only the Hero of Light can kill him. They messed with him instead.
  • Some of the group did some errands in order to get the funding for a submarine, which was used to travel to a factory and retrieve the hidden plot device hidden within.
  • A cursed Gibdo girl haunted Clock Town, but fortunately she was cured by a mysterious man with an ocarina.

     Nethervegas Part 2 
  • Asagi's Prinnies built a portal to Nethervegas. Unfortunately, it lead to Aurora's pool.
  • Offscreen, Caesar's Legion gained plenty of power. To show off said power, they burned down a town.
  • Some of the group had their brains stolen. They had to find Dr. Möbius to get their brains back. They had to fight a giant mechanical scorpion, but they avoided it because it was too tough. Dr. Möbius was a good man, but Daniel fried him. The stolen brains did not want to go back in, but Capt. Blue gave them a little persuasion.
  • Minerva got tired of doing nothing about the notorious Caesar's Legion, so she went over to talk to the head honchos about the situation. From there, she called in a few friends to help her in two objectives:
    • Raising an army to help take down Caesar. They got one in the form of the Boomers, but they'll only join if they retrieve the treasure under Lake Mead. They also got help from Nethervegas's guilds.
    • Helping to raid a big tower for its resources. They got control of the Securitrons.
  • Thanks to a wish, Rikka got her memories back and her real name is Crystal Kotone, but the price was her color.
  • Mayor Aurora led an operation called Operation Ides of March Plus One, a mission where they would finally take down Caesar's Legion. The Sandshrew personally killed Ceasar. Afterwards, Mayor Aurora personally rewarded the group.
  • Luna worked on a Portal Gun, which opened a portal to the '80s Film World, and Donna died again. Everyone entered because Mayor Aurora kicked everyone out of her hotel.

     80's Action Film World 
  • Mr. Plot Device gave WAOAA!Chuck their next mission. It was to deal with the shady car salesman the WAOAA mercenary group got their cars from.

     Monster Hunter World 2 
  • Levin threw a hissy fit that he didn't get signed in as G-Rank and Nova trolled by not letting him be one.
  • One of Azure's friends, Gigi, has gone missing. She needs help finding her friend before her friend gets eaten by a wild monster, especially since she's got sight issues. The group went off to rescue her from a Glacial Agnaktor.
  • Some of the group went on a Qurepeco hunt, but it turns out that it was a Devilijho.
  • Gigi went on another expedition, but this time, she hired a few members of the group as bodyguards. They uncovered many artifacts, which covered the history of this world.
  • Natascha's father visits the group and it turns out that he was an Anti Climactic Parent.
  • Nova went on a journey to recover her spaceship hill.
  • Ken led the others in hunting a pink Lagombi.
  • Mewfy and Marcia, two Duel Monsters, showed up. Mewfy fell asleep and was handed off to Seth, a very famous duelist who believes Card Games are Serious Business. Marcia reveals that she's Slacker Magician, a rank 1 XYZ monster. Marcia and Seth start a duel, using duel disks. Marcia uses a Spellcaster-based deck (with Slacker and Downerd Magician in the side deck) and Seth uses an Alien deck (and is apparently skilled). Venomninaga is ridiculously overpowered.
  • Marisa, Saru, and Utsuhoid all went to a pocket-dimension bombing range with a huge arsenal of explosives. Marisa went kinda crazy, Saru the pyromaniac practically had a Nerd Gasm, and Utsuhoid loaded a nuke.
  • Azure and Gigi invited them to an uncharted island, where they explored a temple, a ship wreck and an underground crypt.
  • Every one spent the last 7 days high on Samus's super marijuana after the camp caught on fire and they woke up to the apocalypse.
  • Michelle found out that Proto Man is actually Roll in disguise.
  • A few characters went with Nova to track down an Elder Dragon. And back at camp, they found a wandering talking zombie hunter. Turns out that the Elder Dragons were clueless and selfish.
  • Nova made a deal with the Kirin.
  • Shenanigans in a mist covered zombie filled swamp in order to search for a dragon that looks like a chameleon. Several of our heroes came face to face with a slippery slimeball by the name of Oozanuchi. Despite his attempts to slide past their clutches, it wasn't long before he was snared in their iron grip and forced to unravel his tongue about the mystifying details of his father Chameleos's odious necromantic machinations. Although many questions were answered, many more still remained. Chameleos was working to escape this planet, but to where? He sought revenge, but for what? He created zombies and befouled the land, but why? With no more patience in their already limited reserves, our heroes gave Oozanuchi a simple choice: Tell them where to find his father, or face the consequences. With launch day soon approaching, and with more lives endangered by the minute, every step our heroes took towards the temple felt like an eternity.
  • The Chameleos agreed to help them.
  • The group (joined by Tira, a time-displaced follower of Soul Edge who made her way to the camp in the days preceding the final mission) went to the moon and found a mysterious forest, which is a Yama Tsukami in disguise, and fought it. They also met a mysterious dark figure who might be Alatreon. Turns out the armored figure is Gore Magala and he is Alatreon's son. He used the group to kill his dad. Fortunately, a bunch of spaceships bombarded Gore Magala with all they got, killing him in the process.
  • All the characters who helped during the whole Elder Dragon mess, either directly or as support, got a G Rank license given to them as the MH world's way of saying thanks.

     Silver City mk. 2 

  • Tira received a bounty hunt from Desperado, who is actually a zombie Lupo. Ares chastised the both of them for killing a person and cursed Desperado.
  • End Boss attempted to do a deadly game show, but Supergirl puts a stop to those plans.
  • The Silver City Museum is looked through, where we learn that Satellite, this universe's equivalent of the moon rover or whatnot, is missing.
  • Anne got hacked and went on the rampage, and some of the group stopped her. After discovering the cause, they went to an abandoned factory where robot police were built (they're called Cleansers), and caught someone trying to steal the plans from them. The guy blew himself up after getting caught, but Krissy grabbed the plans for the Cleansers. Only one group now, at the foot of the mountain where the factory is.
  • Desperado got Tira to break into the police's evidence vault, but screwed her over by leaving her to fend for herself and, while she got arrested, he got chased by the police until some automatic drones intervened and stopped him cold right in his hideout (still not sure if it was precisely because of the police chase that he left her behind, though). Boy Lightning, Marcia (under the alias of Magi Magi Magical Girl; Magigal for short) and Michael fought him there and then he revealed himself as Lupo to them as his physical body gave out. After a little more fighting, Wrath came and punched Lupo, sealing him into a little ball sorta thing for BL to take to the authorities.
  • The group protested SOPA, an act that allowed the government to spy on groups of people with superpowers. To get hero-hating politician Adrien Myers, who proposed the Act in the first place, to pull it, they had to rescue Adrien's daughter from the Dungeon Master, a literal Killer Game Master. Turns out Adrien was behind the kidnapping the whole time. Also, Sunny got a few incriminating photos and documents from Adrien, who was kidnapped by a robot of some sort.
  • Then that robot was tracked to Dusk City, where it ended up looking into Vampire-related murders, where it turns out Satellite and Davis (the vampire) are working together on something. Satellite was defeated and his Hard Drive captured afterward, with a device Satellite was trying to tear off someone's back being examined as a Mind Control device of some sort later. There's signs of a shady organization going around trying to do something dastardly with that kidnapping, and they have like mind control devices that control people and shove them into super typical "lookit my shiny power armor" to use as super soldiers, along with who knows what else. Mister Longram grabbed one of those super soldiers and told miss Luna to dissect 'em, only she turned him into some sorta flesh golem cyborg person, so the golem person (who calls himself Dirk) is a bit angry about him over that.
  • Starlight and Risky delved into the mystery of Starlight's supposed death. Starlight is having a massive identity crisis since she might or might not have been brought back to life and been living a lie till now.
  • Mr. Chuck seemed super worried about Drakina's disappearance.
  • There's a gun toting pegasus with a giant robot here. Who nearly blew some of the group up.
  • Shane accidentally caused a huge prison breakout. Fortunately, the villains were corralled into a section of Silver City.
  • Anubis is there to claim Imca's soul. We don't know anything else beyond that, other than that the small planet she made for herself was sterilized. As much as you can sterilize an entirely robotic planet, but still.
  • Human Asagi ends up running away, of a sort, headed to Deimos to figure out what the hell happened with Imca
  • She ends up attracting a lot of people and they end up flying via giant space penguin ship to Deimos, where they drop in.
  • A derp phases in and out of reality.
  • Deimos proceeds to open up and attempt to swallow everyone.
  • As they fall, they are attacked by hovermyr, who are basically robotic bees
  • Taming the hovermyr, they manage to head into Deimos without dying and enter the room where all of Imca's clone bodies are trashed
  • A quick search on the COMPYOOTOR reveals that a copy of Imca's memories are stored in the server room, so that makes it their prime area to go
  • At the same time, Deimos attempts to freeze everyone in the room to death, but Anubis teleports them out* They end up near the server room in different ways; Mitch breaks through an elevator shaft and teleports into it at the bottom of the shaft, while Anubis, Asagi, and Igno move through a massive, molten metal containment unit, meet a Moltensteen Dragon, and kick its ass.
  • Regrouping, they find the server room protected by not just an entirely indestructible by any means bulkhead made of DARKSTEEL dun dun dun, but an antimagic field that keeps them from teleporting in
  • They end up being forced to take a trip down to the reactor level, where they presumably had multiple adventures, met a cute little thing that sacrificed itself to save them, and stopped a gray goo uprising, before they entered the reactor room and found Tezzeret in the room, shaping it to his whim
  • After a short conversation the group engages Tezzeret and kills him via face-through-the-antimatter-reactor, upon which he name drops "Lord Bolas" as his master
  • The unfortunate introduction of a human into the reactor produces a wormhole that sucks everyone but Anubis and Starchild through; the wormhole proceeds to annihilate Deimos
  • The wormhole, as it turns out, leads to Nirn, where the group is taken down to Skyrim by Sheogorath on a pink trike.
  • Imca's alive again as an artificial person.
  • Luminos pops up in Lockup City with a giant tower and started a giant free-for-all between heroes and villains of all varieties
  • Luminos had been revealed to be working with Satellite to try and take over the world using brainwashed cyborgified Ultimates. His forces were defeated by the efforts of a lot of heroes and murderhobos that are sort of like heroes if we imagine them to be, with the main two being killed due to aerial plasma bombardment.
  • Lockup City itself has been essentially demolished due to the resulting giant battle, with most of its former inhabitants either having gone missing or being re-arrested
  • Adrien Myers has been rescued and is currently awaiting trial for conspiracy, and is sadly now an alcoholic due to pressure and the shame he feels for having his daughter involved in all of this.
  • Head Scientist, aka Evil Donna, invoked the wrath of Risky Cehack and was dragged off to his fate as Evil!Luna's "lab assistant" (really guinea pig) once more
  • A lot of other minor things, such as there being about 100 different Riskys working in the back parking lot on an airship for the Shovel Knight, people watching a Yugioh inspired animoo, some random dragon jerk villain popping up and disappearing, etc.

     3 E 
  • The group went to Skyrim, the Mass Effect dimension, and Neo-Seattle. Lots of shenanigans happened. And then they crashlanded in 3E.
  • Gespenst led a very small campaign against Arfoire. Marcia, Igno and Imca joined him.
  • Kallia and Hrodland explored a temple to retrieve an important artifact.
  • Lune, Sanger and the Rangers took on Serpentera and won again.
  • Gespenst accidentally left the Crossgate open during the fight against Sepentera, causing the hotel to be sucked in.

     Endless Frontier 
  • gespenst took about half the group on a journey to go exploring some of the other places besides the deserts of lost herencia, Shepard and Kaalia were teleported out, and another personal trooper has parked the giant land battleship outside the hotel.
  • They enjoyed the hot springs on an island and captured a rogue ninja.
  • At some point, Micheal went missing and the exploration group decided to find him.
  • The exploring group took on the Screaming Mimi and won. They went into Dorothy's Castle and damaged the place. They angered Dorothy and had to run away.
  • They also explore an underwater cave and fight off the Einst.
  • Some group explored an underground lab and had to fight Lancelot of the Lake in his Berserker form.


     Neo Seattle II 
  • The group arrives at Neo-Seattle again, and have dinner. Bulla ate too much, and caused the group to pay an expensive bill. Upon reading the bill, the ATLAS corporation had another method of paying: working for them.
  • After some investigation, they end up in the underground black market, which ends with the group leading an investigation on a warehouse and a car repair shop.
  • Ges trashed a lab, got info
  • Met an informant named Wasp
  • Found a black market
  • And various members of the team are raiding ATLAS military installations

  • well we went to the Krogan planet and a bunker on it, killed a Krogan scout team on orders from the leader of the bunker, and are preparing for a raid on the base the scout team belongs to. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong anyone. Oh, and there's a radiation storm happening so don't go outside.


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