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Thirty-something avid reader, player of video-games, and viewer of television and anime seeks recognition for certain works of fiction, interactive or no, on site Loves long walks with or without attendant beach, editing tropes over and over again due to inconsistent, folly-ridden nature (and he formally apologizes for the trouble this creates), and being a general nuisance.

     Favorite things (work in progress)  
Anime and Manga


The contents of my bookshelf.

Live Action TV

Video Games

Western Animation

Wrote the articles for:

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This is the space for random people to edit.

This comment is a placeholder until I find something witty to say about Zephid and his appreciation of alcoholic drinks - Noimporta

Lucky Revenant: You do indeed sound light green. Also, I'm adding Younger Than They Look to this page.

I looked up "anarchokinesis" and it's not really a word. Too bad, that would have been awesome. - Wicked223

Reference: "The Zephid Method" is shipping the above two poster. Zephid's Conjecture is that all threads eventually become /b/ Troper Updates.

Putting this here so I can remember it. -me

Oh, I apparently have a quotes page now.

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Yes, indeed, it is.