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He may have good ideas and excellent material to add to a Wiki, but he can't be bothered with formatting it properly. The Clueless Contributor sometimes seems to go out of his way to ignore page templates, style guidelines, markup advice built into the editing page, and even inline hints - it just comes out of his brain through his fingers and into the edit box with no oversight. Who cares if Every third word Is capitalized, punctuation. is essentially! random, the first word of every paragraph is in bold, or an obvious Wi Ki Wo Rd isn't formed properly? He doesn't. The Clueless Contributor can't be bothered with such trivialities. He just spews and moves on.


Before the default text for a new page on this wiki was changed, Clueless Contributors had a habit of responding to the "Describe [new trope] here" line instead of deleting it.

Often combined with Parabombing.

If you think you may be a Clueless Contributor, please click on "How to Write an Example" and learn the ropes of the tropes. Remember, the best way to avoid being a Clueless Contributor is to use spellcheck!

Compare Noob.


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