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C Trombley is a brown eyed handsome man. He doesn't look anything like Guido Anselmi from 8 1/2. He is a graduate student studying math in Texas, and is doing pretty well! (Yay, Math!) He likes comics, cartoons, music, movies, books, and TV.

His favorite book, however, is Jack Black's You Can't Win, Followed by Journey To The West.

His favorite director is Akira Kurosawa. Followed by Orson Welles, John Carpenter, Terry Gilliam, Sergio Leone, The Coen Brothers, and Mel Brooks.

He's watched The Prisoner, The Wire, Twin Peaks. One day he's going to watch Northern Exposure. He uses Netflix to do this.

He enjoys Jazz, Pop, Classical, Metal, Punk, Blues, and Folk music (among others). MJQ, Johnny Mercer, Messiaen, Melvins, and Mississippi John Hurt are some of his Ms for music. I would like the world to acknowledge that John Cage had a long and varied carrier, composing lots of music that had notes and melodies and everything.

His favorite animation directors are Art Davis, Miyazaki (Lupin III & Nausicaa especially), John K., Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, and Bill Plympton.

He likes almost anything that Fantagraphics reprints, early MAD magazine, The Far Side, Jim Woodring, The Spirit (not Frank Miller), and Sergio Aragones.