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There was a different description here once. I think it's pretty stupid now, so here's what you get instead.

I know a lot of things, because I'm curious, and when I get curious about things I look them up. Sometimes I actually use this information to better my life, and to make work easier, or even to decide what to work on. Curiosity's something everyone should have. There is nothing that disappoints me more than those who lack it, and let themselves become too focused to care about anything they don't already like.


Be curious, stay curious. Get out there and learn shit. And for all the gods' sakes, don't stick to this site alone, it doesn't count.

Launched pages about stuff no-one cares about:

Also a couple pages that I once thought needed to exist:

There is no point in listing anything else. I edited a few things seemingly at random, as I noticed them. Sometimes I attempted cleanup, however futile. I'm unlikely to do much else on here anymore.


Comment zone

Everyone seemed to have one at one point. Might as well save it.

  • Do the goggles do nothing? ~Charlatan
    • Actually the goggles are quite useful. They're eye protection for the lab and for riding, and they automatically darken in response to sudden flashes of light (such as from welding, or sudden flames). Though maybe I should've worn them that one time I got my eyebrows singed off... ~Goggle Fox
  • You are good at keeping up the Viewer Gender Confusion. ~Ponicalica
  • I miss your Sue Sakomoto avatar. It fit perfectly. - English Ivy
    • I still have it, I'm just using Shion because it fits my mood for now. :D ~Goggle Fox
  • That new avatar is adorable. But you should shop in Steampunk goggles or something. -Haven
    • Heh, I see! Well, I was going to do a freehand avatar or two. You'll see if I do. Definitely in need of the goggles. ~Goggle Fox
  • I personally like the fox avatar, but this one is really cute. ~Katrika
    • The one of Taokaka? Yeah, I guess I can see that, though that smile of hers can be pretty creepy at times. ~Goggle Fox
  • Am vaguely terrified of the thought that you really are a fox with goggles, a laptop, and the Internet. ~ Mr. Cales
    • Not much I can do about that, I'm afraid. ~Goggle Fox
      • The terror! :) ~Mr. Cales
  • I always misread your name as Google Fox - insofar
    • You are far from alone. Would having an avatar with actual goggles help? Or perhaps the title under the icon of "it has three Gs, thanks" :p ~Goggle Fox
      • Haha, maybe a Carol avatar would help? ~insofar
      • Nah. I was thinking something a little more personal. Besides, that's not a goggled character. That's like the inverse of a goggled character. ~Goggle Fox
  • How do you know all the stuff you know!? ~DoomTay
    • ^.^ Like I said elsewhere: I know the things I know because I'm eternally curious and remember things very well. I hardly know everything (no-one can), but I often know where to look it up quick, if I don't remember right off. ~Goggle Fox
  • Miss you Goggle! ~Lanceleoghauni
    • I'm not gone yet! I'm just trimming down time. Get too riled up by stuff somewhere, and nothing else'll get done, y'know? ~Goggle Fox
  • I thank you for keeping me from going all fundie on the fora. ~Kinkajou
    • You're welcome, I suppose o.o I'm not entirely sure what I did in particular. I just like to see people being good to each other, whoever they may be. ~Goggle Fox
  • The Ed avatar is sticking now. Those goggles are perfect. You contribute a lot and are one of the most intelligent people I've ever been around. ~a fan
    • Aww, thanks! ^.^ And yeah, the goggles are a perfect fit for said eponymous goggles. ~Goggle Fox
  • Goggle Fox, my friend... my dear friend... you've done the right thing. YOU STUPID FOOL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ~Zudak
    • Signed it for ya. Whatever the heck it was you said. ~Goggle Fox
  • An avatar without goggles or a fox? It's like up is down! ~TParadox
  • Bikini James is a beautiful thing and your avatar made my day.—Longfellow
  • Gender-Unknown Tropers are not safe from the New Year Vandal! Hope 2010 is good good good! Love, Katrika.
  • If you can't decide on a gender, why not flip a coin? ~Rophel
    • Every time I try that with this question, it lands on edge. ~Goggle Fox
  • Hope you don't mind. [1] -uximata
    • I don't! Sorry I never got back to that PM — I kept forgetting ^.^; ~Goggle Fox
  • Vandalism? You know, like editing your page? :p ~Tzetze
    • You forgot to sign! And now I see. :p Just watch, months down the road no-one is going to know what the heck this was about. ~Goggle Fox
  • How does being mentioned on Encyclopedia Dramatica (where they spelled your name as Google Fox by the way)? :P ~Marioguy128
    • I think you just accidentally a comment... :p It exists. It is a thing. But it is not particularly interesting. ~Goggle Fox
  • * &^ testing to s&% #($ @)# page 2| (7(@#8$1. ~Ponicalica
  • How many tropers of the unknown Gender are there on this site other than you and me? Aliroz The Confused
    • Maybe half a dozen in total... on the forums anyway. I'm apparently one of the first for it to go memetic on, but what difference does it make? It's just a thing. ~Goggle Fox
  • I gonna start commenting on the pages of tropers I think are pretty cool. It makes me a dork but it's better than letting the chance pass and regret not having learned anything. So, uh, thanks for being cool and stuff? ~Vree
    • You're welcome, I suppose. I will continue to exist, at least. I can hope it will be cool. ~Goggle Fox
  • I hereby proclaim you a male. So if there is some wacky revelation , it will be so much more pleasing. —OrangeSpider
    • If it pleases you, believe whatever you will. ◕ ‿‿ ◕ ~Goggle Fox
  • This face has a home here /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Please treat it with care. Do not shoot it full of holes in less than one second. Fuck. THAT! 'Shouts with every shot' STOP! MAKING! LITTLE! GIRLS! CRY!Spirit
    • O人◕ ‿‿ O人\ Such a waste... ~Goggle Fox