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aka Jew-fro Gay-man, antiheroic opponent of the evil Ironeye

A gaming fanatic, Voracious reader, and enjoyer of fine Science Fiction This Troper specializes in recognizing tropes found in these areas. Also a Science geek, and budding troper.

This Troper also enjoys Philosophy as a recreational activity, and lies somewhere in between Existentialist and Nihilist, not to be confused with a Nietzsche Wannabe he just understands that there is no point in life, then decides on a purpose for the week and goes. Greatly enjoys Depressing music and rumination on pain, and how it brings growth and wonder to life.

     Spirit of the Century 
  • Anton Korvanatz, Tsar of Gears.

  • Phase One: Origin
    • Born In Russia to a clockmaker Anton's parent emigrated to the US when he was only 3 to escape the terrible labor conditions. His father continued his work for a prominent maker of fine watches, passing his trade down to his son, as well as allowing him to get a decent education. Taking to science quickly, he let clockwork and machinery lag behind a bit as a result of his new studies.
      • Clockwork mind
      • Husky Ruskie

  • Phase Two: The Great War
    • when the great war broke out Anton had been working onboard military vessels, his skills being highly valued. When the captain got the call to war the crew decided they'd rather have a kid who could fix their gear rather than a shot of new blood into the ship. they forged his legal documents for him and entered him into the American Navy Serving aboard the US Battleship Grand Destiny. His Mentor, Chief Engineer Jameson continued to teach him the fine details of how every subsystem worked, and even gave him training in Bladed Weapons and Guns. However, escorting a fleet of Merchant Vessels to England his ship was struck by a German U-boat and He and his Jameson Fought tooth and nail to patch the failing systems and restore hull integrity. Fighting a losing battle Jameson Grabbed Anton by his overalls, threw him through the Bulkhead and quickly closed the door. As the last of the bolts slammed shut the hull patch gave out, washing the older engineer away. He finished out the war, returning home saddened deeply.

  • Phase Three: Anton Korvanatz in The Midnight Train to Moscow
    • Travelling by train to Moscow to Visit family Anton discovers that it will take all his wits as well as the help of a friendly thief to make it back home to America. Kidnapped by communists an old friend from the underworld came to bust him out. Now He must navigate the Moscow Underworld in his attempt to escape to the Scientific Conference at Zurich with the Communists hot on his tail.
      • Infamous Skill
      • Friends in Low places

  • Phase 4: Anton Korvanatz in Doctor Ekk and the Sword of the Archistrategos
    • Returning to the motherland to Aid his Fellow Centurion Dr. Ekk in a time where no non-russian would do, Anton Must dive into the heart of a country out to use his abilities to build weapons of war to spread the communist revolution. With Anton by his side, Dr. Ekk crawls ever closer to regaining his weapon of faith.

  • Phase 5: Anton Korvanatz and Sarah the Singed in The Byberry Assault
    • After Hearing the misdeeds of those responsible for the Byberry Sanitarium Anton, along with Former "patient" turned Crime boss Sarah the singed and The Flying Ace Major Sam Gears engage in a vigilante Raid to bring a message to those in charge. Sarah is back and she Is pissed. (Afterwards installs Consciousness into The Sparrowhawk)
      • Habitual Tinker
      • Shadow Hunter

  • Stunts:
    • Scientific Genius (Physics +1, Electricity+2)
    • Scientific Invention
    • Weird Science
    • Universal Gadget
    • Personal Gadget


  • Superb
    • Science
  • Great
    • Engineering
    • Stealth
  • Good
    • Burglary
    • Resolve
    • Resources
  • Fair
    • Guns (Arc Welder)
    • Athletics
    • Alertness
    • Academics
  • Average
    • Empathy
    • Investigation
    • Weapons
    • Survival
    • Endurance

  • 6 Health.
  • 7 Resolve.

  • Personal Item:
    • Expensive wristwatch with a Miniature Arc welder with an extra intense arc installed. It Can also Be used as a melee Weapon.

    Dresden Files 

    This Troper embodies: 

Current Favorite Poem:

The Hollow Men By T.S. Eliot



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