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After watching this site from its infancy, I'd finally caved in and signed up for a long journey into the categorization of media arts. Favouring a stuffy old wolf over any other alternative, I made my descent to add some class to this Internet of ours.

I enjoy this website due to a love of writing, drawing, music, politics and performing, with each pursuit getting in the way of the others. Currently, I am uploading the music I make, and have plans for more in the works.

I also am a proud wearer of pants. Everyone should try them.

What I Do here

Nothing much, mainly some additions here and there, as well as correcting any spelling errors I come across. I've made an addition to YKTTW, and will continue to improve this site.

Tropes which abound

  • Pet Peeve Trope: SplitPersonality Or anything of the like. In reality, it's generally giving a name to one's repressions. Online, it's generally sock puppetry. Also, Mad Scientists. Are you really making the world a better place by blowing up most of it?

The place for comments. It's the only way I'll learn.