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TV Tropes The TV Show takes place in an Alternate Multiverse to We Are Our Avatars where Father succeeded in shattering the Fourth Wall.
He obviously is the one who caused The Convergence.

Yami will make an appearance.
  • If you are talking about the one from Okami, not the one from Yu-Gi-Oh! Then it is confirmed! He appeared in level 7 of Negative Space.
    • Yes, I was. Although Yu-Gi-Oh!'s would be nice.

Yami will make an appearance.
And he will be voiced by DAN GREEN!

Lisa Renard will return to help the heroes.
She wants to prevent the Bad Future just as much as anyone else.

The group will sooner or later travel to...

The people playing the game are the actual characters.
Some of the characters are just too accurate to their source to be players!

Raven is a leftover entity from the Morning Star / Darkness fusion.
The godlike powers, the transparent evilness, the insanity... it fits completely!

The players are going insane.

Midna is getting schizophrenia, Daionusthe23rd has OCD, Lemurian is deveoping insomnia, josh6243 is an Extreme Doormat and Arcadiarika is just batshit insane.

  • Going? That implies they weren't already. (Not that that's a bad thing, though.)
    • Depends which Troper you speak of.

Bass will get his ability to-

No, no he won't, he'll never get it back, even if it's given back.

  • Instead, he gets the ability to repair the fourth wall. To repair the wall, one needs to take a conversation that would break the fourth wall and respond with something that does not involve the fourth wall.

The Club will have a 'battle' with Snowman one day.

Consisting of volleying insults.

Lemurian does not exist.
Lemurian is simply Yukari's account, she just pretends to be someone who loves Touhou, and makes sure there are no deviations from her story.

We Are Our Avatars is progressing in the same way as the ages of Comic Books.

The Golden Age and the Silver Age of WAOA were the first thousand pages, with the game being mostly about fun and nonsense right up until Flandre and Bit died and WAOA was moved to Forum RP. At that point, the RP entered the Bronze Age of WAOA, where the player characters' actions and motives affected the game itself. Such a change in the status quo produced several plotlines that led up to the first and most prominent Crisis Crossover, and the herald of the RP's equivalent to The Dark Age of Comic Books: the Incarnates Arc. It was the grimmest and most bloody arc ever, and its sheer scale and Grim Dark led to a temporary backlash against the Darker and Edgier tone WAOA was taking.

As of the current page, it is the Modern Age of WAOA, with drama and comedy in equal proportions, and with Crisis Crossovers being less frequent, but no less important.


All the player handles are being maintained and used by one player.
The player in question is particularly intelligent, cunning and imaginative, allowing them to make the players look like different people, and playing them with different personalities. When there is conflict between players, it's to make things look inconspicuous.

All the player handles are being maintained and used by one player that's behind over seven proxies and has a massive case of schizophrenia/dissociative identity disorder.
The supposed player in question is particularly intelligent, cunning, imaginative, and most importantly batshit insane, allowing them to make the players look like different people, and playing them with different personalities...because they are all different personalities that are continuously arguing with each other, either fighting for control or trying to repair themselves. When there is conflict between players, it's because of an internal conflict between the bronies, the weaboos, the plotters, the trolls, and the Touhou fanboys that are all different personalities inside this one person's head.

And the player that's been doing this isnote ...Lain, who's pretending to be Yukari. For the Lulz.

Nozomi is the Only Sane Girl of the group, and everyone else is really insane due to trying to "make sense" of and fit the universe into some kind of order.
No matter how crazy she seems, her ideas always seem to work. This is because the WAOA universe is just that crazy, and it takes a crazy person to understand a crazy universe.

The Avatars are aware of the Avatarians' existence, and are planning to pull a CLU and escape the computer.
Yvette, Luna, and several other Avatars have appeared in the discussion thread and chat room via glitches or cross-dimensional portals. They certainly know we exist, and it's only a matter of time before they figure out how to escape entirely into the real world... which will be awesome.
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