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I'm sorry, my editing has become increasingly silly lately

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24-year-old editor from Finland. Something of a literary buff, though recently mostly reading non-fiction. Fan of sci-fi, anime, graphic novels, and owner of an moderately impressive CD collection. Mostly a forum regular these days, but not below fixing bad formatting when meets some. Loves reading long, well-written examples sections, hates reading long, badly written examples sections.


Starter and just about only contributor for the Finnish translation project, which is under indefinite hiatus. Separate profile for the finnish project: Jethro Q Walrustitty

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Dear Sir, I strongly object to the content of your user name. It is clearly not authentic and is merely included for the sake of a cheap laugh. Yours sincerely, William Knickers.

Dear Sir, I also strongly object to your username, regardless of the fact it may or may not have elicited a giggle or two from myself. Sincerely, Dr Burkevus Knockers.


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