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(clicks onto my own troper page for the first time in about a decade)

(immediately cringes)

Yikes. This could really use an update.

Uh, hi! I'm Midna. I edit the site every now and then. Autistic, but probably with more issues under the hood. Rare leftist Texan. Aspiring artist, composer, and animator. Big fan of Splatoon and Panel de Pon. Looking to make it in the animation industry. I go by many names online, so you may not immediately recognize me, but if you do, feel free to say hi!


Vandalize my page if you want:

Muuahahahaha~ I shall vandalize this contributor's page! Nah, but you sound pretty cool. Not often one sees a guy who likes Sailor Moon.

hmmm.... I think you'd taste good as Strawberry Jello. :3

  • Midna: Should this creep me out?

Hi! I liked your tweak here so I thought I would drop in and say hi.

  • Midna: God this is late, but thank you!