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No one important. Just another Megaten fanboy.

Also incontrovertible proof that G.I.F.T. exists on TV Tropes.

A place where you can vandalize tell me how much I suck. Cause, well, everyone has those, I suppose.

  • Now with 20% more Personastuck! -LeChuck4
  • Sup, fellow fa/tg/guy? Here, have a brofist. — Icarael
  • I will watch as many series as you SOMEDAY -Katsuun/Bassetete/Understand/Etc.
  • Consider this page vandalised! ~ Electrosa
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  • He Raidou's The Lighting! In all seriousness though, he's great. ~ Wren.
  • Another victim of the phantom scotsman...Rai is awesome but you do not need me to say is gospel truth. Shining Knight
  • I can tell you exactly how much you suck: You don't at all. You're pretty cool. ~ Nine-Tailed Cat

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