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Awesome moments from the sprawling multiverse of The Lone Traveler.

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     Harry Potter: The Lone Traveller 
  • Harry's very first travel. He appears to be looking at his own wedding, but apart from that he has no idea what the hell is going on. He still manages to save the entire wedding party from being poisoned.

    Stories of the Lone Traveler 

    Further Adventures of the Lone Traveler 
  • Much of the climax of the story qualifies, but special mention has to go to Harry being made God of Free Will.

    Harry Potter; Lone Traveler, God, and Wizard 

     Side Stories 

Here Comes the Marine


  • Per West Wing canon, President Bartlett gets shot. However, his niece (by blood technically a cousin by marriage, but she calls him "Uncle Jed") happens to be Faith Lehane. Faith is unhappy about this case of acute lead poisoning, and is determined to find out if the attempted assassins had any supernatural help. Several days later, Mekros, one of the (surviving) leaders of the supernatural community in Washington D.C., finds those who are responsible and turns the humans over to the human authorities (the non-humans are just killed). He then proposes a truce: Her family (i.e. the President and his family) will be protected, and there will be no more rampages by an angry Slayer in the D.C. area.
    • Later on, when Zoe (the President's daughter) is kidnapped, Mekros hears that Faith is on her way to D.C., accompanied by Willow and Xander. Mekros calls the President and almost begs for time to fix things in order to maintain the truce. Within half an hour Zoe is rescued and the men responsible are imprisoned.

Professor of Defense


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