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Awesome / Ah My Goddess The Twilight Hour

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This Fanfic definitely rises to levels of mega-awesomeness!

  • How? By focusing on Urd, a mysterious stranger and Hild’s attempt to collect an artifact of fearful power which will forever change the lives of the Morisato household.
  • Urd’s CMOA include her protection of her severely injured sister resulting in the incineration of both the big bad and a good chunk of the surrounding countryside. Or when she enters the demon realm essentially telling everyone to F.O., then destroys half the place after breaking free of Hild’s demonic control (still arguably not their biggest fight in the book).
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  • What, not awesome enough? Did I mention she’s doing all this to try and recover what’s left of her lover’s soul?
  • Not enough CMOHW? Then perhaps when she faces the dark ocean alone searching for a way to her lost love; or falls through the heavens with him; or perhaps when she places only half of the stone on his body.
  • Still no? Are you made of stone?!
Okay, how about when she explains the symbols on the grave , or the meaning of the book's title? I’m not even going to go into the building of the seaside residence or Urd's final ride into the mountains on horseback.

  • Urd’s love interest isn’t too shabby himself given his rescue of Skuld (bonus marks because she hates him), and later tturning away in the heat of battle to make the Heroic Sacrifice. Difficult given he’s actively hunted by both demons and Valkyries - when not being comically mistaken for the deity Fudo-Myoo. His existence also proves that, at least beyond Belldandy’s sight, bad things DO happen to bad people; though arguably Hild proves this even more effectively later in the work.

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  • And what about Belldandy? Is she not already awesome enough for you!? Her scene of her breaking free of her bindings as a horde of demons attempt to overwhelm her is classic as is her rescue of a fellow goddess just before her capture by Hild’s forces. Or when she pours her heart out to Keiichi on the eve of battle, telling him the truth about she and Urd’s shared past. As always their quiet talks reach CMOHW.

  • And Keiichi? Does he just sit this one out? Not really considering: (1) he battles several demons alone during the course of the book despite his human disadvantage; (2) putting himself through a wall to defend the family from further attacks (more Original Flavour than it sounds); (3) is pretty much the only thing holding Belldandy, Urd and Skuld together during large chunks of the book; (4) performs the climactic chase against the Bullet train. Oh and he also has to speak to someone who is very likely Belldandy’s father.

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  • True I’ve left off any mention of the book’s humor and the CMOA of Skuld, Lind, or Peorth as well as the gratifying contributions of Tamiya, Otaki, Megumi and Mara in the story – or even what the book is arguably about but hey, you get the idea.

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