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Awesome moments in the Super RWBY Series.

Super RWBY Sisters

  • Peach joins Team RWBY and the Mario Bros in their final battle against Bowser. In the fight everyone uses a mega mushroom to turn gigantic and fight the giant version of Bowser. It goes about as well for Bowser as one would expect it to go.

RWBY Uprising

  • While Dyntos takes Pit to do his Three Trials, Master and Crazy Hand take RWBY and JNPR along to do a test. Epic battles ensue. They soon become Smash Fighters, much to Pit's surprise.

Super RWBY World

  • Peach successfully holds her own against Roman and Neo.

Super RWBY 64

  • Daisy makes her entrance Mario Strikers Charged style.
  • The Toads staging a riot in Peach's Castle, causing mayhem for the Koopa Troop.

Super RWBY Sunshine

  • Phoenix Wright and Maya stops the trial and proceeds to turn the case around, much to the Pianta's shock.
  • Sarge and Nora discover the raccoons are hoarding Shine Sprites. The raccoons are then hauled off to jail.
  • Kirby sucks up the entire ocean just so they can safely clean Eely-Mouth's teeth. Kirby spits it back out after they get the Shine Sprite.


Paper RWBY: The Thousand Year Door

  • While the others are stuck in Keelhaul Key, Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie fight Bonetail head on, and succeeds.
  • When the Smorgs invade the Excess Express, all the passengers fight together and helping the heroes progress through the train cars.
  • Shurei, Peach's Feebas, refuses to go down against Grodus. She evolves into a Milotic and completely annihilates Grodus.
  • Bowser has his moment when he takes on the Shadow Queen herself and annihilates her.
  • Vivian's epic "Reason You Suck" Speech to Beldam.



  • The Phantom Thieves has a whole chapter dedicated to them trying to get the Smash Invite from the Wario Bros. They succeed.

  • Tifa and Yang's Team Up against K. Rool.

  • Yang finally unlocks her Hadoken that she's been trying to master from Ryu's teachings. Who does she use it on? K. Rool himself.
    • The music that the author picked for Yang's final fight with K. Rool was sheer epicness.

RWBY: Superstar Saga plus Bowser's Minions

  • Luminary and his friends make their grand entrance during the fight with Mom Piranha. Complete with Dragon Quest XI's Overture!

  • Sothis has her moment when she fights against Cackletta. She doesn't hold anything back.

  • The Goomba Squad faces against an actual Behemoth and actually wins with the help of the Koopalings.

  • Dahuo, Yang's Tepig, and Shurei evolve in the middle of the final battle with Fawful. It does not end well for him.

Operation Winter Moonlight

  • The whole heist was pulled off in spectacular fashion.
  • Not only is it absolutely hilarious, but Wario destroyed the Schnee Mansion with an atomic fart.
  • Weiss broke out of the mansion on her own accord.
  • Anthony beating Jacques for his misdeeds, finally getting closure after all the hell he and his mother had been put through.
  • Weiss unleashes an Ironic Echo on Jacques.
  • Zoey gets a gut feeling that Camrin and Chloe are in danger, rushing in to save them against Wario and Waluigi, and finishing what they started by herself.

RWBY: Partners in Time

  • Dante holding his own against Yoob. The only way it succeeded was that it had to drink water from the ocean to get him down his gut.
  • Arceus stops Dialga from destroying E. Gadd. Imagine getting saved by God himself.
  • The White Wings taking out a few UFOs as Catria unleashed a Crit on the UFO.
  • Parfait used Metronome! Parfait used Judgement! Critical Hit! UFO fainted!
  • Jaune unlocked his semblance and saved Ruby.
  • During her interrogation, Ilia managed to flip Snake off before getting electrocuted again.
  • Bowser easily took down the White Fang and Atlas Military in one fell swoop.
  • The folks at Jabberwock Island kicked some serious butt against the Shroobs.
  • Jaune yelling at Princess Shroob and getting his axe.
  • Ozpin defends the students from the Shroob attack and kicks their butt.
  • General Guy has functioning NES Zappers and a Super Scope in his arsenal.
  • BOWSER, of all people, sticks up for Luigi, Weiss and Jaune... and then forces him and his group inside the shrine after prying the Star Gate open.
  • Weiss surpasses her dark self and destroys her weapon.
  • Esdeath betrays Dark Weiss and was about to kill her... before something bigger came along.
  • The final battle with Elder Princess Shroob with the cast of both Partners in Time and Star Allies working together to take the toughest final boss yet in the series.
  • Gloria and Bea saving Ruby's life from Dark Ruby.

JINX: Star Allies

  • Kirby finishes Marx off with the Ultra Sword.
    • He does the same with Magolor after a brief duel with the Ultra Swords.
  • Kirby's past acquaintances all get hit with a Jamba Heart, except for Susie. She unwittingly avoided it by swimming deep in a chocolate fondue fountain. She didn't even realize what was going on until after the Heroes meet up with her.
  • Heavy Lobster helps in the fight against Grand Mam.
  • Galacta Knight got out of Morpho Knight's possession and ripped the butterfly a new one.
  • Everyone helping Kirby destroy Void Termina with their own attacks.
  • JIN, Screamy, Umber, Kirby, Reimu and Marisa broke free of Dark Xena's ESP prison hold to fight her.

RWBY: Isle of Armor

  • Ghira got into a fist fight with a Silver Lynel... and lived.
  • Scarlet outwitted Avery's Kadabra by using Agility and having Kadabra's own Swift hitting it.
  • Carolina is now a Smasher.
  • Scarlet evolves into Zoroark and also Dynamaxes to kick some serious butt.
    • In the same fight, Scarlet, Cinderace and the two Slowbro Dynamaxed (Gigantamaxed in Cinderace's case) at the same time, resulting in a gigantic grand finale.
  • Mona holding her own against Honey in a one on one while her team steals the Water Scroll.
    • Before the fight, Honey told Mona that she spars against a Gallade. Mona doesn't even flinch.
  • Ruby and Gloria's final battle with Mustard and Honey.
  • Blake gets herself a Zeraora.
  • Rosalina makes her grand debut and she doesn't hold back any punches.

Super RWBY Galaxy

  • Peach bitch slaps Cinder after reuniting.
  • After the Reds' failed attempts to get on the Manta Ray, Ibuki and Penguin!Hiyoko tries it out with the former surfing on the latter.
  • Cinder tries to hack Eggman's new robot. Eggman predicted this and prevents her from doing so.
  • Blake unleashes the power of the Void Wisp, enough to actually harm Bouldergeist.
  • Weiss unleashes the power of a Z-Move with her Popplio, which was enough to turn the tide of battle.
  • Ibuki brings out Guitar Hero to cheer Rosalina up. The first song Rosalina picks and absolutely nails it perfectly to the shock of everyone? Through The Fire and Flames, of all songs!
  • Nora uses the power of a Chaos Emerald to turn the tide of battle.
  • Pyrrha goes absolutely ballistic on Meta after he impaled Jaune and beats the living crap out of him.
  • Carolina uses her Final Smash on Meta.
  • Ruby and Dark Ruby temporarily team up to take down R3-B7.
  • Ruby uses the Silver Eyes for the first time, and it just so happens to be in Dark Ruby's presence!
    • Adding on to this, Summer comes in and chops off a few of her limbs.
  • The Sonic Power Cannon was used to blast Dark Ruby away.
  • The Blood Gulch crew banded together and took out Major Burrows.
  • Weiss's Sneasel and Snorunt evolved into Weavile and Froslass.
  • Weiss executed a Seregios
  • Xena manages to hold her ground against none other than FLANDRE SCARLET by herself for a good while.
  • Nyx's semblance counteracted Emerald's semblance, much to the latter's surprise.
  • Sonic takes Weiss's greatsword and proceeds to kick ass against an Undergrunt Gunner. Both Weiss and Tucker are surprised by Sonic's impressive swordsplay.
  • RWBY, JNPR, JINX, Tai, Qrow, Zwei and Ilia all banded together and used their Wisps to defeat Eggman in a glorious finisher. Even Sonic got involved in the finisher!
  • Viridi chips in and brings the Forces of Nature with her, including the two Dino Piranhas to help in the final fight.
  • Everyone uses the Chaos Emeralds to power up against the giant King of Awesome himself... except Rosalina. She summons a Grand Star and goes full power with it.

Super Paper RWBY

  • Gloria and O'Chunks' first meeting was nothing more than just sheer awesome!
  • Luigi nobly sacrificing himself to Nastasia while Marnie and Neo make their getaway.
  • Dry Bowser facing the almighty God of Wrath, Wracktail, himself.
  • Ruby not only managed to stop the fight with King Croacus, but also managed to chat with him and convinced him not to brainwash the Cragnons anymore.
    • She also managed to impress both Weiss AND Bowser!
  • Blake instinctively kicks Mimi's trap away and then Mew transforms into a Gyarados to destroy the trap, much to Mimi's irritation.
  • Cortez makes a cameo appearance and helps the heroes out with fighting the Skellobit army.
  • Dry Bowser gets hit by his own Oblivion Fire from Shadoo. However, he brushes it off and reveals that he found a way to manipulate it into the palm of his hand.

RWBY: The Crown Tundra

  • Sun and Neptune saving and aiding their respective girlfriends during the fight with Glastrier and Spectrier.
  • The Absol that has been watching Blake comes to her aid in saving her and Weiss from both Adam and Seryu.
    • Then Azure appears to save his adoptive mother and Blake as well by ripping Seryu's arm off completely and then Adam's arm leaving only his elbow left.
  • Whitley starts to push himself and catch him an almost full team of Pokemon. At one point, he saved his family By unlocking his semblance.
  • Ruby's Ivysaur and Yang's Fletchinder evolve. The latter evolved mid-fight against Regice.
  • Summer and Rosalina hold their own against FREAKIN' HADES.
  • A mini victory for Yang as she makes a pun that makes GLORIA double over in laughter.
  • Weiss and Blake winning the Galarian Star Tournament in style and some of their Pokemon evolving as well during the fight.
  • Ruby using her Silver Eyes successfully and willingly in second practice attempt.
  • Weiss gives her own father not one, but two bitch slaps!
    • She even deflects one that he was about to give her!

Super RWBY Chibi

  • After a brief hiatus, the author makes a grand return by making some skits that reference a very popular FPS game.
  • The author goes back to his roots and makes the 100th Chibi a Mario Party related one. He goes out of his way to make four extra skits!
  • Peach going full-on Mama Bear on Bowser after the latter accidentally making Aphrodite (Her Ralts) cry.
  • Despite being a dream, LEONE VS FREAKING GOD SLAYER BOWSER.

Super RWBY Gaiden

  • Jade Toadstool ended the war with Bowser within days after her husband passed on.
  • The fifth chapter was practically a love letter to Super RWBY Sisters.
  • Captain Falcon and Mr. Game and Watch defeat Tabuu by using Judgement and a Falcon Punch together at the same time. Said Judgement happened to land on 9.
  • Ibuki went toe to toe with the friggin Icon of Sin. Not to mention she went off and destroyed a bunch of demons, including the Marauder.
  • Esdeath took on a hive of Lancers by herself, including the Queen Lancer.
  • Lucario put Cardin in his place during his spar with him. Blindfolded.
  • Sae teams up with a Victini, Meloetta and a Diancie to protect Toad Town from a Shroob Invasion.
  • Each member of Team JNPR facing the Four Champions of Hyrule.
  • Esdeath facing off against Sephiroth in an epic fight.
  • Weiss and Blake learn magic and are quite capable of kicking ass with it.

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