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Nightmare Fuel / Super RWBY Sisters

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The nightmare fueled moments that appear in the series.

Dark RWBY's Deaths

  • Dark Yang, Dark Blake and Dark Weiss definitely had some brutal deaths.
    • Dark Yang got herself dunked into the Rewind Spring and Yang refused to let her doppelganger get out. She was practically erased by time. The author has mentioned in a few Private Messages that the original ending for her was that Dark Yang crawled out of the Rewind Spring, but as a baby. Viridi would say "Don't worry, I got this." as they try to figure out what to do with Dark Yang. Viridi took her to a field of Piranha Plants which scared the hell out of Dark Baby Yang and caused her to cry. Petey Piranha would come in and see Dark Baby Yang before eating her alive. Yikes.
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    • Dark Blake met her end by accidentally getting thrown into the lava in Corona Mountain. The first time she came out, she tried to take Blake with her, looking severely scarred. Blake kicked her back in, and she hadn't come back out after that.
    • Dark Weiss met her fate when she was defeated by Weiss, frozen solid by Esdeath, and then got eaten alive by a mutated Behemoth. She begged for it to go away while crying. It didn't work out so well.


Paper RWBY

  • Lava Piranha pushed Sakura too far and she straight up murdered the hell out of him while let out blood curdling screams and crying, and was STILL stabbing him in death. Hana had to snap her out of it before she would've done something horrid to anyone else.

Super RWBY 64

  • Pyrrha ends up in Hazy Maze Cave, finds the metal cap and puts it on. That in it off itself isn't that horrifying, the nightmare fuel comes from what happens afterwards. Pyrrha becomes unable to talk and it is described as her having no mouth but trying to scream. It also leads to her polarity going out of control and her attracting every metal object in vicinity. Everyone is very relieved when the metal cap wears off.



  • Ruby's nightmare that she had regarding the Chaos Kin and Dark Ruby was definitely creepy.

RWBY: Superstar Saga plus Bowser's Minions

  • Dark Xena sadistically ending a Beanie's life.
  • Yang gets hit by a Kathwack spell that ends her life on the spot. Luckily, Serena revives her with a Kazing spell.
  • If it weren't for the Koopalings helping out the Goomba Squad, the Behemoth would have had eaten them after defeating them.

RWBY: Partners in Time

  • Had Arceus not intervened, Professor E. Gadd would have met his demise by an angry Dialga.
  • Deoxys got itself Shroobified.
  • Adam slowly walks towards the Slime with malice. What he has plans for it for his ranks of Crimson Fang is unknown currently. But with the amount of anger Adam has, it isn't going to be pretty.

JINX Star Allies

  • Meta Knight has a mental breakdown when he sees Susie. Considering what happened to him before...
  • Dark Xena is evolving, saying she has no need for her dark eyes and her demented voice and can disguise herself as Xena until it's too late.

RWBY: Isle of Armor

  • A Honedge drains Jaune's life and ends up killing him. He gets better thanks to Pyrrha.
  • Kamek mentions that his father was killed by teleporting at the wrong place at the wrong time and got sucked into a jet turbine from a passing plane. Yeesh.

Super RWBY Galaxy

  • If it wasn't for Rosalina intervening, The Great Jaggi would have made a meal out of Weiss.
  • We see a short scene of Mega Man accidentally dying when Nora threw a Spiny at him in a Smash Run session. He gets better... but is a little afraid of Nora now.
  • Whatever it was that Dark Ruby turned in to, Washington's reaction doesn't exactly help much.
  • The Meta, after suffering a brutal beatdown by Pyrrha, gets thrown into a Black Hole where we see him getting spaghettified before disappearing into the black hole.
  • Dark Ruby can now shapeshift parts of her body into Grimm. Ruby's reaction says it all.
  • Ztars make an appearance and they are shown to corrupt anyone who come near it, like Sakuya, Remilia and Flandre for example.
  • Rosalina warned JINX not to touch the Dark Matter, otherwise they would disintegrate until nothing remains. As Rosalina explains this, a Dry Bones accidentally falls into the Dark Matter and disintegrates while crying out in pain. JINX is horrified by this.
    • Even DARK XENA HERSELF is disturbed by this.
  • Bowser's Galaxy collapses in on itself and we see everything get distorted and uprooted from the ground. It's pretty horrifying to see.

Super Paper RWBY

  • Dry Bowser now has the ability to TAKE ANYONE'S POWER FOR HIMSELF. He demonstrates this on Wracktail and Dashell, but he keeps the latter alive.
  • It turns out that Dry Bowser's Volcanic Punch in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials actually did a number on Flipside itself, so much so that it tilted the Flipside tower by one degree.
  • The Void completely wiped out the Sammer Kingdom, and everyone sees the aftermath. Ruby tries to encourage everyone to keep fighting, but as they're heading for the Pure Heart... even she is feeling discouraged from the aftermath.

RWBY: The Crown Tundra

  • The fight with Weiss and Blake was a very brutal fight. Plus the fact that Adam and Seryu almost successfully killing Weiss with both a gunshot and poison wound. If not for the timely arrival of Absol, Azure, and Calyrex, Weiss would have not made it.
  • Adam showing Weiss to her horror the SDC Brand on his left eye, showing how much permanent damage her father and his company has done to the Faunus, especially Adam.
    • Because of what happened with Weiss, she gets a bad case of PTSD while in the shower, showing that Adam and Seryu had really rattled her good.

Super RWBY Gaiden

  • Any of the monsters from Erdrea who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with the Crimson Fang are constantly tortured (Psychologically too!) and enslaved.
  • Emperor Bowser has a power called Oblivion Fire, which is a black fire that will continue to burn anything until it has been incinerated. It can't even be extinguished, as shown off by him using it on a Toad.
  • The fate that befalls Esdeath's village is brutal at the hands of the Creatures of Grimm which has traumatized Esdeath.
  • Seryu's introduction says it all. Like in the anime she is very dangerous, she also has a very deadly Semblance that allows her to create any weapon.
    • She also proceeds to murder everyone in the mental hospital she was in without mercy.
  • Seryu ambushing her former boss Esdeath after her fight with Sephiroth and proceeds to brutally injure her even further.
    • Seryu took special delight in mocking Esdeath before stealing her clothes and leaving her for dead after inflicting even more gunshot wounds. If not for the timely arrival of some Koopas and Toads, Esdeath would have met her end at the hands of her former subordinate.

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