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We must remember that, no matter how lonely we are, flame wars are impolite and have the potential to cause more alcohol-induced depression than this page.

Everyone has their own opinions, still, so if you think anything below is inappropriate, you can bring it up on the discussions page. Tropes Are Not Bad, and that's why a lot have manifested here as Fan Fic archetypes. Many of these can also be justified in certain circumstances, even if they're usually cliché and boring.


Most of all, though, we must remember that this is Just For Fun.

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  • Whenever someone's eyes are described as "orbs"
  • Some form of the verb 'gravitate' is used
  • Canon character gains a non-canonical pet
  • Rule 34
  • Characters who have never shown an interest in the military join up
  • Canon character acts completely OOC for no apparent reason
    • Canon character acts completely OOC to enable the central romance
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Aliens Made Them Do It
  • Character who has never done X before is immediately amazing at X
  • Nonsensical pop culture reference
  • Whenever you read something that's been Jossed
  • OMG turned into "Oh my [insert deity here]"
  • Infringement joke in the disclaimer
  • Every "If I owned this, I'd be rich." Or "If I own this I would've change A and made it B."
  • The author threatens to up the content rating later
  • Every Plot Hole
  • Fix Fic that undoes a Tear Jerker and/or Downer Ending
  • Broad Strokes are applied
  • When an author threatens to...
    • hold the story hostage unless a certain number of reviews are given
    • do something horrible to you or a cute puppy
  • When the color of someone's eyes is especially descriptive (e.g. Blue becomes sapphire)
  • Spared by the Adaptation
  • Death by Adaptation
  • When the series Running Gag gets used
    • The fanfic creates a running gag and uses it to survive
  • The author takes time out to rail against "haters"
  • Music is suggested for listening to while reading
  • A song is plagiarized
    • Double if the lyrics are adjusted
  • Shameless promotion of another fanfic
    • Promotion of recursive fanfiction/fanart/whatever
    • Promotion of its own TV Tropes page
  • Reminder to like/favorite/upvote/whatever the fic
  • Obviously a Self-Insert Fic
    • And another if the OC is an avatar for the author to romantically hook up with his/her favorite character
  • Interrupted Intimacy
  • One of the characters (usually the Cloud Cuckoolander) becomes a stoner in high school
  • The OC is written specifically to be one of the existing characters' new best friend
  • A character says something like "I know I'm good, but you don't need to call me a god" after their sexual partner yells "oh my god!"
    • Or if they actually are a god and acknowledge this, added snark not necessary, but likely
  • Characters watch the show they come from
  • Characters read fanfiction
  • Every trigger warning
    • Double shots if one is/some are about alcohol
  • Star Wars AU (you can skip this if the original work has a canonical Star Wars AU)
  • Alternate Universe Fic set in World War 2 in which Nazi Germany won the war.
  • Whenever a character gets resurrected, either in the fic or after they died in the original work
    • And/or if their death in the original is just ignored for the sake of the fic's continuity
    • And/or if they miraculously survive something
    • Take two when how it was possible is given a Hand Wave or some rambling and nonsensical Techno Babble
  • The Scrappy, or another less popular character, gets Killed Off for Real
    • The Scrappy gets killed off or sacrifices themselves to save whoever escapes their canonical death above
  • Only one character is kidnapped
  • The mention of "bashing" or "flames"
  • Lemon fics. Take another shot if the incredibly graphic and detailed descriptions of the characters' adult anatomy actually makes you aroused.
    • Take a third if the fic featured aged/matured cartoon characters from a show whose art style would be Fan Disservice at best.
  • Mood Whiplash. Just one if the fic is a one-shot, double if it takes place at the end of the first chapter of an updating story.
  • There's an incredibly long author's note
  • A Script Fic inside the author's notes between the author(s) and the characters

    Little Sip 


    Finish your drink 

  • Use the bottle to club yourself to death (or get another and down that, too) if it is a Superwholock fic crossed over with something else as well
  • Sign up for AA if the fanfic you're reading is My Immortal
  • Take a cab to a brewery and throw yourself into the vats if the character joining the military is an OC pony
  • Call for a fresh bottle and a stomach pump if the character who has just joined the military after having no previous interest is described as the most skilled soldier/marine the CO has ever seen
  • Drink with the characters: whatever they have, so do you!
    • Hit of heroin = vodka gold shots
    • Spliff = down half pint of lager
  • Celebrity-tory drinks party if the pairing of a Real-Person Fic gets together. In Real Life.
    • Invite the fic author if it happens the same way they described before trying to obtain their psychic powers through excessive drinking.
  • If it turns out any of the abducted characters end up being sent to a secret underground military organization, a child labor factory in a Middle Eastern country, or even an international prostitution ring, finish your entire pack of drinks then seek therapy
  • Induce alcohol poisoning orally for fanfics written as part of a trend the entire fandom is currently going through.
    • Induce alcohol poisoning through butt-chugging if said trend/phase fanfics focus on a currently popular 'it' slash couple

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