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Drinking Game:

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

For the brave souls that decide to read this fanfic, here's a Drinking Game to help make it bearable, or perhaps fun... well, you'll get drunk, trust us. Here's a formatted party version.

Simple Version:


Pure R-OH Version:
  • Take a shot every time Ebony "frenches" someone.
    • Two shots whenever she does so "passively".
  • Take a shot each time Ebony has sex.
    • Take two shots each time said sex gets interrupted.
    • Take two shots each time characters have sex without getting naked first.
    • Take the bottle, screw the lid on loosely and pour yourself a shot by letting it leak out whenever Enoby takes off either her own underwear or her partner's underwear before actually taking off the rest of their clothes.
    • Take a shot every time someone comes.
      • Two shots if they come without even having sex.
    • Take a shot for every time Tara misspells a word as a sexual term (e.g., "Sodomize moaned sexily"). Take another shot if said sexual term is spelled correctly.
  • Take a shot every time the word "goffik" or its variants are used.
  • Take a shot for each different spelling of Ebony's name.
  • Take a shot each time a name from the Harry Potter books gets misspelled.
  • Take a shot each time the narrative stops to describe clothing.
    • Take a shot each time the narrative stops to describe someone's makeup.
  • Take a shot each time an emo band gets mentioned.
    • Take two shots each time an actual goth band gets mentioned. Remember, emo is not goth! In fact, most emo bands are actually quite "preppy".
      • Come to think of it, take a shot every time preps—and Hilary Duff—are insulted.
      • Take another shot when the "prepz" are flaming again.
      • Take a shot every time My Chemical Romance's name is dropped mercilessly.
    • And take a shot every time she comments on how hot a band member looks.
      • Or how hot anyone looks.
      • Or when she compares a character to a member of a goffik band.
      • Two shots if you can't tell who it is because they've gotten their name misspelled or confused with another character's.
  • Take a shot every time the cast goes to attend a concert of a "goffik" band.
    • Take two shots if it's not really the band that's playing, but really "Vlodemort and da Death Deelers".
      • Take another shot if no one cares that "Vlodemort and da Death Deelers" are playing instead.
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  • Take two shots every time Draco runs after Ebony naked.
  • Take a shot each time the word "fishnets" is mentioned.
  • Take a shot with every bad pun.
    • Take two shots with every non-pun that is followed with "geddit".
  • Take a shot every time you see something redundant. For example:
    And then the roses turned into a huge black flame floating in the middle of the air. And it was black.
  • Take a shot every time the word "black", its variants or misspellings is used.
  • Take a shot every time a long word is rendered as a similar-looking word spelled correctly.
    • Take two shots if this turns into an unintentional censorship, such as when "masturbating" becomes "masticating".
    • Take two shots when that similar word spelled correctly is actually a harder word, spelled correctly. See: Azerbaijan.
  • Take a shot each time Ebony gives somebody the "middle finger".
    • Take a shot every time Ebony then stops to describe how she painted her fingernail during giving the finger.
  • Take three shots every time Tara spells a five-letter-plus word correctly, without changing the intended meaning, after chapter 16.
  • Take two shots every time Tara threatens not to update.
  • Take a shit every time Tara accidentally spells a normal word as a swear word. (the best examples are Minister for Magic Cornelia Fuck, and Draco watching the film Hoes of Wax)
  • Take a sip every time the word fuck is used. That includes misspellings of the word, and abbreviations of the it (for example: OMFG, WTF, OMFFG).
  • Take a shot every time someone slits their wrists.
    • And two shots if someone silts their ristz
    • Or two if she drinks the blood from the slit wrists.
  • Take a shot every time Tara uses the word 'depressed' or its variants.
  • Take a shot each time suicide is mentioned.
  • Take a shot each time there's an author's note.
    • Take two shots for every time the author's note involves the author threatening to self-mutilate in some way.
    • Two shots if it's not at the beginning or end of the chapter.
      • Three if it's in the middle of a sentence.
  • Take a shot each time someone makes a dramatic entrance (remember, Rule of Perception).
  • Take a shot for the adverbs "sexily", "gothically", "seductively", and "suicidally". (Two shots if the word is spelled correctly)
    • Take two shots for the adverbs "angrily" and "sadly". And, yes, "sandly" counts as "sadly".
      • Three shots if the actions being described do not fit the adverb (e.g., Draco "crying sexily," etc.)
      • Take four shots every time two entirely contradictory adverbs are used to describe the same action (e.g., B'loody Mary shaking her head "energetically lethargically")
  • Take a shot every time Tara says "da" instead of "the".
  • Take a shot for each Freudian Slip where Ebony is accidentally referred to as Tara.
  • Take a shot each time somebody cries.
  • Sip a Bloody Mary each time someone cries tears of blood.
    • Down the Bloody Mary every time Ebony slits her wrists.
    • Take two shots if she drinks the blood.
  • Take a shot every time she refers to her "Thingy" or her "you-know-what".
  • Down a Bloody Mary every time Herm... er, I mean "B'loody Mary Smith" is mentioned.
  • Drink the whole bottle if anything happens that actually makes any sense in Harry Potter or in the real world.
  • Take a shot every time we have an overly long Dramatic Pause, as in:
    It was................ Dumbledore!"
    • Even better, take a shot for each set of ellipses.
      • Wait half a second for each dot in the Dramatic Pause, chugging as much as you can during the pause.
  • Take a shot for every '666.'
  • Take a shot for every time Tara mentions "Raven".
  • Take a shot every time Tara actually names a chapter.
  • Take a shot every time anyone wears leather.
  • Take a shot every time you see "Satanist" or any variation of it.
    • Take another shot for every "Oh my Satan!"
  • Take a shot every time Tara improperly uses a Japanese word.
  • Take a shot every time Tara says "and everything" or "and stuff."
  • Take a shot every time there is a 1 where there should be an exclamation mark ('!').
    • Do NOT turn the strings of ones into actual numbers, decimal or binary, then take that many shots. You'll be dead inside of ten minutes doing that.
  • Take a shot every time a Harry Potter character goes by a different name, not including misspells of their real name.
  • Take a shot every time a character that was supposed to be dead comes on the scene.
  • Take a shot every time a gun is mentioned.
    • Take two if the gun is fired and kills no one.
    • Take four if the gun is a knife.
    • Finish your drink if a wand is actually used instead.
  • Take a shot every time someone is called a "bich," or any variant.
    • Two shots if it's a compliment.
  • Take a shot every time someone is out of character.
    • Finish your drink every time a Harry Potter character is actually in character.
  • Take a shot every time the word 'anyway' is used.
  • Take a shot every time "fangz" is substituted for "thanks."
    • Take two shots if "skull" is substituted for "school."
    • Take another shot if Tara comments on it.
  • Take a shot if someone comes in or leaves on a broomstick.
    • Take another if they leave without a broomstick after entering with one, or leave on one when they didn't have one before.
  • Take a shot every time someone cries.
  • Take a shot everytime someone gasps.
  • Use a measuring cup to pour out 1/4th cup of your drink of choice and shoot it right out the cup whenever a character does something "Statistically"
  • Take a shot whenever Tara inserts an author's note directly into the story.
  • Take a shot every time Draco sings a song to Ebony.
  • Take a shot every time Tara uses text-speak abbreviations (for example, 'ppl' for 'people').
  • Take a shot every time Ebony actually acts like a vampire.
  • Take a shot for every overly long ellipsis.

Distilled Version:

  • Take a sip every time a new misspelling debuts.
    • Two if it's Ebony's name.
    • Two if it's an original Harry Potter character's name.
    • Two if it's spelled correctly as something other than what was meant.
      • Two more if that "something other" was a swear.
  • Take a sip for when goffs or goff/emo/rock musik are promoted, or prepz, prep/pop music, or the readers (for being prepz) are bashed.
  • Take a sip for every redundant detail.
  • Take a sip for every unusual adverb.
  • Take a shot for each time a scene stops to describe clothing, makeup or general appearance.
  • Take a shot for each instance of out of place technology.
  • Take a shot for each time a character has a new background.
    • Take a sip for each reference to Satanism, vampires, or the various misspellings thereof.
  • Take a shot for every "pun".
  • Take a shot for every personal Author's Note.

Lazy Version

And finally, if you're reading or listening to a reading, stop and do something else each time the "story" gets too much for you.

You won't make it to the halfway mark. Beware of possible alcohol poisoning. If you go for a non-alcoholic variation of the game, be within quick reach of a bathroom. For water drinkers, beware of water poisoning. There's also a sequel to My Immortal! Written by a so-called 'friend' of Tara's, as seen on her profile. You can also do this same drinking game with that...but with a different main character/author insert. xXxChronicles of LifeDeathxXx


Name:Number of Chapters: Beverage:Comment:
ThunderchinThe whole bloody thing, in several stintsVarious abdominal exercisesLadies, I now know what it feels like to give birth. Gentlemen, imagine getting Groin Attacked with a wrecking ball ten times over.
ThunderchinUp to Chapter 15Various abdominal and upper-body exercisesI did it listening along with a Dramatic Reading. I'm damn sure I missed a LOT of shit. Could barely keep up past Chapter 10, collapsed mid-15.
Il VitN/AWater. Lots of water. I'm going to try this from start to finish, wish me luck!
Lucyinthe Skywith DiamondsWhole damn thingglass of tea, 3 glasses of water ,5 slices ofpita bread, a lot of pringlesI only followed these rules (take a shot for the word fuck,take a shot for every clothing description,take a shot for every mention of fishnets ,take a shot for the word black )Ran out of tea at chapter 2 .Glass of water ran out after 8 .Ran out of water halfway through chapter 15.Finished eating a slice of pita bread during chapter 16. Finished another pita slice halfway through chapter 18.Finished another slice of pita bread halfway through chapter 19. By chapter 24 I had driken another glass of water and I could feel a headache coming. Ate another pita bread slice by chapter 31 and then 35. Finished off the story with pringles. On an unrelated note the Beatles are mentioned in chapter 41. I think my brain is broken. My head hurts really badly. I am never going to be able to look at the words “fishnets” and “black” together again.
Zalsburry3 chaptersSips of water.Word to the brave, yet foolish. You will get sick. I had to take 7 sips from the first AN alone.
RousseauIsMyBro31417 chaptersWaterDrank whenever profanity was used or implied.
NE Sgamer 19015 ChaptersWater.I finished 15, only to give up at chapter 16.
MorgieAll of it. Multiple times.Nothing. What did you think I was, suicidal?Loved it. This thing is epic. Going to read again. Anyone else think the same?
The Comment22WaterI was foolish. I tried in vain to finish, and it looked as though I would... Until chapter 20. I finished 6 1/2 pintsnote  without following all of the rules before I got a headache and started vomiting. I ate half a bag of tortilla chips and took breaks between each chapter to try and finish. Be warned, dear friends; be warned.
Mister Always8Lemonade (niece's birthday)Tongue felt like a sticky slab of bacon that'd been glued to the top of his mouth.
lanky12Sips of beerAlcohol had enough time to render him unconcious before the possibility of death.
Inkblot15WaterVomited. Tried again. Vomited again.
Milskidasith17Energy Drinks, Coffee, Apple Juice.Went from "kind of tired" to "wide awake" in a couple chapters. Could not sleep for two days.
JinxmenowTje ENTRE THIMNGLts of voodkaIfeell perfdctly fine. I dont se what alll thef uss is bout
Squeegyentire thingAlcohol, then waterRan out of alcohol.
Lamoxlamae16 & 17WaterWent though over 48 ounces. Suddenly no longer wanted dinner...
Lamoxlamae1-10AbsintheAfter drinking so much it was really hard to type this. Enjoyed the irony of being more goth than Enoby.
Caprettywhole thingSoda then juiceAlmost wet pants it was so funny, being near a bathroom helps.
Xander KWhole ThingGatoradeStarted thirsty. could barely get any Gatorade down after chapter 1...
Mystery OtakuWhole ThingMountain Dew then waterDon't remember much of that night, but I had been RPing while doing it, and judging by the logs, I got really jittery and couldn't type until I switched to water.
afazthrough chapter 9Coke, Hawaiian Punch, Canada Dry, Rasberry seltzer, Pepsi, Cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and then waterDrank everything in the house before switching to water. Between five people, vomiting occurred thrice and peeing a lot more than that. Total: 132 shots each. There is something wrong when you can say "I peed, then I vomited, and then I peed again."
PeanutMade it to the 15th chaptersips of waterWent through 5 entire glasses of water. Had to go to the bathroom twice, and I'm sure I nearly wet myself. Just recently dawned upon me that Tara (the author of said awful fanfic) should be beaten up badly, and that anyone who finishes this piece of awfulness should get a statue commemorated in his/her honor.
KinReynardWhole thingsips of Coca-ColaHad to take breaks to run to the local grocers to buy more cola. Read the entire thing aloud to a group of friend who participated as well. MIGHT have diabetes now as a result. At least the soda was one sale.
Fegbarr10 ChaptersTeaMade a fresh cup of tea to enjoy the drinking game. As a result, burnt my mouth due to the massive rate at which I was forced to consume. Forced to abandon match after second cup, due to fear of setting my mouth aflame.
The Real CJ (& Friends)Start to FinishRum and Coke, a lot of itDoes it count as a failure if you choke on your second drink from laughing too hard?
Ginger_Trekkie Plus older sisterUp to chaper 5 (Sister), Up to Chapter 13Arizona Iced TeaSister had to pee before chapter 3, I peed twice. Felt nauseous and got a headache. Will never look at iced tea again
Anomaly 93entire thingKoolaide, water, and pretzelsOne cup of koolaide. Two cups of water. One and a half bowls of pretzels. Five pickles. One throbbing head and two trips to the bathroom. Now has immense hatred for the word vampire. Ow...
Purple Panther Girl12 ChaptersWaterGot hiccups form laughing so hard at the stupidity of it and was very nearly sick.
nielymoon2 22 chapters water, diet coke and almond milk I didn't get to finish, but I would have probably thrown up if given the chance. I think it's a good think I took a few 5-10 brakes, or I'd be spewing all over.
gumbal19 FRICKIN' chaptersWaterThought the fic was worse than the large amounts of drinking. Tried summoning Yog-Sothulhu. Found three weeks later in his room, dead. Got better.
kasa-casa16 AND A HALF CHAPTERSWaterLittle brother wimped out after three chapters. Big sister and friends resolve to do all forty-four crumble around twelve. Will never drink water again.
Jormungandr17Strong Beer and water1L of 12% beer and 2L of water later I have run out of water and beer.
aRIS9WaterRan out of water.
Icecream7.5sparkling water/saltI got paranoid about water poisoning, hence the salt. I can't imagine how drunk someone would be if they did the whole thing with alcohol!
jhvh77719 Authors NoteMocha Frappuchino, can of Dr. Pepper, Water, Fruit PunchTook sips instead of shots. Went to the bathroom 3 times. Felt ill after Ch 10. Has a new found respect for anyone who could finish this drinking game.
Freya17Energy drinks for me, energy drinks and alcohol for my friendsStopped because of the repetitiveness. Was so hyper I spent the rest of the night giggling, even when asleep.
Hourai Rabbit17Sips of beerNot drunk...but full...and feeling nauseous. Cognitive functions...failing...
Roukan22Full-strength CokeI thought doing this on 4 hours of sleep would help me. So jittery...
Zetta Magnetic14Juice and WaterAte an entire bag of Doritos before starting, probably didn't help. Got a headache around chapter 5, suffered a coughing fit at chapter 10, before I nearly threw up at "VIOWER EXCRETION ADVISD" anyone who can do this is a GOD. Immediately after posting, I threw up large amounts of orange gunk. :c
Burning WonderlandSomething around . . . uh, 14?WaterHas a sink in her room, thankfully. Every couple of chapters, she had to induce vomiting.
gumbal1 (again)Whole thingNothingDrank nothing, yet became drunk.
UnclebellaWhole thingOrange JuiceThrew up, finished the story (drinking) but was left feeling strangely empty inside.
Kimm The Entertainer5WaterHad barely drank anything before starting. Peed before starting as well. By chapter three had downed an entire bottle. Took an extra shot for "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS" and six extra shots for Draco singing Good Charlotte. 98 shots in all. Keeping a log of shots and chapters. Will finish story, but must take intervals. No pee breaks so far.
Space Wings8Vault and RumWent through four 24 packs of Vault, took a five-minute leak afterwards, and then promptly induced vomiting. For some reason, every drink I took felt toxic... Of course, in hindsight, it might have just been the awful combination of drinks, but that's just me.
Vivaldi and friends11JagerAnyone who has drunk Jager in copious amounts and who has read this know that it was a very, VERY bad idea. We woke up with one helluva hangover and no clue what exactly happened the night before. All I can remember is horrible laughter and feeling like my IQ was being threatened.
Yon Troper15WaterUuuurggghhh... probably wasn't a good idea to hold it in for that long. If you get through the whole thing without needing to go to the toilet, you deserve a medal.
Sidhe31417WaterI think I somehow got drunk... Dear gods this is awful, but I'll keep going
Chaotix Divine12Powdered Drink MixBy the end my throat was coated so thickly in residual powder that I could no longer swallow. Dear God.
Lemons12Sips of waterNumber of sips it took to get high off of water: About 150. Total sips: 248. Total amount of water drank between 3 people: ~2 coffee pots. Me choking on water and my friend popping a vein before the story even begin: Priceless
Bandazgeek10WaterTook 167 sips of water in total. Interestingly, I didn't have to pee once, nor did it affect my appetite for my meal a few minutes afterward (mostly because I hadn't eaten much before undertaking the game anyway). I will no doubt attempt to do it again and make it all the way through when I have time.
BadKarmaAll of it. Twice.Nothing, but I probably should have. Maybe I'd still have remnants of my sanity...I think it's torture enough that I sat down for another reading (read it aloud, btw, including all of the punctuation; it was fun counting the periods in those really...........long............ellipses.................) Cornelia Fug is definitely my favorite character, or however else their name was spelled. Maybe I'll try drinking next time, but I've never been much for suicidal endeavors.
PippingFoolUp to Chapter 33Water, then juice, then water again.I had to take major breaks because I felt I was overworking my Kidneys. To cut a long story short. I read & drank, I stopped, I read & drank again, I stopped to go to the toilet, go sidetracked, read & drank, got smashed, went to the toilet, got head ache so I stopped, read & drank, Went to go see Sherlock Holmes, read & drank, had dinner, read & drank, got smashed, slept, read & drank, played New Super Mario Bros. Wii, read & drank, got smashed, Got diarrhea so I stopped, read & drank, my brain, heart, kidneys and stomach started to ache so I said "Enough is too much" and stopped there. Will attempt to read the full thing later on this year (yes. THAT was the short version
CheeseypoofsHalfway through Chapter 9Water, then Pepsi, then back to water It was painful. I got a stomachache. I was kind of clued in as to how bad things would be after I finished my 30 oz+ water bottle, all in all, I think I drank about 70 oz. and then I stopped because I felt dizzy
aimsmeChapter 3 author's noteYoghurtRan out of yoghurt. Got a mild headache, though that may have been from the pure fail.
Insane PoptartEnd of Chapter 11Milk, waterFelt like a wave pool had been transported in stomach. Vocabulary reduced to the f-word for six hours. Head still throbbing from the combination of overhydration and blunt force trauma against the wall.
Paranoid, Sinister Attraction, Freakier Than ThouChapter 15Fruit punch, cherry 7up, Coca Cola, ginger ale, seltzer water, sprite, lemonade and water Three people participated. Everyone got ill. One vomited after chapter 13. All participants now vomit upon hearing the word fishnets. 75 shots each, with a good half of the list crossed out for our sanity.
SLamar and her younger sisterThe whole thingWater, soda, anything else in the fridgeTook us two days. Stomachache ensued both from the amount we drank and from laughter. Had to stop at least every five minutes for one of us to go to the bathroom. Immediately collapsed and went to bed upon finishing, ended up lightheaded enough for it to hurt. My favorite moment was when Cornelia Fuck showed up and my sister called the author a "motherfucker" between hysterical giggles.
I Win The Internets and two friendseight chapters of eye-bleeding painBourbon and colaBoth friends vomited on chapter 7 and I apparently screamed racist insults at a large white man outside on the footpath, calling him Samoan frequently. Was too drunk to confirm this however.
La Femme Morte and friendAll the way, with added sporks4L of Pepsi eachEnded up being unable to sleep, had severe pains in arms and head and was forever going to the toilet. Still fun.
Slopacockapocalypse and girlfriendto chapter 17Lager for me, coke for herwon't piss straight ever again
Gizbear and friends 32 and a half chapters Tea at first, then water for me. peach tea and water for one, peach schnapps for another, water and pepsi for the rest Only two of us lasted. I threw up once, got a little drunk, and shat water. My throat is completely raw. This is Hell. Plan to try again later for the sake of my pride. Still wondering how I got drunk...
Lightstriker and 3 friends 1 sentence Just water Didn't even get through the entire list once, too busy laughing my ass off. We decided it wasn't a good idea when we could barely talk, let alone drink, just from reading the list
orpheus-izanagi13 chaptersWaterUgh...not...feeling...good...
songwithnosoulChapter 10...ish?WaterStarted off thirsty, allowed herself frequent bathroom breaks, and was still unable to take it anymore after less than a dozen chapters.
Yuki KiryuChapter 3Diet Coca-Cola Had to stop before I was even halfway through Chapter 3 to avoid vomiting and/or peeing my pants.
Freakdood and 3 friendsChapter 13Rum, cider and finally diluted ciderHad to weaken our drinks for fear of failing before chapter 5. Felt my first hangover. My last hangover. Never again.
el3mentaryAbout 8 linesAbsintheI don't know why I was feeling suicidal
kinsleyThe whole thingSoda, then iced teaStopped drinking anything after chapter fourteen. Felt drunk, despite having never drunk an alcoholic beverage.
MonkeyPhysics and friends8 chapters. I think.VodkaLast to pass out, lost an entire day. Felt like my head had asploded.
Insane Poptart and a friendFriend to the end of ch. 16, toaster pastry to end of 17.WaterFriend has stated that he wishes to shove a computer up the author's nether regions. Toaster pastry now has rock-hard a sense. Friend will never NEVER do this again.
InameChapter 12PepsiI swear I was getting drunk from it. Right now I feel awful. I think I'm gonna be sick. Combination of toxic levels of Pepsi and... that. I've got loogies from Hell and my eyes are swollen.
Muramasan13END! Score!Milk, juice, water, starting at 18 whatever I could get my hands onI think I actually got more sick from the amount of fluids than the fic itself, if that's possible. Kill me if I decide to make a second run. note 
Blaaa 41 Chapter 12, urk. BRISK Lemonade, 3 DanActives, Water I will never drink anything ever again. I'm off to go throw up. I WILL FINISH THIS FROM START TO FINISH LATER
Demented Top Chapter 3, just barely. Vodka, then red wine thought it would be funny. By the end of chapter 2, was nearly unconscious. Mother found me passed out on the floor the morning after. Waste of good wine.
Mac Phisto Chapter 3 Milk Threw up
WanderingMoon Whole...thing Pepsi, then Pink Lemonade, the water The only thing that kept me from smashing my damn computer was that I made myself write a little note after every freaking chapter. Reading this literary screw-up was a horrible idea. Oh, and the only part of that stupid drinking game I participated in was the misspelling of Ebony's name. 48 times, by the by, and I still feel woozy. I plan on forcing the idiot friend of mine who linked me to the Mary-Sue page to read the thing that cannot even be called a 'story' in it's loosest form. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go cry in a corner because my brain is rotting from the sheer idiocy.
ShadowKing1988Almost to the end of chapter 28Cherry Dr. PepperBefore the game, I started with a newly-empty bladder, an empty stomach, a level head on my shoulders, and a bright future. I opened the first can of caffeine-rich soda and began at four o’clock on a sunny Saturday afternoon. After chapter 1, I felt fine, though I’d already drunk half a can of soda (and I was sipping, too!). After chapter 13, I had three empty soda cans sitting in front of me. I was constantly belching, and my throat had a faint burning sensation. Also, had to take a piss break. While reading chapter 16, I spat soda on my computer screen because I literally burst out laughing at the following author note: RAVEN U FUKIN SUK! FUK U! After chapter 17, I had to take another piss break. Only four chapters after the last one. As chapter 20 ended, I started wishing Tara hadn’t kept saying how Gerard Way was ‘fucking hot’. That’s two sips I DON’T NEED!Following chapter 21, I took my third piss break. I think I now have an over-active urinary tract. At the beginning of chapter 24, I opened soda can number seven. The six empty cans are angry I didn’t savor their flavor. Meanwhile, I’m absolutely positive my tongue is sweating. Before the end of chapter 28, I felt sick. Looking at seven empty soda cans, I see my progress. However, the thought of drinking any more makes me feel nauseous. I’m throwing in the white towel – I can go no further this game. Despite drinking only sips per trigger, the rate of consumption was maddening. I must’ve drunk enough caffeine to turn ADD into ADHD. I will now go into recovery mode, but look forward to the next time I play.
Thefancyistfish whole thing Two 2L bottles of bubble water, two cans of ginger ale, and ALOT of water I may never drink water ever again. Note: This took two days to finish it would be insane to try this in one day.
Cloudtail 65536Chapter 11WaterNeeded 10 cups of water, around 2-3 litres. Swapped to hot water in Chapter 9, because I was shivering all over.
ShadowKing1988 (Again)Chapter 1Tobasco SauceIn the two weeks since last I played, I got crazy and decided to do this again...with hot sauce! Quit after the opening AN because my tongue and lips burned from the firey condiment.
So La L & FriendsN/ASoda & Water planned drinksWill be playing this weekend, wish us luck!
cheese.comThe whole thingLemonade, water, orange juiceHad to stop drinking lemonade after 2 chapters due to headache and potential vomitting. Drank water for a chapter, but nearly threw. Drank orange juice until chapter 9. Didn't drink anything for the rest of the fic, a) becuase I feared for my bladder and b) I was laughing too much to actually drink anything.
TailypoThe whole thing!cherry and strawberry kool-aidI ran out of cherry kool-aid at about chapter ten. I had to take a break at chapter twelve because I started feeling sick. I think that the amount of sugar in all the kool-aid has permanently changed my ADD into ADHD, and I doubt I'll ever be able to form a sane thought again, but I finally read the whole thing!
jgkitarel Whole Story Water, Coke, Red Bull, Monster, 2 Cases of Beer, 1 Bottle of Steel Reserve, Two bottles of Jack, 1 bottle of Jim Beam, 8 bottles of Soju Not one of my better ideas. Passed out six times, numerous cases of Puke and Rally, was drunk for three straight days, and the hangover lasted for the rest of the week. Took myself to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, and the doctors were surprised I was still alive.
Set Theory Chapter 22 Ice pops After 22 chapters, my mouth started to bleed. I got brain freeze twice and had to use a hot pad to hold it since my hand turned blue in chapter 2
Kryeed all Nos, Water, coke lots of bathroom breaks, sick, almost vomited, chose physical abuse in lieu of some drinking after chapter 23
Bob Knudsen Chapter 10 Nothing All of the above, just from the mind rape!
Doribi all Soda and waterI almost lost my sanity because of this, seriously if you can avoid it do not read it!
Sachiko and her brother The wole thing, over the course of several days CokeWe both developed the most horrible fit of caffeine-induced insomnia, even though we took PAUSES between chapter and chapter, sometimes lasting whole days. Thankfully, the brain damage we suffered from the insomnia made us forget about the whole fanfic, except for the fact that we must NEVER look at it again. And for that, I'm thankful.
Slightly Darker Black, formerly Tequila Sunrise 2011 Age 16: The whole. Damn. God. Awful. Thing. Age 16: Root Beer, Freezy Pops, Water. Age 23: Whiskey. Went through a big bottle of root beer, a bag of freezy pops, and then three or four gigunda bottles of water. Miraculously didn't throw up, pass out, gouge my own eyes out or DIE. Had to pee about every 20 minutes past the second or third chapter. Couldn't sleep for days. I now gag when I see the really big bottle of root beer. Chronicled the whole thing on my deviantArt, and prior to beginning willed my Laptop and Blackberry to my friends Holt and Esther, respectively. Holt watched over Skype and laughed. Will probably do it again on my 21st birthday in 2014, if the fic and drinking game still in existence. Age 23: I actually decided to do this again. Fuck me.
Savvy, zin, Ghost Chapter 14 Tea, 3 pounds of apple sauce, and water Ran out on apple sauce, finished one liter of tea, and made Ghost hate water. zin rage quit after chapter 5. Ghost had to use the bathroom every 5 minutes. We eventually all stopped because Ghost literally jumped out of the second story .@window.
Lexodus, siblings Whole Thing, in two sittings Lemonade, then water, then orange juice, then nothing First sitting: I drank lemonade until I could not feel my right arm and was convinced it was about to explode, and then switched to water. My siblings finished all the lemonade in the house, before going onto water. Count: 11 piss breaks, one pair of sodden trousers where the reader laughed so hard they spilled lemonade all over them. Second sitting: proving I was a sucker for punishment, we started on the lemonade again. When we had finished three bottles and our throats were so saturated with sugar we could barely speak, we started on orange juice (gotta love that Vitamin C!) until that was all gone, and then went to water until the number of piss breaks in rapid succession gave us cause to worry. Eventually, we finished the fic, laughing so hard we almost shit our kidneys, and vowed to one day get friends round to do it again (and perhaps leaving out the fact * we* wouldn't be drinking alcohol, for shits and giggles).
Hotel Kilo and younger brother for last three chapters Whole, over two daysSeven cans of soda, four Gatorade bottles, several liters of waterFirst time out when through 16 chapters with four sodas two of the Gatorades and 20oz of water. Not too bad but spent the rest of the day pissing. Second sitting, stomachache developed after finishing off the soda and Gatorade (told to stop wasting soda), questioned my own sanity for the first time. Brother bugs me about water poisoning so I look it up. Later on, he joins in for the downswing and has a good time. Does a spit take when Snap smashes into the great hall with Draco's car (considers it a mind screw). All in all it was a hoot; may go back through with him for 100% completion.
The Three Tropes Chapters 13 to 23 Dr.Pepper, Orange Soda, and Ice Water Why the fuck did we do this? We feel so incredibly sick. The next person to say "Geddit" is going to get stabbed with a can of Dr. Pepper after being forced to chug the contents. We're never going to look at Dr. Pepper again.
ardnassela 4 Water Vomited within the first chapter. Will now be daring older brother to participate.
Shiny-kins 12 Chapters Water, flavored water, Diet Pepsi, and V8 Vegetable Juice Downed half a 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi, a full bottle of water, and no less than 3 cans of V8. Had 7 bathroom breaks in 12 chapters. Most of them came afte chapter 9. May finish this later. Note to everybody: DO NOT USE WATER, IT TASTES LIKE FRICKIN' SHIT. V8 worked the best for me. Juice probably will, too. But we have no juice. Just water, and V8, because I drank all the Diet Pepsi.
Team Yami FTW, younger cousin and two brothersChapters 1-10The kids started with water, then green tea, then, finally, Sprite. Older brother and I started with Heineken, then joined the kids with the other drinks.Too many bathroom breaks, not enough time. Older brother passed out drunk before Chapter 3. Little brother threw up after Chapter 6 and quit. Lucky bastards.
Slasherr Girl Eleven Chapters Water,took sips Dear lord. I only did the drink every time the word black was said. Excuse me while i go pee and possibly puke.
Spaztron All. Fourty. Friggin'. Four. Chapters. Ice, orange juice, water, alphabet soup, diet Coke, water, grapefruit juice, diet root beer (in that order) Total time: 2 hours, 44 minutes. Consumed 4.2L total, plus a bit of salt for fear of overdosing on water. Somehow, managed not to vomit, even during the grapefruit juice. Brain is broken (don't even get me started on my esophagus). Legal drinking age cannot come soon enough.
Katilan 26. Did it before with all Fortyfour chapters. Water, tea, milk, soup, and a lot of chips. Total time: 2 hours. Kept track. Took 1242 shots. There is no freaking way you are going to get me to use alcohol for this- I have a liver of iron, but I am not going to the hospital to get my stomach pumped over the worst story in history. Not a supporter of Capital Punishment, but she deserves the Death Penalty for her rape and murder of the English Language, the Harry Potter universe, and all the characters.
askldorfism and co. 23 Chapters Rum and coke The drinking game was very loosely followed and, STILL, my roommate spent over an hour and half hugging the toilet afterward due to a bit too much rum. Also, I woke up with bruises and hickeys going from my cheek down to my chest. Wonder how that happened. Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, you motherfucker!
Kiki Yushima 10 chapters Water I was going to do it all but.... 231 sips of water. It was too much.
TokyALL OF IT.Oolong teaDrank 7 cups of tea, just lost about all feeling in tongue...and now I'm off to go pee.
Chaos Fairy and friendsChapter 17Quarter bottle of absinthe, one and a half of wine, two of beer and a good amount of ginCalled time out when movement became difficult around Chapter 17, drew a complete halt when vomiting started. Forgotten most of the early game, but vaguely remember shouting 'You mediocre dunces!' a lot.
Chaos Fairy (again) and brothersEnd of Chapter 22Crate of BudGot to 22, nearly lost it at the Bark Lord, ran out of booze anyway at the halfway point. Will get hold of more and try for finish.
California Rolls Chapter 1-13 Sips of water Drank four and a half cups of water, went to the bathroom twice, feels sick, will exercise all the water weight later. Remind me never to do this again.
Don Ricci and Don Lambert Whole thing Sips of water, sips of coffee Drank around 5 huge cups of water and 6 regular cups of coffee. Went pee too many times. Got really depressed, tired, headache, stomachache, started seeing double. Was not pleasant, but we did it. Didn't use all the rules, but we used two and a half pages worth, which was plenty for us.
WanonluigiAbout 33 chapters, one sittingSips of waterDrank twelve of these full of water, pee'd about six times, decided to tell mom about it, got yelled at. Still kinda wobbly and my sight is a bit wooshy. It was horrible. Took about a 20 minute break at 22 chapters, and had a bowl of ice cream at the time. Watched episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten during the break, have to pee again
Replis Monathin and friends.34 Chapters.Nothing, but read it out loud dramatically.I don't think we could ever destroy our souls in such a way ever again.
Turbo PunzUp to chapter 3Sips of waterI was following the PDF highlights, and only had the courage to drink a 17oz. bottle of water. Finished chapter 2 before I ran out.
Satire 55 and 3 friends8 ChaptersA 2L bottle of Mountain Dew Code RedOne friend ran out of drink at chapter 2, 2 quit at chapter 4. I read 8 chapters before saying "Fuck this." and stopped. My stomach feels like someone set off a nuke inside of it. I am never drinking Code Red Mtn Dew again.
ChenreziThrough chapter 13Sips of soda. Then sips of water. Then nothing but my own sanity.I have a headache, a sugar high, mild stomach cramps, and I'm peeing every ten minutes. On the plus side, the padded cell is very comfy.
Satire 55 and 3 friends8 ChaptersA 2L bottle of Mountain Dew Code RedOne friend ran out of drink at chapter 2, 2 quit at chapter 4. I read 8 chapters before saying "Fuck this." and stopped. My stomach feels like someone set off a nuke inside of it. I am never drinking Code Red Mtn Dew again.
heygenewilder18 chapters of hilarity and soul crushing typos2 cans of Sprite and water (all sips)The two cans lasted until around... 14 and then my spit was the consistency of syrup and I burped for a good 5 minutes. So I switched to water and was okay until WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS. Laughter ensued. No vomiting=success, then peeing. my poor kidneys.
Acey Enn3 chaptersWhiskeyGave up after realizing that whiskey tastes awful.
[Lord Blumiere Lord Blumiere]] and two friendshalfway through Chapter 25Root beer and water, then nothingGot halfway through ch25 before both of my friends had to leave. One kept drinking water until the end while me and another friend just watched the misery unfold. We'll be continuing after Christmas probably. Oh, and all three of us have converted to Stanism.
Count Dorku and sisterAbout ten chaptersMe: lemon squash with traces of vodka, two glasses of. Her: fruit juice and wine, three glasses of.I think my skull attempted to crush my hindbrain, family members think I'm crazy, and I dissolve into hysterical giggle fits at the word "telekinesis".
Reinventer Amour10 chapterswater. giant 34 ounce cup.I drank the entire cup before deciding to quit due to stomach cramps. The horrendous nature of the story was only magnified by Hannah Montana playing in the background that my sisters were watching. I'm about to fucking DIE.
Lady Ami and Airyu 1236 chaptersBeer, Mountain Dew, water, root beer, chocolate soy milkWe had a bet on who would drop first. Over the weekend, we drank EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE. She dropped out at 30, but I kept going out of some unconscious death wish. My stomach, kidneys, esophagus, and brain will never forgive me. But it was worth it.
Dinnermancer22 ChaptersWaterI was at a party and we had a giant PUR water purifier (Probably about 3 liters worth). We needed to refill it at least 3 times. I've never had to pee so much in my life (about every 5 minutes even two hours after I stopped drinking.)
H KanedaUntil the start of chapter 6Cheap white wineI stopped at the start of 6 feeling like a zombie, because I ran out of coke and had to drink that stinky wine. That plus having considered "shots" as "gulps", and the sheer... quality... of the fic made it a good experience. I'm trying again when I find myself with enough beverages (of better quality) at hand.
pipkinpie & co.Through chapter 27Mountain Dew, ginger ale, water, some small sandwichesMy brother gave up after his first (large) glass of Voltage. Everyone else decided to take an hour-long nap at seven in the morning and when we awoke sore and beaten, we decided to finish next weekend. We are recording our adventures and live-illustrating it. Will let you know the results when we pick it up again.
Attackinator and FriendsChapters 1-34Shots of Sailor Jerry's rum, Coke and waterWe were gonna pre-drink for a party, but decided to just stay in our apartment and play the game. Started with two 40 pounders of the rum and about eight 2 liters of the coke. took alternating shots of watered down rum and coke. My memory goes blank after finishing half of the second 40... Woke up at 10 the next day with the worst hangover possible, and my shirt missing. No one has been able to find it since. Gonna attempt again with beers this coming Saturday
Randomwolf 42Chapter 14Sips of waterTried on a school night, bad idea. Gave up when my water bottle was empty. To be fair, I took small sips. Gonna try again on a Friday one week when I don't have homework...
Attackinator and Friends, Round 2Chapters 1-20Molson Canadian's We decided to try again, but with beer. We eventually got to drunk to keep reading,failing to beat our previous record.
skulkinghams and coChapters 1-5classic jack danielsWe only made it to chapter five the first time, and when one of our members suggested taking the challenge again I briefly considered, but the gaping hole my liver made as it flung itself out of my body in desperation has severely cut into my alcohol intake.
sithdroideka's sister, AireyThe whole thing. Again and again.Nothing... yet.AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Anaire Died on chapter five2 and one fifth of sprite, one glass of teaI give major props to anyone who made it pass chapter five, let alone the entire thing. Kill. Me. NOW.
A Crack In TimeThe whole bloody thingOne pint of lemonade, one pint of fruit juiceChapter 15: one pint of lemonade, first toilet trip, giddy mood. Chapter 21: Another pint of lemonade, switched to fruit juice, jittery. Chapter 30: half pint of fruit juice, second toilet trip. Chapter 44: A full pint of fruit juice, with slight headache and the ability to type rapidly disappearing. THE NON ALCOHOLIC VERSION!
NewwingstonightAbout 6 chapters inCoke and waterI think I'm going to be sick. To everyone who finished, you are my idols. I'm trying this again later, but for now, I'm going to curl up in a ball and try to not puke.
BerkborkChapter 7Worcestershire sauce, Passionfruit pulp, pineapple slices, nutino, rolled oats in water, ketchup, chicken chips, cat biscuits, anchovette, rice bubbles, salmon and lobster paste, pineapple and coconut juice and WATER We decided to do a different version of the drinking game. Instead of using purely liquid, we decided to add some solids too. (BARF-TASTIC) So after every round, we picked a different food/drink to consume. Couldn't get past Chapter 7 before seriously throwing up. Warning: DO NOT USE ROLLED OATS. Worcestershire sauce was the worst, seconded by oats, and thirded by cat biscuits. Took 122 bites/shots. Good luck if you try it this way.
Roxxi Night (me, Jess) and FranChapter 22Lucozade shot, Red bull shot, Water then ribena mixed with waterDecided to stop as Fran was on the brink of dying. She laughed...HARD, occasionally spitting out the drink in her mouth on my carpet cuz of how FA Il it was.. While she occasionally did the Kira laugh (while being in some serious pain) I sat there, laughing... Anyways, me and her had a sugar crash eventually (me in the morning cuz we did an all nighter and her in the early evening)Surprisingly,will continue this piece of sh*t with her (and will probably die... Wish us luck!)
Darren Mother Frakking AzakiFinally beginning (livebloggin; doing game from ch3)IBC Root Beer (Trademark Favorite Food), chocolate milk, Mountain Dew.Wish me luck, guys!
kingbishopMade it to chapter 7Will type a wordI got physically ill from reading this and had to stop for fear of my mental health.
Agent DragonhunterThe whole darn thingVodkaI was feeling a bit suicidal yesterday (lol geddit coz im goffik),so I decided to play the game with alcohol. I fared rather well-I finished the thing in an hour with no harmful effects, had a nice dinner, and went to bed. I don't know how I survived-oh wait, yes I do. I lived because I kept spewing it out at the screen with laughter. I need a new keyboard.
Atomic Melonade, Pink Bubblegum Bliss, and Go GreenThe whole thing!Cranberry juice, Grape juice, water, various sodas, popcorn, and browniesWe got a little ill from the drinks, so switched to solids for a few chapters. The salt in the popcorn balanced it out, but one of us did end up pretending to be Snape from A Very Potter Musical when speaking as various characters. Whoops! Started on a Sunday night and finished on a Monday afternoon. We took several breaks for random internet videos, sleeping, and walking to waffle house. This is a very good start to Spring Break, I think.
Dannichan and FriendsChapter 214 liters Dr.Pepper, 3 liters Pepsi This started as a fun little get together between friends. I will use fake names for my friends. It was me, Ireland, The Brit, and The Demon Queen. We started relatively confident but slightly wary of what we were getting into, so we went and bought some soda. At chapter 1 we had a nice little laugh and read it with funny accents. By chapter 5 we were slightly tipsy off soda because we already went through a bottle of Dr.Pepper and 1/2 the pepsi. We also began hallucinating about seeing the Hetalia Axis Powers characters molesting us, and the Demon Queen saw sperm and a ball gag on a a lamp. Ireland saw Captain Jack from Torchwood and was sitting on Spain from hetalia. I thought a table was England. By chapter 16 we had finished the Dr.Pepper and became a bit bi-curious and started groping each others boobs. We're all girls by the way. I announced that we lived in the United States of America and Canadia. We were pretty much drunk as sin off soda but could still identify the massive plotholes. In chapter 17 we became MORE bi curious and The Brit saw spiderman on the ceiling. The Demon Queen saw Superman and Spiderman having sex on the ceiling. We also started cursing in Korean, Japanese, Creole, Spanish, Gaelic, and Punjabi. I mistook punjabi for klingon. Then we went into another room and begin rolling around on the floor in hysterics. The Brit turned Cinco De Mayo into a sex move. By chapter 18 Ireland puked and we whipped our hair back and forth. By chapter 19 we downed a cup for the misuse of Billie Joe and bad use of japanese. The Brit saw a magic melon with the Demon Queen's voice in the bathroom. In chap 20 we thought the chair was farting and we were on our last cups. By chap 21 we finished all the soda and gave up at the authors note. We had eight bathroom breaks total. NEVER AGAIN. In case you couldn't tell, I wrote this right after we finished.
NndaiaAllWater, tea, rice, potato chips, potato salad and cake Was going to play with water. Incorporated tea to counter water poisoning, then foods as I just couldn't handle the sheer volume of liquid. It took all day and I feel terrible. You can follow the whole train wreck chapter by chapter, starting with the rules used, here.
Purplequeen 14Only Up To Chapter 9 Water, Blue Raspberry Soda, Ginger Ale, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Pizza My friends and I had a My Immortal party where we played this, each person with different drinks. We took about 30 min per chapter though, 'cause we kept cracking up. About halfway through we switched to pizza. Best party ever, although I do hope to finish it someday.
Redfoot7 chaptersLemonadeKILL ME NOW. I didn't even follow all the rules and I think I've already contracted diabetes.
1029384756 and friendMade it to ch 6Vodka and Pepsi respectivelyI tried it twice with my best friend. Made it to chapter 6 the first time until, at least according to my friend, I got so drunk I could barely read the screen. Tried a second time. At chapter 2, I passed out. At chapter 5, she vomited. Next time we use water.
Sweet MysteryMade it. The whole thing.WaterDidn't know whether to pee or vomit first. Finally settled on vomiting. If that's what happens when I do it with water, I don't even wanna know what happens if you use beer.
EisenherzChapter 4 is the last I can remember, but my roommate says I got through chapter 5.Jack Daniels and JaggermeisterOh boy, hangover. I don't think I'll try this alone ever again. I might force my roommates to join in the fun, though.
Xephyr EnigmaWhole damn thingNothing, tried to stay up as late as I could thoughListened to the whole thing as read by Usually Dead. I've never laughed so much in one night.
DeellesChapter 1WaterI was taking sips. Got drunk after first chapter. Didn't know it was possible with water. Headache. The laughing. The pain. Oww... Eyes... Blurry...
IsaChanChapter 19Dr. Pepper, water, Sprite, flavored water, and eventually beef jerky.This was a bad idea and was directly responsible for a slight mental breakdown, three trips to the bathroom, one hell of a stomachache, a burning tongue, an aversion to sugar, an absurdly dry mouth, and my mother thinking I'm crazy. I'm going to try it again with caffeine!
Empress Sanaki1st ChapterGrassDecided I'd try and take a hit for each one. realized I would need far more to ever make it much farther, and that I would probably suffer from an endless case of the munchies, to say the least. I do not recommend this at all.
Bandit 99987th ChapterLarge Coke from BKRan out, started to feel a little sick. Gonna try it again in a little bit.
The_Void13th ChapterJager+Energy drink, Rum+Coke, LemonadeFelt sick after chapter 2. Took it slow after that, chapter by chapter with breaks in-between. Started shaking violently around chapter 11. Stopped after hallucinations started. Never touched liquid again.
Morbidchild 182 16th Chapter, 17th Author's Note Can of Diet Dr. Pepper I just slurped some everytime the word fuck came up and I was sipping air by her argument with Raven. God, my stomach hurts
[1] and 2 buddiesended up forgetting about the story after maybe 9(?) chaptersCoors Lite, then a couple cans of Four Loko, then Vladimir Vodka, then TequilaThis all went down a week ago. There's about six trillion rules, so we all voted on nine or so rules to actually stick to. We moved from beer to progressively nastier stuff. I'm pretty sure I lasted the longest out of the three of us, but can't really confirm. At one point one of us started filming the whole thing and never turned the phone off, leaving us with a somewhat Blair Witch-esque three-hour video on his Blackberry. Thankfully, no one died, but there was a little scare when I slipped on my own barf and fell forward, leading all of us to assume that I had broken my neck. Good times, man!
[2]2 chaptersA bowl of Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream with chocolate syrup on topI totally ran out of ice cream in about ten minutes and was too lazy to get some more.
[[3]10 chapters and one author's note1 2/3 liters of waterStarted horrendously thirsty and with a headache to boot. Since I was banned from my computer, (Printed version.) I used only the rules I could remember, and tried to see how far I could get. Using sips, it was 10 chapters and an author's note.
Sageheart, Shadowfan360, and Sage's sisterStopped at the end of Chapter 8.Apples, Fruit Chews, Water, Peanut butter Sage's sister had 5 large scoops peanut butter. Had water so her tongue wouldn't go dry. Sage started out with fruit chews, went through two packs, and it proved to be a bad idea. Switched to apples, finished two large ones, now has enough fiber in her system to give her diarrhea for the rest of her life. Shadowfan will be peeing for the next few hours out of water consumption. Went through two glasses with VERY SMALL sips. Only used F-bomb clause, Goff/gothic/black clause, OOC clause, and name error clause. We will remember this forever.
Stryker X13 and a half chapterssmartiesEnded up eating 131 smarties. had to stop using authors notes or I would have puked. I only used about 6 rules depending on what I could recall. I plan on attempting this again when I am able drink. I don't suggest smarties they make your mouth numb.
weirdghostboo22 and a half chaptersDiet coke, then grape juice, then waterGot a raging headache afterward, and had to curl up in a ball for the rest of the day. Still didn't stop me from vomiting twice and nearly wetting myself. I will try it again with some friends later.
Paulusleto All of it. The Horror, oh sweet Deo Omnipotenti, the HORROR! Green Tea, Black Tea, Ginseng Tea, Pepsi & More Tea I decided to keep to all the rules I could remember, took a glance at the first chapter and shelved the sake to avoid cirrhosis. I can barely look at my favourite tea anymore. Thanks alot Tara, your mind-numbing, synapse-eroding, soul-draining Necronomicon has officially robbed me of a hefty number of IQ points. Whether a Troll of epic proportions or an ignoramus with an intelligence score normally reserved for particularly inert stumps you have created a text that even Cthulu, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth and God would cringe at.
Captain Dynamite13 ChaptersMountain DewDecided that using my favorite beverage would make this game easier for me; 13 chapters, half an hour, and two liters of Mountain Dew later, I feel sick, I can't sit still, and I will never look at Mountain Dew the same way ever again.
Vita, Taze, and Ole16 chaptersWater, Water/Milk, Orange/Apple/Cranberry juiceWith two friends on Skype. Ole only managed to make it through like seven chapters without having to take massive breaks. At 11 she decided to just stare at her juice instead of sipping. I managed to make it up, NOT ON ALL RULES, as did Taylor. We all took one bathroom break the entire time. Will be continuing tomorrow. Taze & I have both felt sick and have headaches. Damn this fic.
Awesome Zombie 2214 ChaptersSoda, then Chocolate MilkI used the highlighted version. My stomach started to hurt partway through chapter 11. I found myself pointing out stupid errors while I was drinking. Might Liveblogginate this puppy when I'm done with My Inner Life. UPDATE: Tried to go further, made it 3 and 1/2 chapters before I felt like vomiting.
Space Core The Dalek16 chaptersWater (sips)Followed every rule I could remember at the moment, used the bathroom five times, felt sick every other chapter, Ran out of water TWICE, will probably continue at some point.
duh2 wordsJarateDecided that it was a very bad idea.
Ninjast4rhalfway in, or soCowboy Mike's Red Hot Original Richocheeeet BBQ SauceFound my beverage/food item to be decidedly *un*bold, despite the label, and went on to do something else.
gayhazelmouseall of itvodka, lemonade, orange juice, gatorade, and eventually watertook a sip whenever clothing or makeup was described, plus one shot per mention of the words black or fishnet, plus extra sips for makeup on a guy or nailpolish description while flipping someone off. was already regretting by the time I finished chapter 2.
I Am The Tropinator3 chaptersCoca ColaGot through three chapters before feeling like a sailor. I'll try it again next time, and hopefully I'll do better.
45xxx12 chaptersIn order: A cup of milk, a can of Ocean Spray Sparkling Pomergranate Blueberry drink, a can of Root Beer, and 1 and 1/3 bottles of waterStopped out of fear, and stomach cramps. Mostly the cramps. ...and an unexpected bout of farting.
xocolatlgirl and 2 friendsWhole thing, friends chickened out after 16 chapters Water, Coke, iced tea, herbal tea, shot cookiesCompletely destroyed home and internal plumbing. Had a great time though.
Illuminated Darkness and friend Chapter 7 Cheetoes, Propel, Pocky, Skittles, Chocolate Milk, regular milk, generic Cocca puffs Stopped because we couldn't go on anymore and fear of implosion and explosion at the same time
HereticGamer and DalekThay Chapter 13 Energy drinks/Lucozade/Relentless/cheap store-brand energy juice Got really hyper, laughed a lot, and stopped because HereticGamer fizzed up our last bottle and spilled it all over the fucking floor. Were stupid enough to record the entire thing. Find it here.
Adele Potter1 through 15Iced teaI am awake for the day. Also, I had to pee multiple times.
Beyond_Help and friend1 through 3Milk and WaterWe each went through 169 shots a piece, 51 in the first chapter, 37 in the second, and 76 in the third. Our grand total was 338. We will never be able to drink milk again.
Stripe TailWhole. Bloody. ThingFirst coffee, then waterParty version - used 1L of coffee and 4 L of water in sips. Overall sip count - over 1000. Overall feeling - quite dead.
Tandra88Chp. 16WaterTV Tropes version. Read the wikipedia article about water poisoning and got scared. Plan to try again on a later date. Got to three and a half bottles of water.
Felix Falora and brother12 ChaptersSweet TeaOnly went by the shot for every Precision F-Strike utilized and yet at 12 chapters, we fell. Good job to those who completed it at anytime.
Zoro The Gallade & Squada Wott2 and half ChaptersLight beer & LemonadeWe took turns reading, drinking and using the bathroom.We stopped when my brother nearly choked.
BLOODTEARS 6661 through 20beer6 participants. we got thru about 75 beers. And we didn't follow ALL the rules. But we can't function anymore. lots of pee breaks, a shit break, many many many many laugh breaks. We will try to complete 21 - 44 at a later date.
himdatguyup 'till 12 or something.Beer and red wineMe and two friends. We did not play with all the rules, only a word page of them or so. By 10 we were rather hammered. Then we drunkenly forgot track of the game, put on some trippy hiphop, got slightly less drunk (ran out of wine) and fired up Diablo II. A good night.
Airzel Gekisho, and my friends Addi, Maria, Lexi, and MikeThe whole thing, surprisinglyWhatever we could get our hands on... Vault, Mountain Dew, Amp, Pepsi, Faygo Redpop, Dr. Pepper, Brisk, Sunny D, Starbucks Cappuccinos, Lemonade, Apple Juice, Tab, and water; we eventually changed to solids and used Sweet Tarts, Skittles, and gummy bearsUsed all of the rules outlined here on TV Tropes. Addi and I lasted until the end, surprisingly enough. I don't remember much, all I know is that we wanted to play something on Xbox afterwards but couldn't remember how to turn it on. Maria left about halfway through after vomiting twice and complaining of bladder pain. Lexi crashed from all the caffeine and sugar near the end, after vomiting FOUR times. She also started acting like a total lunatic thanks to all of the sugar and caffeine. Mike quit about 6 chapters in after declaring it stupid. There were about 20 bathroom breaks, countless "holy shit I can't control my laughter" breaks, 4 breaks to go forage for more drinks/food, and one break where we had to move the unconscious Lexi from the floor to a bedroom. I'd say that we were lucky that most of the vomit made it in the sink/toilet/trash can instead of the carpet. Addi's parents ended up finding all the bottles and cans in the recycling... and then they asked questions...
Naranth, Ainion, Shi'larra, Lehnon, and Rah12th ChapterPepsi/Mountain Dew/Dr Pepper/Juice/Crush/Gatorade/WaterDecided we'd try this for a night. By chapter seven, we were praying for 'sweet, merciful cthulu to give us sweet, sweet, madness" while cuddling the plushie cthulu in the room. Naranth and Ainion began peeing green. Will be attempting again next week. Will update again when this happens.
emo bob7th chapterwine and spiked Kool-adeMade it thru 7 chapters before puking and almost passing out. This game would kill Andre the Giant.
Miliardo + friendsNight 1: Chp's 1-11Mils: Homemade Ciegligiolo + Arizona Tea; Zhou: Vodka & Grape Juice; Scytz: Russian Batteries; Misa: Vanilla Rum & Blue Razz something or otherWell, that was... a thing. We got a bunch of new in-jokes, like how I was trying to talk about shouting at a rabbit in Skyrim, and said, "fur-shaped rabbit". I think we started losing some of the rules as we went (not complaining). alcohol + good friends + something to laugh at = an amazing time. 1st Night Shot Count: 326. All in all, a good time, even if our collective sense of the English language is permanently damaged. This will be continued until it is finished. (I'll never regret saying that.)
THE AUTHOR25th Chapter Water Had to Be hospitalized for water poisoning :P plans to try again as soon as she gets better
Iamthechibikitten28th Chapter (STF) 21'st (IATCK) Coca-cola We both got very overcaffinated, and STF was shaking from the caffine consumption. W Il try again as soon as more Coca-Cola can be accessed, as STF's dad threw away ehr sodas. :(
Incoffeecity19 chapters Water—-several glasses of it Did only 3 rules for lack of time, and to preserve my health. Still feel absolutely sick, and have a headache. Can't imagine doing the whole version
Loopin,Snap and Mr.Norris10th ChapterCoca-cola results can be found with evidence here it murdered us.
Agent SCIA and friends11th Chaptervarious nonalcoholic drinks We added various dramatic voices, and stopped cos we got bored and some had nausea. Paul got jittery, hayley had no effects bailey started to laugh uncontrollably from lack of sleep and caffeine I think we might continue but I don't think so.
Lucy1st Chapter wateri did the simple version. nearly drowned! had to stop before i did serious damage.
Random Lizzie18th (skimmedWater. Lots of didnt follow all rules, had to stop due to headache and fear for health! also Lucy made me stop! (lucy didnt make me stop! i stopped before she shouted at me!! cause i was getting dizzy xD afflictions: dizzy, headache, heavy limbs, and possibly a mild case of hypochondria?)
Obvious ObliviousChapter 2.Dr.PepperI ran out of soda.I was drinking at the mention of:Black,Pink,variations on Goffic,lace,fishnet,makeup/clothing descriptions,and authors notes.Turns out,thats alot.
Kyle Jacobs 6 Water, PeanutsAlternated peanuts with shots of water. Six shots in the first sentence. Finished a bottle of water by the end of chapter 2. Abandoned shots and started sipping from my backup. Switched to just peanuts during cpt. 3 - 1 peanut per item. RAN OUT OF PEANUTS.
Guardiangirl end of story orange juice, water, sunny D, whatever else i could find tried to keep count lost it around 74 not recounting again this was a bad idea yet fun in it's stupidity
GingerTimelady The Whole Shebang Tea, Coca-Cola, Grape Juice Ran out of beverages. Didn't follow all rules. So caffeinated I didn't sleep for two days and took a epic five-minute piss when finished. I deserve a medal.
MystyGlyttyr Chapter 17 My sister-in-law's moonshine I ONLY picked the rule about clothing description. I emptied half the bottle in SIPS. I could have kept drinking all night but my brain refused to keep reading.
SanDemonMax 3 plus Ch 4 A/N Water Started after pissing myself dry. Vommited after Chapter 4's "odderwize fangs 2 da goffik ppl 4 da good reveiws!" Gave up at that point. I'm going to sleep.
AlyssBaraen All the way to 9 A/N Half a Water Bottle Dang, I should have gotten more. But seriously, when I finished Chapter 9's A/N, I literally shouted "AUUUUGH" and drank what little was left. I am currently hiccuping continually.
Guess who's back for a 2nd try? 9 to 17 One and a half water bottles Where I last left off. I finished my water bottle within the first TEN MINUTES. I gave up when my second bottle was half full. I feel a certain tingling in my entire body...
The Noid 9 and a half Tap Water I was taking SIPS per every mention, using the LESS EXTREME party version, yet still wound up drinking a good three and a half to four litres of water. Had to take a bathroom break by chapter four. Uggghh... my body feels... weird. Good thing it's warm over here!
Arkady and Colonel Syn Up to the beginning of chapter 15 Vending water We were taking sips and using just a few triggers. Ran out of water. Weird pain in my chest. Colonel does not want to drink any more water...right now.
TheNoun and a non troper friend Chapter 16 Sips of soda I ended up dropping out after Chapter 10. My friend managed to get only to 16. He's been in the bathroom for six hours.
AlyssBaraen 18 to 24 Water. Too much water. I GIVE UP. I CEASE
Geko Ladie 1 to 15 0.5 litres of water, 1.5 litres of orange juice and half a glass of lemon juice. So difficult. After about 10 chapters I started to feel sick, even using the party version. I also recorded it, so the video evidence is right here.
Ducks Are In Water 1-16 Coca-Cola Had three bottles of Coke, finished first one at chapter 9; started feeling semi-nauseous around chapter 7; flipped off the screen at least 9 times; at chapter 16 I gave up and went to watch Cowboy Bebop; as for my general conditon right nowOH GOD OH MAN FUCK COKE I'M NEVER DRINKING IT AGAIN.
Roses and Skyfuser 1 to 12 Shots of lemonade, then water We switched off each chapter, and ran through about 2.25 liters of lemonade by chapter 3. Neither of us has any will to consume lemonade ever again. Around chapter 6 or 7, we flat out gave up on drinking anything and just decided to solely deadpan our way through.
Sarcasm Queen 1-10 Apple juice, biscuits In progress. I'm watching Geko Ladie's video and following her example with the party version. Will update when finished. I'm already feeling sick and it's only the 4th chapter. I'm back and I have decided that I will leave the stuff before here so people may see my progress. Up to end of chapter 9 now, and I feel like vomiting. Ugh. Finished chapter 10. I GIVE UP. To anyone who attempted this with actual alcohol. I salute you. When will your funeral be?
Literal Novice Up to Chapter 15 Coca Cola, cordial, apple juice Hear the hilarity (or just me mumbling stuff about the fanfic) here. I counted about 2 glasses of Coke, one glass of apple juice, and one 600 mL bottle (and then some) of red cordial. And that was even after I cut out some of the unnecessary rules (because that was the only way I could even hope getting past the halfway mark). About 3 chapters in I could barely swallow. I was relying on sheer will power to get through, as my body was aching in several places, especially the stomach. I could barely stand the taste of any of those drinks afterwards. I sounded really sick after each sip, and I was trying to hold it all in, though sometimes I would belch or fail to swallow the drinks. I was talking quite a lot as I read it, because I was pretty much procrastinating, trying to hold off the inevitable numerous sips I had to take after each sentence. My friend was telling me to drop out and at around chapter 15, I could take no more. Of the story, I mean. I had to take several trips to the toilet afterwards. I probably won't want to have anything sugary or liquid for the next 24 hours.
xxxGottikBloodyLilypeltxxx666 To chapter 5 Two 16.9 Fl. Oz Bottles of Water It doesn't seem like much, but I was forced to quit in fear of vomiting, maybe because I downed the bottle for "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS". I will try again sooner or later, perhaps with a different beverage.
spacecasewammy Chapter 8 Water and fruit juice Did it with my friend while we were doing the 40 Hour Famine (read: with no food in our stomachs). Got to chapter 8, choked a few times, and had to piss about five times. Decided to stop after I shat water and came close to puking.
Crazy person & friends Chapter 13 Water and Lemonade D Id it with friends, by chapter 11 i was alone when i reached chapter 13 i was shaking and about to spew my guts everywhere when my friends took away my drink and laid me down on the couch where i spent 20 minutes shaking non stop.
TheNoun (on her own this time) Chapter 1- Chapter 25 The ocean- I mean, water After cutting out half the rules I'd taken up on my last excursion, it still proved far too much. I never want to see water again.
Brownie Paradox and company Chapter 1-20 Coke, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Pepsi, Lemonade, Water, Anti Acids, Cheap Wine, Syrup My friends and I managed to get to chapter 7 before feeling physical ill, by chapter 10 I was the only one who hadn't thrown up, chapter 15 we took a 2 hour break pretending we had a life, hit 20, and then even I threw up. It was then that we decided that it was in our best interest to remain among the living.
purplecookie and three friends The entire story Alcoholic punch, Midori, Malibu, Jager, Vodka, juice, soft drink, energy drink and water. Played with the diluted rules- we didn't want to die! A quick note: anything alcoholic was diluted with juice, soft drink and/or energy drink. In spite of the alcoholic and rule dilutions, we all got terribly drunk. We finished the game over a course of two days, since nobody was sober enough to read or stay awake the entire story. The Author's Notes were a huge challenge after chapter 7. Was so sick... I think I was still drunk even after I woke up the next day. Never had a hangover in my life... until playing this game! Damn you Ebony!
Explosivo25 Chapters 1-12 orange soda Had to do sips instead of shots. DO NOT EAT 4 SLICES OF PIZZA BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS! Ran out of soda at chapter 12 and ended with a minor stomachache and a major need to pee.
dontlookatme Chapter 14 Water Downed several glasses. Concocted major headache. Thought I was going to die from water poisoning. Panicked. Passed out. This is ridiculous; next time I'm using Cheerios or something.
Palindromee Whole damned thing Black coffee + Red Bull Hyper?WhatdoyoumeanI'mhyper?Drinkingthatmuchcoffeeshouldn'tbeOHGODTHEGIANTEAGLESBUZZBUZZBUZZ [Edit: Found out a friend of mine snuck Red Bull into the coffee. Have been drinking it for a week. I CAN SEE SOUNDS.]
Tryina DChapter 16Frambrozen syrup, cow tongues and lastly chicken paoUsed the pure version. At chapters 1-12 I was drinking the syrup and I couldn't stand it anymore, so I switched to cow tongues. Finally ate those chicken paos. Felt really drunk. Good job to anyone who manages to complete the story.
Rayne Cyro Whole thing Coffee I think my heart may have just exploded. Think I should get that looked at?
Freyaday I'm not sure Something Purple I woke up with my clothes gone in a pile of similarly-naked people. Still haven't found my car. Not sure if I even have a car. Stopped to record this here. Also, I'm pissing purple now. I don't think that's good.
DreigonixAttempting the entire ungodly abominationWater from a bottle (1 shot=1 gulp)Went to the bathroom preemptively. Downed a whole bottle by the end of chapter 1. The chapter 3 author's note alone took 14 gulps. Had to go down to eat lunch after chapter 5 (BAD IDEA). Took 2 extra gulps for "Evony". I felt too nauseous to continue by the end of Chapter 8. I would never do this or any drinking game with alcohol even if I was old enough to drink. I'll probably reattempt this eventually, probably with pizza or something. If only I could borrow Naranth's Cthulhu plushie as well.
Jimmy Lethal The whole fucking show Dr. Pepper I played with the main rules - dear Celestia why. I swear, I'm so jacked up on caffeine I could beat The Flash in a 100-meter dash.
fdiaperhead Chapter 10 Sips of water I drank a sip of water for every misspelling and drank 400 ml of water in 10 chapters. The whole thing had 30+ chapters. Imagine how many water that is. Next time I'll try it with coffee, then I'll see noises.
That Random Guy 42 Whole thing Sea water SOLVED GLOBAL WARMING.
iTroll Whole Thing Milk, water, juice Used the distilled version, THERE ARE NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN HOW I FEEL.
PalindromeeChapters 1-13Capri-SunI threw up thrice and haven't s lept wfor threee nighfgts and i solcved the depbt croiseis is dhtere sugar in thris stuiff
kirbymaster7491 and two friends Made it to Chapter 9 Sips of water Used the distilled version, hit 236 shots, gave up after a truly ridiculous number of bathroom breaks.
Team Mediocre Dunces 2 chapters. Tried 3, took one shot, and failed Shots of beer, with vodka for the tougher rules Used the full rules. On the practise run with sips, TC broke TF's toilet through usage. For the full version, we laid down tarp for spillage/vomit. TG Passed out cold. TF vomited into a bag containing TG's clothes. TC watched 102 Dalmations. It was horrible. When we came round, TG was gone, TC had a high paying job, and TF watched the amazing horse song for four hours straight because he physically could not get off the sofa. Two years have passed, and we have not considered continuing.
Ginger Dixie and Sherlock Dame Chapters 1-18 Sips of water for me, sips of apple juice for Sherly Used only six rules (fishnets, "goffik", insulting preps, Enoby "frenches" someone, Enoby has sex (with the two sips if they didn't take their clothes off first)and every different misspelling of Enoby's name). She started with a jug and a cup, I started with a 2-gallon Camelbak and two quart-size canteens. Drank both canteens by chapter 18 and had to pee twice. Sherly drank about the same amount of juice but held her bladder better than I did. I want to kill myself yet finish the story at the same time. Getting more people together and finishing the story, with one brave soul actually using liquor. God help us.
jackjustice Entire damn thing Scotch I think I killed my brain cells and I don't think it's the scotch's fault.
Troper/Sibuna Entire thing (followed three rules- new name misspelling, bad pun/non pun, and redundancy Sips of water, and writing one more paragraph of my WIP Got a stomach ache by chapter 14 but kept pushing through. The next day I continued during school, reading it on my phone, and I had to go to the bathroom but because I don't like going to the bathroom in school I had to hold it. At home I continued and thankfully made it through with no other problems, though I had to drink about three water bottles in one night. On the up side, I finished 3 chapters of my WIP.
Ginger Dixie and Sherlock Dame (Round 2) 18-36 Water for me, paired with alternating push-ups/sit-ups trying to improve my Army PT scores, peach juice for Sherly Quit drinking water around Chapter 29 and just did push ups, Sherly followed soon after. Still couldn't sit through to the end of the fucking thing. I am currently trying not to cry myself to sleep.
chaosemperor24 Somewhere after Voldemort showed up. Water I nearly drowned.
M Saika 96 Halfway through chapter 16 Shots and sips of Lipton Citrus Tea Played the distilled version of the game. This was a journey to self esteem when it came to my writing skills. RAN OUT OF TEA. Now I have a mild headache and I don't think it's the tea's fault.
GingerChild A paragraph Everclear Died
Trogdor7620 Chapter 1 Mother (Aussie/New Zealand energy drink) On the bright side, I now know the symptoms and repercussions of an exploded heart are...
Bruxist Chapters 1&2 wheat beer Tried the "lazy version" just for fun. Had to chug down a mug of beer while reading, there was no point in putting it away even for a second. Decided not to continue, since I had stuff to do and couldn't allow myself to get smashed over this piece of crap. Seriously, this... thing... makes you desperately want to drink away the mental anguish it causes you. Might try it again later, but I'll have to settle for something lighter. Probably isotonic drinks, just to be safe.
Taffy Chapters 1-7. Root beer. Only took sips because the only thing I had on hand was one can of root beer, but still oooohhhh me lords. The root beer was starting to get a little too sweet for me and I felt a small headache come on.
valozzy Somewhere on Chapter 28 Water Died of water poisoning and multiple head injuries. Woke up a few days later.
SummerOfNoSleep Halfway through Chapter 17 Sips of water only did the sips of water every time the word 'black' is mentioned. my saliva is warm and water tastes sour. god help me.
TehAwesomestKitteh and sis Teh: 3, Sis: 11 Small sips of water We only did the simple one... needless to say I wish I was in a desert right now. My sis actually made it to Chapter 11... only to run to the bathroom and piss a ton. The Author Notes... they caused our downfall...
Kagemoto Chapter 22 Water Ran out of water in the house and I can't go out so yeah my stomach hurts so fucking much, why the fucking fuck did I do this?
Red Army Grif Chapters 1-4 Fizzy Kool-Aid Stopped after "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS" because my hands started to shake. I regret even thinking of doing this
M Saika 96 part two End of Chapter 22 Sips of TGI FRIDAYS Mai Tai Did the really distilled version (Goth praising/prep bashing, appearance description, puns). Killeed off the bottle. I may be a bit drunk right now. May vomit soon. Goodbye.
Scorpius OB 1 All (just a fast read) Nothing (fortunately) Until chapter 11 some nausea. From chapter 22 onwards headaches attempting to make sense of it. Glad this thing is not written on my native lang... WARNING: Brain shutting down irrecov...
Blizzardeye Wonder Halfway point Ice Tea Got way too sugar high to continue.
Nemisa Till the end of chapter 11 Tomato soup, apple cider Well, I almost recovered of my pneumonia while on sick leave from work, bored out of my skull... So yeah, I saw this page, and decided "Why not?"... Lots of liquid, coughing and laughing piled together lead to truly egregious resuts, never try it at home. But I regret nothing and promise to do a retake when I get better.
Anonymous Halfway through chapter 4 A&W Burned through 12 ounces like it was nothing, only taking a sip at every typo. I could not breathe during the ANs.
Kagemoto Chapter 22 Watekr, Soda then switched to squats and pushups when I ran out of both Big mistake worst mistake ever, what in the world possessed me to try this again? I'm out of soda AND water again and now I have to explain everything to my parents AGAIN
M Saika 96 The Third Gathers Backstroke of the West Chapter 5(?) Started off the evening with wine coolers, moved onto a Tequila/Kool-Aid mix, went home and had some more kool-aid mixed with whiskey this time, and then FINALLY did the game with Mad Dog 20/20 Dragon Fruit Word of advice, DON'T do this if you've already been drinking heavily. It greatly fucks with your ability to read this travesty, causing you to wander off the page to look at something else. Woke up in the morning WAY too hungover to attend class and threw up anything I ate. Slept until almost 12:30. Just started to recover. Fuck Ebony. Fuck me.
rafaelvillaca 14 full chapters A spoon of Ice Cream (for every shot) and a full glass of Coke (for every "down your drink") Me and my gf Hannah had the stupid idea of playing it. We cried of laughter and we had to stop it in the beggining of chapter 15 because she died of diabetes.
The Pyro Jawsome Day 1: up to Chapter 11 Day 1: a can of V8+ energy, a large cuppa milk, a large Yeti o ice water Kept a log of the shitshow. Day 1, Chapter 1: Started with a muffin (breakfast), a can of V8 plus energy, a large cuppa milk, and a large Yeti of ice water. Contemplated philosophy. Pretty sure I drank near three quarters of the can by the end. Chapter 2: Finished the V8 can two paragraphs in. Drank for a solid minute just for the end conversation. Quoth the Big Ego of the Jim, feeling pretty fine, feeling pretty sharp. Chapter 3: Started listening to Robotnik Rave Party before reading. Drank my way through. Began to ask questions about the multiverse. Insults abounded. Chapter 4: Drowning sorrows. Want to go back in time and tell past self they’re an idiot. Chapter 5: One; physically impossible to dry tears of blood (whiskey, though? Possible.) Two; Slytherin is in dungeons. Half drunk on milk and remember lore better than writer. I dont wanna anymore. Chapter 6: Started giggling irrationally at Count Chocula. Improper use of adjective. Just drank. Chapter 7: Finished the milk. Feel like shit. Chapter 8: Nobody knowssss…. The trouble i… seen…. Nooooooobody knoooooooows,.... My sorrowsssss…. Chapter 89989998989…. 9: Head throbbing. Not sure drinking on an empty stomach was the best of plans. How do you look at someone without opening your eyes? Vlodmort, kill me now…. Chapter…. 10… I think: Praise the holy steak. The sacred meat. 11111: Roses are red, violets are blue… Im fucking hammered. Twilight is better than this… no, they’re both shit. I quit for today...
frenchcookie47 THE WHOLE THING!!! 44 CHAPTERS PLUS THE TROLL! Drinks: Sips of Wild Turkey Whiskey, mead, and 3% kombucha. So I cheasted a bit and only used 3 rles: 1 sip for sex, 1 sip for clothing, 1 sip for cameos. The result was 60 sips over all, 1/4 a bottle of mead, 3 shots of whiskey and 1 shot of kombucha. I filmed myself and made notes. Over all: I still love this fic in all it's f*cked up glory and in terms of getting drunk for the first times, I can think of worse reasons.... I'm going to be hung over tomorrow but thats ok, because my brain cells are dying a worthy death.


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