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Haiku / My Immortal

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Riddle is two guys
Lupin is a pedophile
Albus drops F-bombs.

Stanists everywhere
All of the students are goffs
Unless they're dumb prepz

Ebony Dark'ness
Dementia Raven Way
Name stole two first lines

— Someone

Sparticus is here
Hedwig is a human male
Iarwain, Vader came.

Prepz, shes not a su
Her BF's bi but shes not
Vague sex scenes ensue


Hi name is Eb
ony Dark'ness Dementia\\Raven Way geddit

Ebony's name is
ENOBY ok, it's not
Mary Sue ok!111111


"What the hell are you
doing you motherfukers!"
It was... Dumblydore!

I gut an orgy
He got an eructation
Loopin is a perv

— xxx666goffikristslitbloodgedditcuzimagoffikstanistxxx

The meaning of art.
It's absolutely flawless.
Poe's Law is awesome.
—>— Gregnes 2000

"bluddy skulls n goffs
666 n slutign rists"
Fucking genious...


Super bad fanfic,
Or a super good Troll Fic?
I'll let you decide.
Masterof Galaxies 4628

I mean, come on, guys
It's really quite obvious
This is a trollfic.

Dumblydor's headache
Made him angry and swear, said
Enoby herself

hi i'm Enoby
Dark'ness Dementia Raven
Way and i'm a goff
—> Tropers/pingastroper


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