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Haiku / My Immortal

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Exquisitely crap
Meticulously awful
Weaponized badfic.

lots of derpresd goffz
viower excretion advised
may caus brian dammage

Riddle is two guys
Lupin is a pedophile
Albus drops F-bombs.

Stanists everywhere
All of the students are goffs
Unless they're dumb prepz

Ebony Dark'ness
Dementia Raven Way
Name stole two first lines

— Someone

How was this shit made?
This cannot be Serious
Fucking trolling LOL

Sparticus is here
Hedwig is a human male
Iarwain, Vader came.

J. K. Rowling's works
Warped beyond recognition
By MCR fan.

Prepz, shes not a su
Her BF's bi but shes not
Vague sex scenes ensue

Ow my eyes
horrible pain
The Goggles Do Nothing
It's like staring in acid rain
(I didn't count the syllables)

Hi name is Ebony Dark'ness DementiaRaven Way geddit

What the fuck am I reading
This fic is silly

Butchered, emo HP.
Tom Bombadil shows up too.
It still trumps Twilight.

What the hell is this?
I hate Harry Potter now
So bad, it's funny.

—A person who lol's at MI

So Bad It's Horrible
Sounds like shit taking a shit
Must exterminate!


So insanely bad
You either go mad reading
Or laugh 'til you cry

Terrible fanfic.
Sues and Canon Rape ensues.
Don't read! Save yourself!

Ebony's name is
ENOBY ok, it's not
Mary Sue ok!111111


Burn my eyes right now
I shouldn't have to read this
Snape has a dick tat

My Immortal is
Still a better love story
Than Meyer's Twilight.

I laughed my ass off
When I read My Immortal
But Twilight bored me.

This guy who thinks previous haikus are funny

"What the hell are you
doing you motherfukers!"
It was... Dumblydore!

I gut an orgy
He got an eructation
Loopin is a perv

— xxx666goffikristslitbloodgedditcuzimagoffikstanistxxx

Wouldn't be surprised
If this fanfiction is why
MCR broke up.


No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no.

— A Very Angry Harry Potter Fan

This is the reason
Fanfics are so despised
Thanks Tara.

My eyes burn now but
I still keep reading it why?
What crap is this shit?

———Kagemoto (researching torture methods)

The meaning of art.
It's absolutely flawless.
Poe's Law is awesome.
—>— Gregnes 2000

What the fucking fuck
Seriously, what the fuck?!
Fuck this piece of fuck


I'd not be surprised
If J.K. Rowling wrote this
Simply to troll us.

"bluddy skulls n goffs
666 n slutign rists"
Fucking genious...


Super bad fanfic,
Or a super good Troll Fic?
I'll let you decide.
Masterof Galaxies 4628

Goffs, poor grammar and
purple prose ruined Potter.
You motherfukers.

I mean, come on, guys
It's really quite obvious
This is a trollfic.

Dumblydor's headache
Made him angry and swear, said
Enoby herself

Ha ha what the fuck?
Ha ha HA HA ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha NO.